Monday, April 30, 2007

Whose Your Daddy and other issues...

After reading this story, I wouldn't be mistaken if I started thinking that someone at the Nation read my post on paternity fraud and got inspired by it; only thing is that the statistics are far higher than I thought. But anyway as the writer says, in some situations, ignorance is indeed bliss! I would like to be the fly on the wall of a house where a man has found out that the kids he has been toiling for aren't his, pure drama I tell you.

Moving on, it seems the muppet queen got a story on BBC. Frankly I don't see what she has done that merits a story, there are many other media personalities in Kenya whose extra curricular projects are of more interest. Anyway since the story didn't make Kenya seem like we are still in the stone age ala CNN and the other Western media houses, I really can't grouse. Plus her radio show does entertain once in a while. Go Muppet Queen!

I have noticed that their has been a steady increase in the number of new mothers blogging about their experiences ie mrembo, kpundit and now Medusa (baby still enroute). I guess it adds a new facet to the Kenyan blogs out there because at one point the demographic of Kenyan bloggers and their fans had become very narrow. I with them all the best even though kids aren't my piece of cake, yesterday I had an arguement with my big sister about the whole kids issue. She says that I am selfish by not wanting to have kids and that it is our responsibility as humans to procreate, I told her that it is good to have the choice to do so but it is not the main reason for our existance on earth, unlike other lower species we do have more to our lives than just living, getting mates and reproducing. I guess I shall just have to get used to hearing that kind of shaming language from the kiddie crew as the years go by.

Soccer Player Quote of the day - 'There is a smear campaign against me with facts, which are not true' - Toni Polster


mwangi said...


Kuleni vumbi !!

mwangi said...

Personally am rather confused about the whole babies manenos. One part of me tells me it's not a bad idea at all ... another part tells me hapana. But I do agree that the choice ... the ability 2 choose whether to have one or not is crucial. Do you think it's a case of not being ready for that responsibility? May be you'll change your mind someday, ama u r pretty much set on never unleashing a mini you... ?

Would you donate those tu-juniors though, technically that wouldn't be "having kids" since u prolly wouldn't even know if the juniors were ever employed, and by whom??

Acolyte said...

@ mwangi
Congrats! I know I have blogged about this before but after that discussion I had to blog about it. It is good to be able to have kids but one should not have to have kids that negates the whole concept of free will.
I have thought over this issue and my thoughts were sealed years ago on the issue.
At most what I would do is mentor and donate money to causes that help kids and youth advance, no sperm donation though; this seed is all mine!

Anonymous said...

methinks aco is struggling with the issue of having babies...i mean why do you have to keep on defending your reasons of not having kids- we all know that you dont wanna have them so hush up and stop enforcing your claims. we get it! geez...........

Kenyanchick said...

It's selfish not to have kids? That's an argument that makes no sense whatsoever. I've heard it a few times myself and I'm always confused. I mean, isn't it selfish to have kids that you don't want??

People need to leave you the heck alone. I've got your back, Aco!

DK said...

As for me, babies is a NO NO!! Any time!!

Half 'n' half said...

One thing (probably the only one) I like about this feminism things is that I have a choice whether to have babie or not.

while it is entirely someones choice to have a baby some people should be vetted before they have tois!

Anonymous said...

bIt's selfish not to have kids? That's an argument that makes no sense whatsoever. I've heard it a few times myself and I'm always confused. I mean, isn't it selfish to have kids that you don't want??

@kenyanchick- you sound like a broken record and making a fool of yourself.. how do you get kids that you dont want? i mean you have to spread your legs wide apart and not use contraceptives for that to happen..... that means
a) youre stupid for not using contraceptives and
b)refer to a above
i co sign with half and half i mean its a choice and Aco has made his we all know his position so aco and co chill out

acolyte said...

@ Anon
I cant struggle with the issue when I have no-one to have kids with. The main reason I came up with the issue once more is due to the discussion which touched on a facet of the arguement that had never come my way before. There are certain issues that you have to state time and again to get your point forth? So be it kids, the lack of substance in hip hop, pet peeves or other issues, you may end up reading about them ad nauseum which doesnt mean I am having a change of hear or trouble dealing with them. Capisce?
@ Kenyanchick
At least you understand my point. The more people come up with stupid points the more I will come up with my own counterpoints.
@ dk
Cool! Lets hope you can bear the tidal wave of society.
@ half n half
I do agree on the vetting thing because I have seen some people who are doing no good for the lives of their kids but keep on having them anyway.
@ anon2
At least you seem to kind of understand where I am coming from with this one, keyword is seems.
Fact is Kenya is a patriachal society, the pressure on a woman to have a child is way over bearing esp if she is married, the minute she refuses her hubby/man, in-laws and immediate relatives are on her case for being infertile, not wanting to pass on the family name, being selfish while they shall do as little as possible to raise the kid when times get harsh. It's a bum rush for many women I tell you, so I understand where Kenyanchick is coming from as she does me; it's called empathy you and the other anon need to look it up.

Majonzi said...

on selfishness.... err, how?? it really doesn't make sense! Selfishness is having a child for the sake of it, not being able to take care of the child. selfishness is demanding your spouse have a child even if they don't want to.

Aco, let's give Ms Wacera a break-- that was not a nice intro to the missus.:(

m said...

LOL! Chief, clearly you have no time for Miss Wacera!

As for selfishness -- if anything having a baby for your own ulterior motives is the very definition!

My reasons for filling the earth are as pure as can be - WORLD DOMINATION!

acolyte said...

@ majonzi
I agree with your definition of selfishness 200%!
I did try to give her some credit didn't I?
@ M
When I discover the key to cloning I will sell you the secret for a few million dollars and a chance to be your second in command after you clone yourself a few million times over.
I have left those with exploding wombs and overflowing testicles to their own devices as from now.

Hoseah said...

I say let the person chose. I would rather have no kiddos than kids that I didnt want or cant afford to provide for. It is a big responsibility and I believe one should seriously consider their readiness rather than jump into it just because you are able to procreate.

mwari said...

I never wanted kids, after seeing my elder sis (a victim of unplanned teenage motherhood)struggle with her son...until i met and fell in love with my husband and couldn't wait to bear our seemed the natural thing to do. Now I can't imagine my life without them. they drive me nuts at times but I love them to death...more so now that we are out of stage 1-sleepless nights and nappies.

Mchokozi said...

for real, give yourself exactly 7-10 years, and your view will be completely different !

Acolyte said...

@ hoseah
I agree and admire your stance, I wish more people thought like that!
@ mwari
Good for you! Oestrogen is a major motivating factor when it comes to the urge to have kids.
@ mchokozi
That is what they said 7-10 years ago

steev said...

wouldnt want to be 75 with no grandkids to spoil. got to get some kidz.

aegeus said...

To have or not to have children...nah why bother? This is a contentious issue i can see. Society can be so overbearing on this issue for those of us who choose not to have children there is lots of opposition and "convincing" that takes place and frankly its rather annoying si its my choice? If i have them will you take care of them for me? If the answer is no get the f*** outta my face!

Klara said...

I would definetely Love 2 have kids someday but not coz am being Unselfish bt I cant Imagine myself at 50 alone!!
Anyway I think this is an isssue of choice n preferances! U stick 2 urs!