Friday, May 04, 2007

The Disappearing Post.......

Sorry all! I had started this post but instead of saving it when I was halfway done I clicked PUBLISH and it was published, I then took it down for completion; mea culpa!

Anyway, have you ever had one of those friends where this is always something that prevents them from doing stuff for you, they always have an excuse of sorts and since they are doing you a favour you can't come down hard on them but you have to grin and bear it?
I have such a pal and I'm so happy that very soon I will be able to give them the boot! Yes you can call me petty but I can give a list of grievances. How can someone always volunteer to take you somewhere and consistently come late and pretend to be apologetic. I was once offered a ride to the 'ville only to be picked 5 hours late and to be brought back a day later than planned. And to make things worse whenever I offer advice about the things that make them late, I am listened to and acknowledged but the same thing happens the next time we are supposed to meet, whether it is to hang out or for something serious things go back to how they were with an excuse to go with it. Anyway call me ungrateful but that is why I am staking out my independance bit by bit, because honestly sometimes the person you can best rely on is yourself!

Anyway enough of that. I was reading the Pulse today and I was looking at today's snippet on celeb relationships. I do think that something is missing in some of these accounts.

Sheila Mwanyigah and Simon Rushton

The singer-cum radio presenter parted ways with her fiance Simon Rushton in 2005 on the eve of their wedding. The singer was waxing lyrical about Simon and even planned for a wedding. He had even bought her an engagement ring—16-rubies surrounding a single diamond set on platinum. The ring was said to be an antique that has been passed down from one generation to the other and was worth a lifetime. Everything looked fine until Sheila issued a press release cancelling the wedding. The statement said that the couple was still in love, but due to personal reasons they had decided to postpone the wedding. (Why do I have the feeling that the postponment was not a mutual decision?)

"Marriage is a difficult thing," Sheila was quoted as saying. She spent the big day with friends and family. A few weeks later, she candidly said that she was happy with Simon at the beginning of their romance but as the wedding day approached, she realised that something was wrong and decided to step back. ( I guess that was the same time she hooked up with another baller)

Soon after, Sheila hooked up with singer Prezzo. The relationship, however, did not last long. (Why am I not shocked?)

Big Kev and Elizabeth Mukami

Burly emcee Big Kev has also seen one of the most painful splits in the celeb circles. The amiable rapper was romantically involved with Elizabeth who fully took advantage of his love. Kev was part of a love triangle and his girl was cheating on him with a rich, old man. (Seems rich and old always beats young and virile?) The truth came out when Liz claimed that she was accompanying her dad for medical attention in South Africa. A few days later a friend in SA called Kev, saying that Liz was being rather intimate with an elderly man. The same evening another elderly man told a dejected Kev to take it easy, since Liz had been going out with the said man for a long time. (Take it easy young lad, you still have your whole life ahead of you; lol!)
Liz spent two weeks in SA and when she came back Kev reluctantly met her at the airport. Already in an emotional turmoil, Kev told her to sleep on the couch and declined the gifts she had bought him. The next day he caught Liz telling her friends how he easily swallowed her lies and that things were cool. When he confronted her, Liz ran to his family members claiming that Kev wanted her out. But the die was cast and he flew to Dubai for a week to cool his nerves, leaving Liz at his digs.( This dude is so nice, I would have tossed her ass out there and then!) A week later, he returned and told her to pack her bags and leave.

Liz had been hoodwinking Kev all along — she had claimed to be a student of USIU-A but the truth was she was a secondary school drop-out, who was not living at State House Road as she had led him to believe, but in Buru Buru Estate.(So does that mean he never used to visit her? Background checks are a must, Nai is a small town so it isn't too hard!) To add insult to injury, the girl was a single mother of an almost a five year-old child. (This chic must be given full marks for being a player, and to think people say that chics cant play the game!)

Tedd Josiah and Muthoni Bwika

Veteran producer Tedd Josiah has also suffered a relationship bust in the past. The producer was at one time involved with the voluptuous Muthoni Bwika. It is rumoured that Tedd was so smitten that when they parted ways he attempted suicide. (Bitchass punk! He needs to enroll in the Movie Buff relationsip school - always make sure the other person loves you more than you love them, contact her for the rest of the lesson)

Debra Sanaipei and Sir Henry

Another break up that was hushed in the celeb circles was that of Debra Sanaipei and a city lawyer, Sir Henry. The couple had a steamy relationship that did not last long. The cause of the split is unknown.
The only reason I pasted this is that I do know that Sir is an honarary title in Britain but to have it as a first name is something in it's own world! I can only imagine his childhood pain. I wonder if he owns Sir Henry's Menswear store? Anyway I won't be so hard on him since I make everyone refer to me as Lord Acolyte.

In Other News

This dude here ( A TZ blogger if the swa sanifu is anything to go by), was jacking content from black entertainment blogs, but seems someone out there noticed. Ndugu, tafadhali; if you have nothing to blog about then you are better off saying nothing as opposed to jacking people's material without mention.


Gish said...

and can it be? that iam the no.1
stoopid fool thought he could get away with it LOL.

Movie Buff said...


I am first off laughing at the burudani website.

People swaggerjack bila even any shame??


Movie Buff said...

Back to the post...

lol ati Movie Buff school of relationships???
I dont know how to help some people coz if you are about to commit suicide coz of another human being who did not reciprocate your feelings, then I think you might as well die coz there is no helping you!

shortcircuited said...

LOL! Your thoughs on the Josiah / Bwika issue are killing me!!

Rant's of an angry somali man said...

The one between Big Kev and Elizabeth Mukami ndio ya ujinga usiki......kwani this big kev how come hakushika radar kitambo!....antenna yake ni small sana can u be played by a manzi should be vice versa sio?

Majonzi said...

Aco-- on fake friends, aren't they soo annoying? no grinning from me!! and it is not ungrateful! urafiki ikae!!

how do u fika a point where you let someone love you more than you love them? (a serious question!)

celeb relationships have as much drama as ours.... they only sound juicier!!

Acolyte said...

@ gish
@ movie buff
That dude is on his own level I tell you!
As for that dude, some people indeed need help.
@ shortc
I aim to please!
@ rants
That dude was played like a PS3!
@ majonzi
Many relationships work that way, or end up working that way esp when one person gets too enthralled with the other.
Yes even though they are humans their relationship drama sounds more fun!

Nakeel said...

Creativity is born not borrowed I think he should start telling people ho he went fishing than copy and pasting stuff.
lol at Lord Aco.

aegeus said...

Hey Lord Aco! All hail...yea right! :-)

Such pals are a waste of time and energy, time is very important to me so coming that late and keeping me longer than i intended to stay are unacceptable.

Celeb relationships are stuff made for comedies!

kayliz said...

I hate fake friends. I agree that its best just to drop them. That 'TZ' guy is mjinga!
By the way, Archer told me to notify you that you were tagged.

Jo said...

A curtsy* for my Lord! He!he! Sheer Vanity I tell you!;)

waks said...

hahaha...I guess when u google stuff in English it doesnt pop swa material..LOL- dude is nuts.

egm said...

I almost missed this one since I had read the incomplete version you inadvertently published. Been there myself!

Fake friends sure do make you rely more on yourself.

I am with you all the way, if you have nothing to say, don't blog!

mocha! said...

Now the Sir Henry and Sanaipei dose I had fununuz lakini bila concrete evidence. As for his 'sir' name, that is his nickname title coz he cant be given a real one by the queen. LOL!!!

As for the contentjacker!!! TIHIHIHIHI!

Anonymous said...

Big Kev pole my brother you are one of the many men who have been played. I know the woman in question and is currently with some QS who is so in love I wish I could warn him to expect.......... thank your God you managed out.

Anonymous said...

Big Kev..... Liz Ntinyari Mukami has been through most of Nairobi men and targets rich.. Plays them lying she is a contractor.. Yaani I cant believe it. glad you are out.