Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Moanings Part V

During one of those few free moments I get, I looked at M's latest post and an interesting thought came to mind. Why is it that when many women put themselves out there for a man and they are turned down they act like sacriledge has been committed?
I remember a long time back I was listening to Capital FM and this girl called in hot under the collar. It seemed that she had gone to the club, met this dude, had a great conversation with him even bought him a drink and then she was really disgusted when at the end of the night he left without even asking her for her telephone number. The male co-host was really tickled by her anger as he explained to her that it was no big deal because this is what men go through day in day out. When a woman uses a man who likes her for favours and such, other women applaud it and most people don't see a big deal about it but when a man does the same he becomes the scum of the earth. Case in point there was this girl once whom I shared a class with, we were just friends but at I did notice that she had a soft spot for me. So once in a while when I needed a favour, like a ride or something; I would call her and she would take me. We did hang out for a while but before she started getting any ideas I decided to keep things moving, when my sister noticed that I wasn't hanging out with her anymore; she was pissed of at me. I told her the same thing as the male co-host told the girl on the phone, as long as no-one got led on what's the big deal with enjoying some attention from someone else? Anyway I guess some people just arent used to the concept of rejection at all.

In other news, I don't know how true this is but I hear that love has blossomed in the Kenyan blogosphere and there is this US based blogger who has fallen for a blogger in Kenya and is going back home in August to be with her. I don't know whether he is visiting or going back for good but it did get me thinking. First things first, I am a pragmatist. If I haven't met you in person, there is no way I am picking up and travelling halfway across the world to restart my life with you. Sorry I'm going to keep things real, some relationships may sizzle across cyberspace but when you meet in person they fall as flat as a week old beer.
I guess when it comes to love I am cynical and pragmatic, a study once showed that the electrical signals of someone in love are the same as those of someone who has taken a large dose of heroin. So I do guess that love is a drug? But that is why I always say that love, crushes and such should be enjoyed in the heady days of youth when there is little to be lost as opposed to the pathetic sight of an adult letting their lives wilt as they pine away for someone they "love." That reminds me, I was once at a bar in Westland in the parking lot when this chic told her boyfriend that she was leaving him. It was a cringeworthy sight watching him beg her and crying till snot came out of his nose. His tears were not in vain because she did take him back but I am sure that there is no way in hell he was the one wearing the pants in that relationship any longer. Once you show someone that you need them far more than they need you you have just given away any chances they may respect you.
I guess that's why I choose to look fine from the sideline! Have a nice week people..........


mwangi said...


mwangi said...
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m said...

Just you wait my son ... it is just a matter of time before some daugthter of her mother has Aco himsely singing "My girl" when he thinks no one is listening!

Half 'n' half said...

Aco: While I do agree with you about moving for someone you hardly know.. I disagree that love is for the youth! haki being alone sucks!

gal africana said...

the thing with watching from the sidelines is that, while you are removed from all the action....good AND bad, you ARE removed from the action.
As for women/men who get murderous when turned down...depends on whether the other party was honest or rather just stringing the interested party along for whatever selfish reason...just not acceptable regardless of who is doing it.

aegeus said...

Acolyte, Acolyte, i cant put it any better, i shall not dilute the post...nuff sed!

mocha! said...

HAIYA.......Aco, wassup???

Like me, you dont penda Mondays at all, huh??

Off to read again and elewa before I comment.

>d® said...

Dude, you're never too old to be smitten. Quote me on that.

As for the blogger sprung over the other, ummm, no.

Udi said...

Dude, i am actually moving in November. But although i havent met her, her pichas come in handy when i am lonely. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

I had read the second comment. I am glad it was deleted.

Very disrespectful to aco!

Acolyte said...

@ mwangi
Congrats!Thanks for the words of wisdom!
@ M
Those were things that happened in Uni and High School, no round 3!
@ half n half
Well companions ni wengi! I'm sure you will be able to find one soonest.
@ gal africana
Well you gain something and you lose something. I do understand when something has gone on for sometime but when it is over a one time situation, that's a bit much.
@ aegeus
thanks! :)
@ mocha
Mondays suck sana my dear!
@ >d
Well I guess for me I have developed callasuses or am just having too much fun watching.
@ udi
Salimia the dame and invite us for the wedding!
@ Anon
Harsh as it was I do think the author was entitled to his opinion, so I wont hate.

farmgal said...

Love the post lakini you kijana wait till you're smitten...
You can only enjoy being alone for so long.

farmgal said...

and udi am not in kenya. Who's this other chica eh?

Acolyte said...

@ farmgal
I have been down the being smitten route before, that is what high school and uni was for; after that it's time to get pragmatic!

Kasuku said...

there was a reason why it was deleted. I will have to agree with anonymous.

gishungwa said...

"some relationships may sizzle across cyberspace but when you meet in person they fall as flat as a week old beer"
there is always the exception to the rule.

Acolyte said...

@ gish
Hence my use of the word some, there are some good endings out there. Not too many but they do exist!