Thursday, June 28, 2007

Prayers, Proactive and other things........

I need your prayers people! There have been monumental developments with the characters and incidents in the Drama Post series, but my current job has managed to do what sickness, poor net access, brokeness, hangovers and celibacy failed to do. Yes, blogger's block is seeping in! I have quite a few posts that I want to do but there is no net access at work, coupled with the work load and exhaustion after work; blogging takes a far second place to relaxation at the end of the day.

Dear Doctor Nick, I know you love confession sites, so here is a new one for you. It makes for good reading, any moms out there with confessions? That's the place for you!

Is it me or are Americans among the world's most vain people?

From watching the Proactive series of commercials you would think anyone with acne is better of shooting themselves because it seems a life with acne is not one worth living. Don't get me started on the ads about making your teeth super white via visits to your dentist for cleaning or super white strips. No thank you, I'll keep my less than white teeth and less than perfect skin. I do think my flaws are part of who I am.

Anyway time to get back to the grindstone, I got bills to pay!


egm said...

Eh, Drama post. We'll petition for you to pata vacation so you can chapa those storoz.

As for vanity, wacha tu. Those hair loss commercials should be added to the list of things that make me shake my head.

3N said...

Yes, most Americans are superficial & materialistic. My fear is that with our (African) attitude of adopting everything western, we might be heading towards Americanism in a few decades.

aegeus said...

Egm... hair loss...wacha tu...drama post tutategea tu mos mos.

Tweety said...

Yeah,they make it look like if you wake up with a pimple on your face you should run crying to the Tyra show so she can "hook you up with a FIERCE makeover" or better yet, cosmetic surgery!

Did you know that Capital fm are giving away an extreme makeover? Yeah, only they call it an "Ultimate Transformation"

Archer said...

Blogger's block? Join me in taking an official hiatus!! Aki I'm such a derailer!

kelitu said...

Forget proactive, have you seen the ones on weight-loss?!!
They make me feel obese!!
I swear even if you are a size zero, those ads make you feel like if you are not sporting a flat concave looking six pack, high-ass, firm thighs and a strong fat!

Maombi nimetuma...

Acolyte said...

@ egm
Vacation?! I need a new job!!!!!! I bet you are talking about those corny rogaine commercials.
@ 3N
As long as we remain rooted to our family values we have some hope but if we become guided by money than that is game over.
@ aegeus
I appreciate your patience.
@ tweety
I think Capital should stop trying to Westernise us, lets go with our flaws if they are not life threatening.
@ archer
Tuko pamoja!
@ kelitu
I don't watch teh weight loss ones coz I dont have that company and who knows if I watch them I may think I have a problem.
Thank you for the prayers!

Majonzi said...

have u ever seen the cake of makeup that hides the real facial makeup.... not funny! I have a friend who will not let anyone into the house, no matter who or time of day, without that cake. Now, these are shidas!!! She must think my face is grotesque!! lol!

gishungwa said...

Pole kwa kazi my dear you will be ok soon i hope.
As for makeup that is a whole blog bbby itself.

gal africana said...

consider me praying....hard.

as for acne, i have a soft spot for the few blemishes I have now seeing as my nickname in primo was need to explain why.

Nakeel said...

On my knees to remember you.

mmnjug said...

We have yet to acknowledge one fact and that is what maaters most is who we are on the inside. The outside is merely superficial and may not last for long. Its the heart damn it!

click to

mocha! said...

Si Americans peke yao.

Juzi tuu I was watching a commercial for Anti-Ageing for....wait for it.....teeth. Yep, teeth. Ati a toothpaste with an anti-ageing formula for teeth.

Kweli jobo is pelekaing you a 100. See what happens when you graduate. Usilost sana lakini.

Spidey said...

lol at white strips id like to know if they work myself

hmmm lovin the confession site tayari

Acolyte said...

Damn blogger! It just ate my comments in return to your maoni! Urgh!