Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seven Secrets.............

It's been a while but I was tagged by Supaflyishi to post 7 facts about me that people don't know and to tag 7 other people. I took my liberties to also add things that I am thinking that people don't know...........

1. I prefer driving manual cars to cars with automatic transmission.
2. I have fallen in love with Sudoku.
3. I think I have grown a few inches taller in the last few years, I met someone who used to be taller than me when we were in college but now we are the same height plus some trousers I had a few years back are too short now. It could be my friends and clothes are shrinking or maybe I'm growing sideways?? The possibilities are endless!
4. I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy and tears in my eyes when I heard that Paris Hilton was sentenced to jail.
5. There is a friend of mine who wants to apply for some State Grants and asked me for help. I want to help her, but the problem is that she knows jack about proposal writing et al but has had the nerve to argue with me and try to set me straight all the time; despite the fact that I have been studying and doing such stuff for a long time. I'm going to become very unavailable soon.........
6. If I wanted to I could write "serious" posts and commentaries but I just lack the motivation most of the time because call it apathy but there are enough people out there expressing their opinions on politics, current affairs, the economy etc; so I'll just read their stuff and stick to what I life.
7. Whenever I meet Kenyans out here, I don't get a lump in my throat and ecstatic. It's not that I hate Kenyans, it's just that they are like cockroaches out here, everywhere you look and for that one you see there are 3 that came with it hiding somewhere.

I would like to tag these 7 bloggers to share with us.

5.Movie Buff
6.Devious One
7.Nick (We shall wait till you are done watching Spider-man 3)

Quote of the day - 'We must have had 99% of the game. It was the other three per cent that cost us the match.' - Ruud Gullit


egm said...

Haiya, so I have to go now and do my list of 7? Okay, I'll start working on that. No knowing when I'll get done!

I also prefer manual to auto

Ditto on Paris (I especially loved the line that the court showed no one is above the law)

I hear you on the "serious posts" thing.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the manual. I have two special reasons for that:

1) I love the sense of control that comes with driving a manual.

2) I am selfish. I don't like people borrowing my car and the best thing is that guys are shy to borrow a moti from a mama and most of the chicks here in Stato can't drive a stick... ha!!! Then they preng my moti & their goes my insurance premiums... ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

cant drive for shit(hoping to learn this summer)great writeup... maybe i'll do this sometime

Majonzi said...

lol, I am confused, what were the tears on the Hilton for?

aegeus said...

Oh i sooo love manual gearboxes, i have yet to try out a F1 style paddle shift but i cant wait to see if it is all that. Will do up that post not that you and Supafly have tagged me at the same time, do i have to do fourteen now? hehehe! Coming very very soon!

That quote maze, it killed me!

Acolyte said...

@ egm
I will wait for you list no matter how long!
I leave the serious posts to those who have alot to say.
@ anon
I agree with you, with a manual you feel more in control.
Yes I am sure you have less people borrowing your car at the end of the day!
I'm sure you'll be a quick study! I'll pass by and check on you for the write up!
@ majonzi
Tear of joy my dear!
@ aegeus
When you do try the paddle shift do blog about it for us! Yes we would like to read 14 instead of 7 for sure!
I have loads of quotes left!

Klara said...

I wonder why she has to drunk drive when she can be Chaffeured!!
Like Machonzi tell us what da tears were for?? LOL

Movie Buff said...


I was already tagged by supaflyshi..

I hate manual cars......

Wacha ikae!

mocha! said...


Yaani, I check in here only to find you have tapo'd me!


As for the Paris Hilton ish...whats the deal with that petition? Ngamia yeye!

Milonare said...

Sudoku rocks!!!

Aie... Kenyans cant be that bad baba LOL

Dshy said...

Personal posts are my preference. When the serious posts about men’s rights start rolling in, ill be the first to say ‘Taxi for Dshy’!

Lol @ Paris.

I can just picture her cellmate cuddling next to her at night whispering ‘I miss my girlfriend’.

As for Kenyans, i give them a wide berth, but they don’t extend the same courtesy. No I am not a lesbian because you don’t see me out and about with men. No, standing outside the bus peering at me through the window while you try to work out if I am Jamaican or not in loud kikuyu no less will not change the fact that I am not. Nor will it make me glance your way. Just because you see me with a white dude does not mean I am in it for ‘makaratasis’ because im due to be ‘faxed’ (deported). Do not call me for a pre-wedding when the wedding itself will be in Nairobi.

I think ill stop there.

Quote of the day ‘my voice has been touched by God. I aint going to let no m*thf*cka ruin it.’
Sarah from Mtv’s Making the band

and the choir said amen.

3N said...

Paris in Prison.

sound like the title of a hilarious new REALITY show starring Ms. Hilton's rich ass and a few hardened girls...

Must See TV

Taurus said...

hahaha!!! the kenyan's and cockroach analogy is classic.

wait.......shuld i tak offense

Nakeel said...

Feel you on Sudoku its solid. When I started I used to do with a pencil and rubber at hand then rub but now takes less time to be done.

Lol loudly your tears for Paris we wacha.

farmgal said...

feel you on number one
tears of joy or sadness?

Ichiena said...

I feel you on 6 and on Sudoku - I am an addict.

LOL, warm fuzzy feeling and tears (of joy I presume) - I thought I was alone in that.

Kirima said...

Paris Hilton in Jail thats at least something to be famous for. I hear that she is only famous for being famous (oh and that internet thingy of course). Do is forsee books offers, TV Realtith show host offers ala Martha Stewart. Yuck!

Archer said...

Challenge shall be taken up very soon!

Girl next door said...

A celeb is finally going to jail--now that's news!
#7, I know what you mean.