Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Tirades......................

I was reading the news under my blogger dashboard when I came across this. Yes I'm boring like that, I actually do read some of those articles and news, geek focussed as it is. But the slide show does make for fun viewing when you are bored.

Is it poor advertising or the fact that nobody in the world cares that the Women's World Cup is on? Over the years women have complained that their sports are given no support whatsoever, but when they are given a platform to perform on the support they give each other is negligible. On the other hand I guess since women in general aren't large fans of support I shouldn't be surprised, look at the WNBA, they play to half empty stadiums and it bleeds money from every orifice.

Today evening after work, I go to the parking garage and walk into my car. I sigh with relief, turn the key in the ignition, everything turns on but the car; I try again and I get the same result. Just a click, nothing else. I had to call my brother and ask him to pick me up and give me a ride home. From the symptoms I guess my alternator is shot, if it's anything else then there goes my next paycheck. That's why I miss Kenya, if your car acts up, you take a matatu and that's that. Here it is a whole 'nother ball game, tow trucks, jalopies breaking down and garages robbing you blind, urgh!

I have the feeling that I will end up working half day tomorrow, there goes one more of my sick days. Here is the ironic thing, as a joke we went to see fortune tellers with my sis and bro, the lady who told me my fortune asked me if I was thinking of fixing my car. I said no, seems she was one day ahead of schedule!

Here's to matatus and other cheap forms of transportation!
Ps: I'm too tired now but I do need to blog about an incident we all encounter, meeting someone and everything going spectacularly until this person does/has a big deal breaker for you in terms of what you dont like in a partner. Anyway that is a post for another day.......


m said...

Daddy-o -- that click could most probably mean you left your headlights/radio on and the battery doesn't have enough charge to start the engine!

I know this from experenece

kipusa said...

there's no place like home

3N said...

At home you can even call your local mechanic and he will come to the rescue and tow your car and fix it. And sometimes he might fix it if you don’t have all the cash at once -- if you are a good customer.

Lakini hapa, its just daylight robbery! If your car acts up more than 3 times a year you are better off just trying another one.

Acolyte said...

@ M
Imagine a wire was loose from the starter but it still cost me for bringing the dude out. Urgh!
@ kipusa
Tell me about it!
@ 3N
Huku you get jacked for every penny you've got. Give me a matatu anyday!

thrretypesofcrazy said...

waiting for that post for another day.............waiting.

aegeus said...

was thinking on the lines of flat battery...weak battery...or loose connection...shot relay switch...shot solenoid retractor...i guess i love mechanics et all so whenever that occurs i jump gleefully into my toolkit and promptly sort it out...glad you did get it sorted albeit at some cost...

now as for that post...REFRESH...REFRESH...REFRE....

Kagz said...


Its been a minute since i was here.

Simply stopped by to say..."nice template"...actually..."very nice template"

Why not holla at Bankelele and give him a few ideas because that white template is just not doing it for me....


Archer said...

I've been wondering as well about the lack of coverage over the women's world cup. The BBC football site only shows the progress of the England team and not that of the whole tournament. The way the Brazilian mamas thrashed some team 6 nil the other day! I didn't even know the WNBA still exists.

Aegeus, you should have been a mechanic!

Haya, bring on that post for another day. Si today is that other day?

Girl Next Door said...

Isn't it kinda creepy the fortuneteller mentioned your car the day before? I've never gone to one coz I may hear something I don't like.
I used to have a ride with battery problems, I'd always pray it wouldn't stop on a busy road. Mechanics cost too much over here, I do miss that about home.

SisBigBones said...

Fortune teller? I've always wanted to go, but I'm too much of a sissy.

My argument for the lack of interest is that women don't like sports to begin with, so why should women's professional sports be any different? To his credit, my boyfriend is diligently following the world cup and I, on the other hand, didn't even know a women's world cup existed.

As for your car, pole. That's my biggest phobia now that I'm on a student budget: that my car should break down, especially in the winter.

ps. that ka-eye on your profile photo is creepy!

Tweety said...

true that about women and sports. we're so few, sports lovers!
waiting eagerly for that oher post, seeing as it's something i've recently been through!

Acolyte said...

@ 3types
Lol why did I have the feeling that would be the only part of the post people would read?
@ aegeus
Do you do house calls?
@ kagz
Good to know you are still in the blogosphere, I have to go see that template and give my feedback now!
@ archer
Well with BBC english pride comes first! I do have a smashing post coming up for Friday!
I say dont live by what they do and dont take them all that serious but you will hear some interesting things.
Having a car here is just as expensive as having a child!
@ sisbigbones
Yes we cant expect women to watch sport just coz its women playing. I too have the same phobia of having the dead car.
That is the all seeing eye aka sharingan from one of my all time fave manga cartoons, yes Im a geek like that!
@ tweety
Ah when are you posting your version for us to read?

aegeus said...

a return ticket and an invitation letter and i am so there!