Thursday, May 31, 2007

Music, Music And Other Things

There is this dude or I would like to think he is one and not a woman with a deep voice who lives in a block of houses that is separated from the complex that I live in by a fence. But even so I can still here the music that he plays. This dude has some of the best soul I have ever heard, the kind of songs that were always in the back of your head but come screaming back to the present when you hear them. Anyway today when I was coming from a long day at the grindstone when I was met by the sounds of classic 80s soul drifting towards the door and to make things worse it was accompanied by the tempting aroma of a meat roasting. If it wasn't for the fact that you don't know who owns guns to protect their houses I may have jumped over the fence, introduced myself and joined the party. Makes me realise how much I miss home where nyama choma used to abound, unlike meat here which is packed full of steroids and drained of all flavour by the time it gets to you.

I was just going through some of the music that I "collect" online and I came across this jewel. For those of you who read my last post and M's last offering, you know how we feel about alot of contemporary music. Anyway can you tell me what rap song that tune was sampled in and better yet can you tell me where the tune was originally featured! Let's get to know the real I love the 80s/90s peeps in the house!

I also listened to a classic rap song recently and when I watched the video, tears began to roll down my face, when I began to think of what we have to listen to, I began to bawl like a baby. Anyway that is why CD sales have gone down 20% but anyway like the an apocalyptic prophet I will get lost in my own dream world before I come back screaming, "the end is nigh!"

Onto non musical matters, while trolling this site seeing if some lass had decided to defame me (sadly when they can't have me they want to destroy me), I came up with this theory. A man's skill in the bedroom and physical endowment is directly proportional to how good he is as a boyfriend. When a man is the lover dreams are made of his skill and endowment in the bedroom rise to epic proportions but when he falls out of favour he instantly becomes a one minute, two inch man. Lesson learned, in relationships reality is nothing but perception is everything.

Is this how little we value our children? How can this group of women get only 2 years in jail for kidnapping a child? Try kidnapping a child here or in a European country and you will spend the better part of 20 years behind bars if not longer. Plus the Ugandan lady who claimed to have been pregnant for 16 months added some gloss to my day, what was she carrying in her womb? A baby elephant?


Girl next door said...

Can't believe I made it here first!

Contemporary music lacks the quality and longevity of the oldies.

I agree with your statement that "perception is everything" in a relationship. That's why a person inside will often sees things differently from outside observers.

A 16month pregnancy sounds like torture! That babywould be really huge if they were actually that old.

Half 'n' half said...

2nd! second! shocked!

What happens in relationships (gag) is that at the end of it someone is bound to be bitter and or hated! thus the one minute man remark!

Music this days is too commercial to last! think "this is why am hot" stupid sucking song!

aegeus said...

Nusu Nusu, me third! Shocked too!

msaniixl said...

Victory- Biggie and Busta ...of the no way out album.

lol at 4'9 postive K..that joint was nice though

3N said...

Ok, I will take fourth.

Ati pregnant for 16 months, this baby will be born walking and with teeth?

On music, I think society is becoming commercialized, losing its substance and everything around us; clothes, movies, tv, music is following just along.

3N said...

Msanii, you have to move one step down I had taken # 4

gal africana said...

Of course perception is everything. The trick is understanding and choosing to respect how the other party in a relationship, any ol' relationship, percieves reality. In most situations one's idea of reality is in fact percieved reality as your cognitive understanding of reality is affected by your history and personality etc Especially in love relationships where emotions rule.
Ok I'll shut up now!

Acolyte said...

Good to have you back!
A 16 month old baby would blow out the "door" when being born, lol!
@ half n half
Good to have you here! That bile at times is too much I tell you!
Catchy as that song is, I am tired of it.
@ aegeus
Belated happy bday once again.
@ msanii
That is part one correct, can you tell me where the track was jacked from?
@ 3N
I think talking too!
Nowadays the money comes first above all else!
@ gal africa
What you see and what is real are two very diff things in most cases.

aegeus said...

Strangely soul does not - well maybe a few songs - stir my soul **forgive the pun** so skim skim...nyamchoms...i need to indulge...The state of current pop music is indeed apalling!

Aizoh said...

That piece you linked to sure is a gem. I love the eighties but still I cant answer your questions! Damn! But that song does remind me of the group Yanni.