Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Monday Moanings Part VI

I was reading Mocha's post about how women tend not to be honest with each other when it comes to appearance and then linked to this picture on Archer's blog. This picture brought back a memory from way back when. There used to be this chic I who was once nick named Pirelli by my pals for obvious reasons, it didn't help that she used to have an attitude; so this really spurred on my pals. I recall once she was sitting somewhere with her boyfriend when the crew came over to her, said wsup and then one of the dudes asked, "What beer do you drink? I want to get a big gut like yours, si you hook me up?" Yes teens can be cruel. After that diss her boyfriend asked them to lay off her which they did, thank God. But this whole Pirelli memory got me to thinking. Since society has placed such rigid standards for women ie measurable. For a woman to be seen as hot, she actually has to be hot; attitude can only take you so far in most cases.

Is it me or are British folk always typecast as rude, obnoxious and terse whenever they are judges on American reality TV shows?

I have never understood women. Why is it when you are feeling a chic and try to hook up with her either circumstances don't work out or she just acts difficult? Just wait till you move on with your life, the chic pops up from out of the blue; telling me the way she has moved into a new apartment and she may need some company. If only I could lose my lofty principles and swoop in like some individuals who will remain anonymous.

After reading this article in the Standard, I guess some of these stereotypes about some tribes performance in bed have some foundation after all.

There is this store that is a few blocks from where I live that reminds me of Kenya for the strangest reason. You see this supermarket is loved by mexicans, poor black and white folk as it is full of cheap name brands you have never heard of and will never see in any other store. So you can tell that it isnt the classiest store you'll go to. Anyway the inside of the store has this earthy, musty smell that is a mixture of the many diferent kinds of foods (both mexican and american) that remind me of those supermarkets in downtown Nairobi e.g Ukwala and co. Interesting thing is that my brother has been to that store and he said the exact same thing! I almost get the feeling at times if I close my eyes and step out and open them, I'll see hawkers selling fruit on the ground, touts touting for passengers and the odd shady character who'll stride beside me; open his jacket to show me a phone (most probably stolen) and say, "Msee, utabuy phone?" For some reason quite a few of those shady types used to think that buying a stolen phone was high on my list of priorities.

Oh and in case you were wondering, for some convoluted reason; the herculean load at work has been lifted but just for a short while. So enjoy the long post, another one may not come in sometime.
Ps: I am working on the Unflushable post.........


gishungwa said...

I think its all in the mind. Being hot for me is self confidence+ esteem. Interesting stereotypes though.
Enjoy the break...

Anonymous said...

Aghrrr....Operation find aco a job that will let him blog is now in effect.

have a happy 4th of July!!!

PS: Did you get a chance to see Sicko?

3N said...

Aco, there is an exact store near where I leave. As a matter of fact there is a ka town of Mexicans who on weekends and jionis you will see them posing and strolling on foot aimlessly just like nai.

Pirelli or not a chile should not have attitude its just a turn off.
Old flames popping up – just jana anaa chile I used to vibe is to ask whether she can come and visit and if I still want to hanya? I won’t though, I don’t believe in going backwards no matter how good the strokes could be.

Archer said...

Top 5!! Off to read again.

P.S: the photo was actually on my blog.

Archer said...

Ati "I want to get a big gut like yours?" haha! Dude that's just rough! But trust teenagers to say such hurtful things. But if she had ATT then she probably deserved it. *I didn't just say that!*

now that mama in the photo, honestly, what was she thinking when she was pangaing her outfit? Coz it brings out all her worst attributes. And her pals should be shot for not telling her that!

Aco, just sema you're homesick. Ati now you're seeing Ukwala and makangas in Stato? Rudi home dadii. Tell you what, I'll throw you a roast maize, with pilipili. Can you refuse that offer?

Eclipse said...

Aco..Ur still the series King... hebu dont go underground on us... I actually log onto my PC and chek out M, you and Archer evry morning...tis my cup of tea so ukiheppa UTAONA

"..gut like your" hahah thats just above...eeer below the belt literally!

Why lie ukwala has that ka homely smell that Nakumatt doesnt ama its just me..

Ala! Aco kwani unakaa aje ndio all the time the thugs wanna sell u phone..kwani u have one of those faces :)

JM said...

Thx for visiting.

Jesse Masai said...

Thx for visiting.

mocha! said...

Aco...the photo was from Archer's blog.

Off to read!

wambui junior said...

There's a store like that in my neighborhood too! i guess it goes for all neighborhoods. interesting stuff in that standard article.

Acolyte said...

@ gish
Erm okay. I sure did enjoy the break.
@ anon
Thanks! It was a needed break, havent gotten round to watching it.
@ 3N
I guess things are the same in certain places no matter where. Sad thing is that it's some of the whack mamas who are so deluded.
Don't leave food on the table!
@ archer
Wacha I make the relevant corrections and apologies. I miss home like whoa I tell you!
@ eclipse
Ngoja I pata another bum worthy jobo! The posts shall flow! I think that homely smell of Ukwala is unsold goods and dust.
I wonder about how other ppl see me at times, roho safi.
@ jm
You are most welcome!
@ mocha
Thanks for the heads up!
@ wambui jr
I guess the mexican invasion is having an effect...