Friday, March 16, 2007

Idle Musings 2

I was on the BBC website and it was good to see Mzalendo getting some positive and well written press once again. Kenyan press hardly ever seems to get stories about Mzalendo right if the ones I have read online via the two big dailies are an indication.

Much to 'tato's chagrin, I watched 300 before he did. All I have to say is that the movie is a sheer masterpiece and a feast for the eyes. It is a good lesson in what happens when movies stay true to their roots, be it a book or a comic; without letting Hollywood directors add their usual cliches into the movie. The Director of 300 actually modelled quite a few scenes of the movie from Frank Miller's comic book. For those of you who are curious enough, here is a copy of Frank Millers 300 comic book and you can see how it was transmuted to film. You need Comic Book Reader to read it, tell me what you think!

Before I bounce for the weekend, I just thought I would share this video from Martin before the show became really crappy. This was the episode where Martin and his girlfriend Gina decided not to have sex for a week so as to prove to themselves that their relationship was based on more than just sex. In the opening scene of this video Martin goes to bed with an ice pack so as to cool down his hard on so he doesnt think of sex, the first time I saw this on tv, my mum walked in and asked what was wrong with Martin. I didn't want to tell her the whole story so I told her that Martin had an injury he was cooling with the ice pack. Gina's "jogging suit" made my day! And don't forget the crotch convulsions! Line that I have to use one day, "We both love sex, so how is there no damn love?!" To my brother bloggers out there....Keep the lie alive!!!!!!!!!!!


methuselah said...

My eyes deceive me, no?

methuselah said...

No they didnt. That clip killed! Hehehehe. I must have missed that episode. How in hell would you explain to your mum that dude was cooling a hard on? Heheheheh! I will download that comic when i fika home.

3N said...

I have heard too many good things about 300, will catch it this weekend. We will keep the love alive, enjoy your weekend.

Majonzi said...

yes, I was delighted too to read about Mzalendo as well!! Kudos to them, and all their hard work!!

Might end up watching 300 coz everyone at the house wants to!! Have u heard the Persians are not too amused about what they call an attack by Hollywood on Iran? Lakini as Jon Stewart on the Daily Show semad, "where have u seen Hollywood depicting ethnic in a good light?"

Reel Fanatic said...

300 is indeed as close as I've seen anyone come yet to melding the worlds of comic books and movies, and that's what makes it so great .. i can't to see what Miller does with Sin City 2 and 3

Msanii_XL said...

Lol..martin is that dude...clip made my day.

300 was dope as well...will d/l comic...when i get home.

Good weekend

egm said...

That was a funny episode for sure. I remember watching it back in the day. Yaani they don't make them like that any more.

300... kesho!

kelitu said...

Do i smell a 300- sequel?!! You know how hollywood does it.
Now they may either give his son a spin-off(ha! sounds like a comedy show right?!) or take us back to the beginning before King Leo became king. Either way there's a massacre about to be handed out. Oh i sure hope King Xerves makes an appearance...*shudders*

Bomseh said...

I am first hearign of 300 here. So I'll begin with reading the comic book once it finishes downloading.

Acolyte said...

@ methuselah
A new name I see! Yes that clip rocked! Enjoy the comic!
@ 3N
I am sure you will like it! The phrase is keep the lie alive!
@ majonzi
Yes it seems like the Iranians were not amused at all but Jon Stewart had a point, even in the movie all the people of color were bad guys.
@ reel fanatic
I did not know that there is going to be Sin City 3! Thanks for the heads up!
@ msanii
Martin was on point way back when I tell you!
Have a nice weekend!
@ egm
Yes that episode was a classic! Enjoy the movie and do blog about it!
@ kelitu
I think a prequel is the only thing they may consider but its hollywood lets wait and see!
@ bomseh
REad the comic and give me your opinion!

The truth said...

aco am back and the meds are working . new blog address pia

3n said...

i am keeping the lie alive. btw watched 300, good but not as great as i expected.
not to the level of gladiator.

Archer said...

Good question you've asked. What is the local media doing while BBC is showing the world the positive things that M & Ory are doing?

Shiro said...

I have not watched 300 before but i can bet its something would like. I have just seen the article on Mzalendo, its quite a piece.

Acolyte said...

@ the truth
I shall be sure to pass by your new page.
@ 3N
Well in some way the two are diff movies to me but both are great, I will admit that.
@ archer
I guess the local media is busy fanning political animosity and reporting on it.
@ shiro
I am sure it will be in Kenyan cinemas soon. The story on mzalendo was well written I have to say.