Friday, July 27, 2007


I know M will articulate this far better than I have but I have to say, "What in the blue blazes is this imbecile thinking?!"
What am I talking about? I'm talking about this story, the proposed addition of 90 more MPs by adding more constituencies. We all know that Kibaki is not doing this for the good of the people in marginalised places like Northern Kenya but as a way of currying favour for the elections. That is why I am against it! The public coffers are already being plundered enough by the current crop of MPs that we have and he wants to add 90 more?! These are the same morons who are planning astronomical pensions and send off packages for themselves for only 4 years work! Imagine what that money can do if it is used for development and infrastructure, Kibaki muppets out there please explain to me the logic and timing of this move?

Now this is one pussy I wouldn't be glad to see at all! Imagine being a resident in that old age home and one day when you are happily drooling away the cat comes and just gets snug on your bed, damn that would be enough to make you soil yourself for the second time that day! Who didn't say nature doesn't have a sense of humour? All that technology and skill being usurped by a cat!

For those of you who are on the B-train, you need to read this article; truly ground breaking stuff I tell you! I wonder how I went my whole dating life without this article!

Anway the weekend is upon us! Go ahead and do what I can't do; eat heartily, drink, make merry and fornicate for who knows what tommorow will bring upon us!


Majonzi said...

been gone for a minute! but, made it as first, yay!!
kenyan mps, enough said. I am so not amused.

that cat, how scary. it must have juju in it.

tihii... thot the second date pointers were obvious! kumbe jamaas are clueless like this

I just bought my bottle of rum.... ahhh, the weekend is here, what bliss.

gishungwa said...

Camping this weekend so will do as instructed. The pointers D'uh

Eclipse said...

Aco..Si we just take over the gover and castrate all the doofuses! ati Send off package..kwani they r the only kenyans working ndio wanajipatia sendoff? kubaff kabisa wote

i will take ur advice to blow off >> fornicate Aco umeharibika sana :)

Anonymous said...

Stephen Muiruri
P.O Box 872-00200
Fax: +254 20 3751521
Tel: +254 20 33751672 (Office), 8562845 (House)

July 27, 2007.

The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative
B-117, Second Floor, Sarvodaya Enclave
New Delhi - 110 017
Tel: +91-11-2685-0523, 2652-8152, 2686-4678
Fax: +91-11-2686-4688

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: CHRI job

I'm a Kenyan aged 36 years and until recently the Crime Editor for the Nation Media Group, a leading media house in East and Central Africa. I was in charge of the Crime Section and my responsibilities included researching, investigating, writing, editing and coordinating reporting in the areas of crime, investigations and human rights.

I joined Nation Media Group in 1995 as a trainee reporter and rose to the level of an editor in January this year when I was hounded out of office. I worked in a busy newsroom of the leading media house in East and Central African which exposed me to tough challenges of working for long hours with minimum supervision and meeting strict deadlines.

I wish to apply for a CHRI job and I'm willing to work at its Headquarters in New Delhi, India, or any other station suitable for me. I have a keen interest in writing matters to do with human rights and social justice.

I was last year commissioned by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative to write a report titled Patterns of Policing in Kenya: A Media Content Analysis of the Nation and Standard . Among the areas the report covered are at extra-judicial killings, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, role played by the administration in policing, policing of political activities, police criminality and police reforms. I submitted the final draft around February this year and it's awaiting publication.

I have attached my curriculum vitae and two relevant writing samples which were published in the Daily Nation.

The first story, titled Police chief in the spotlight after four killed during riots, was published in the on October 29, 2005. The other story was titled Police furious over VP Awori's plan to free 20,000 prisoners and it was published on February 21, 2005.

Kindly consider my application.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Muiruri.

m said...

I'm working hard on a tirade against these doofuses, worry not my son!

P.S. .. Yaani you're hiring? LOL!

archer said...

Why was I not surprised when I heard of the proposed Ksh 6m "winding down" allowance by MPs? Now even former MPs have joined in with a demand for Ksh 1m!! I really don't see why they'd deserve a penny considering the fact that they barely do jack sh*t in Parliament! One of these fine days the public might revolt and lynch these bastards!!

That cat, damn! Picture this, you've gone to visit an aged rela. The cat comes and snuggles next to you. You panic and dash out of there and into your car. You fika the main road and an 18 wheeler ploughs into your car. Hmm...

Those dating tips...wacha tu. As you said, truly ground breaking stuff.

Aco, can I also email you my C.V you tafuta for me jobo? I see you're recruiting!

aegeus said...

The MPs...sijui niseme...

Those tips...

Then cats...scary...though i still love death...pun not intended...

gal africana said...

hmmmm....not sure whether to take the groundbreaking tips thing seriously..
have to second majonzi on the clueless, and I'll it up a little with absolutely clueless lol it's a wonder you've dated at all...hihi if u were serious...?

I'm so tired of all the ridiculous things kenyan politicians get up to. Is there some sort of spell they're put under on entering office? How else can anything they do be rationalised?!

coldtusker said...

Aco... u know how to put a better spin on this... so here is the link...

Imam was double dipping here!!!
I am sure many of those "supporting" him (imam) and baying for the blood of the guy who did the imam in have wives/gfs/lovers/mistresses... who the imam was giving personal madrassa lessons!

coldtusker said...

Aco... we should send the cat to sleep in the bed/s of each of the MPs who support the extra allowances...

Acolyte said...

@ majonzi
Good to have you back! Yes it does seem that the obvious does pass us by! Hope you didnt get too wasted!
@ gish
Have fun!
@ eclipse
Easier said than done my good friend. Isn't that the correct term for it?
@ anon
I wish I could help but I am trying to find a better job myself! All the best!
@ M
Let me promote myself first!
@ archer
These dudes have no shame I tell you! I guess fate is inevitable dont you think, so if the cat has a message there is no escape for you! Ebu let me promote myself first and then we shall talk!
@ aegeus
I love cats too but not this one in particular.
@ gal africana
That spell is called greed and stupidity, there is no excuse for it at all I tell you!
@ coldtusker
Talk about an explosive love triangle! A torrid love affair that turned deadly in the humid Kenyan coast! I'm sure I can turn this into a story! I'll see if I can find that cat!