Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been meaning to share this weeks and I think this is a great way to end the week!

You've got to love the satirical nature of the video, so much so for the fact that Alanis has no lady lumps forever. Sad thing is that listening to those lyrics makes you notice how crappy music has become nowadays, I guess that is why since I stepped of the plane I have never bought even one cd released in the new millennium despite being inundated by offers from Columbia House and all the other CD warehouse clubs. Anyway the world is going to hell in a hand basket and in typical Acolyte fashion I will be taking a nap as that happens.

Before I leave I have to ask a question, why do many Kenyan entrepreneurs/ establishments take any form of criticism as a personal attack? Furthermore why do so many businesses have the attitude of "if you don't like it, you can take your business elsewhere!" I don't know if that has changed though from when I was last in Kenya. But this came to me when I was at Kenyaimagine and pointed out various shortcomings in a publication by the entrepreneur who was being feted by the writer doing his profile. And unlike what most of you think, the observations and criticisms that I made were all directed at making the paper give more bang for the buck (okay the paper is free but you know what I'm saying). But in typical Kenyan fashion one person more or less said, if you don't like the paper don't read it! Another good example is Kenyan music, whenever someone becomes too critical of Kenya music they are called a hater even if they do have credible points. When it comes to Kenyan music I do agree that Rome wasn't built in a day but we on the other hand have given Kenyan musicians too much leeway to become complascent. Anyone who has been to a Kenyan concert out here can tell you, case in point Kleptomaniax last outing. There are Kenyans musicians who give great live shows ie Abbi, Kayamba Afrika etc. I am sure they got alot of criticism when they started out and used it to become better artistes and performers. Remember not all criticism is aimed to destroy, some of it is actually meant to build!

PS: Can someone out there please post the P.O box and telephone number of Co-op bank University Way branch for me in the comments? I have a bank account to ressurect and yes, I was one of those dudes you saw in the winding line waiting to use the ATM. Thanks!
Nice weekend people!

Quote of the Day
"Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships."
Sharon Stone


Majonzi said...

first!! will watch the clip in a bit. Remember always in the US, the customer is always right, while in Kenya, well, u know who is always right.. so ur criticism will be seen as hateration!

wow.. Sharon Stone amenena! But these days, women like men can fake relationships. all the same, no man can fake an orgasm (wink, wink)

Anonymous said...

OMG,,,,, this is crazy! i was just thinking 'bout this video clip earlier today. i remember watching it two months ago on best week ever.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the whole kny music scene. They really need to work on how to perform and deliver a song. (klepto) I luv their songs but during their live show four wkds ago, i wish the dj wuld have just played the music instead of them singing.

Not all the music that is being made in this millenium is horrible!
Norah Jones, Lupe fiasco, John mayer, John legend........

~i feel you on the whole sleep thing, am notorious for taking naps~

I still cant get over the fact we both......alright am over it!

Kenyanchick said...

Bless your heart for trying to criticise a Kenyan venture; I don't bother any more.

But having just skimmed through the comments on that Kimmedia interview, a quick thought: is Kax... Kaggz?

That venomous tone sounded familiar. I'm just saying...

alexcia said...

I hear you on the criticism thing

I posted an "opinion" on the comments section on kenyaimagine and next thing you know my comment had disappeared

Kyn are perfecting the art of flattery and cluelessness USA style.
Just look at the comments section on any blogs...pure
Whats going on? we used to be so proud and independent minded

Val said...

I just love your blog, yaani unanifanya nacheka! I just started blogging and you inspire me! Keep it up.

Good way to usher in the weekend.....

jp said...

Most Kenyan companies are not good at responding to positive criticism. Usually its those companies ran by wazees who believe 'have seen it all, so who are you?'.

University Way Branch
P.O.Box 60800
Tel: 020 225400/11, 225423, 225461, 225400, 225411, 0722202981, 0734600703
Fax: 228653


egm said...

Add Jabali to the list of Kenyan groups that know how to give a show. I am never bored at any of their concerts.

Criticism is definitely a must if you want to grow. If you want to know how good you are, and if you can improve, then let those knowledgable about what you do monitor it and give you feedback. Flattery, as Alexcia puts it, will only give you a false sense of security.

Bomseh said...

Majonzi - I think I can try and fake it after nine months of not having any.

And on show stoppers please add man Sukuma Bin Ongaro a.k.a Sukuu.
I didn't know Klepto are musicians. I always thought of them as rappers, which I can also do.

msaniixl said...

I echo egm jabali puts its down...this kenyan dudes need to realise half an hour of knowing your venue and mic check will go a long way...

and aco i have seen that newspaper..and sir I have to agree that paper is truly sub par...wacha I stop there.

kenyaimagine said...

thanks aco for linking us, and for ur contribution to the KIM media article.

Alexcia, are u sure your comment was deleted? Sometimes, a glitch that we have recently fixed, didn't allow comments to show immediately. We only moderate comments that are insulting, otherwise kenyaImagine prides itself in being an open forum.

Drop us a line if u run into any problems in the future:

acolyte said...

@ majonzi
Hope you enjoyed the video. Yes seems some people still have that old school attitude and it doesnt do much good in the long run.
Plus men can and do fake orgasms!
@ anon
This video is a classic
@ anon2
Most peeps who went for the klepto show voiced their disappointment.
There is still some good music being made but the bulk of what is being put out is crap.
Naps rock!
@ kenyanchick
I guess I am going to end up going your route as regards criticism.
As for kax who knows?
@ alexcia
Well I dunno if you were censored or if it was a glitch but I do feel you on the whole pyschophantic nature of many Kenyan forums nowadays.
@ val
Thank you for your comment and visiting! Have a nice weekend!
@ jp
I have encountered this in Kenya and it really did piss me off that is why many Kenyan businesses dont last too long.
Thanks for the address!
@ egm
Oooooh! I had forgotten about Jabali.
I do believe that harsh as it is constructive criticism can take us a long way!
@ bomseh
I agree with you, faking is more than possible.
I havent been to see Sukuma but I do hear he is very good! Well I do agree that there is a diff between rappers and musicians.
@ msanii
Yes I have heard that PA system too many times to be amused at all.
It is good to know that I am not the only one who sees the paper that way.
@ kenyaimagine
It was my pleasure!

m said...

You's a brave man my son ... like only 2 people on this universe ever take constructive criticism well. Either you are a hater, are jealous or (my favourite) you are spreading negativity.

As for music lemme not blog here. I have a whole post on that!

aegeus said...

I watched it since i heard a mention somewhere sometime back and damn that woman rocks! How in hell?! Hehhehehe!!

Criticism does not mean we do not like you or we have something against you, its just pointing out ways in which you could improve! Gosh!

Ssembonge said...

Seems like you ruffled someone's comfort zone. Because I have never laid my eyes on the said magazine I will reserve my comments.