Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Moanings Part IX

I think alongside the annual state of prostitution in Kenya article, the "life is hard abroad" article is also making an at least annual appearance in Kenyan media. This time round The Standard took a shot at telling people the hard reality of life in the States. But the sad thing is that as the article prophesied is that people never ever listen, the saddest/funniest ones are the ones who throw bashes and sell their stuff before they go to the Embassy. I once knew some two sisters who thought the sun revolved around them, they loudly announced they were going to the States and even threw a ginormus bash before going to the Embassy. Needless to say they were both denied and came back with their tales between their legs, I think they opted for a country with less stringent visa regulations but it was a lesson to all of us.

In an ideal world Kenyans shouldn't have to use the States as an escape from the harsh realities of our present existence but what to do? Life is hard for Americans too, but the people who piss me off are the ones who go back home on vacation and make it look like they shop on Rodeo Drive and live in High Rise Condominiums. I say keep it real, if you have to stand on your feet for 8 hours in Walmart then be honest about it, instead of creating false dreams for others. But this isn't to say that it isn't possible to make it in the States, it can be done but it is often a long hard and lonely road.

Anyway moving onto less depressing topics but still depressing. I am sick and tired of hearing and seeing Britney Spears on every other channel on cable. Yes she is going to her trailer park roots and slowly self destructing, but enough already. Like a cat that has been hit by a car, let's let her drag herself into the bushes and expire with some dignity. Damn celebrity obsessed country!

I don't know if you are all aware of this but do you know that VH1, MTV and BET are all owned by VIACOM, not to forget they also own Comedy Central. I think it is pathetic that one company can have so much power over the direction that music takes. They are a perfect example of capitalism being allowed to run amok. It is no surprise that BET's pathetic offerings went from bad to worse when VIACOM took over. Call me a hater but the less small independant media houses we have the less choice viewers and listeners have, I mean unless you have the expanded MTV on Cable when was the last time you saw more than 10 music videos in a row on MTV instead of all the tepid reality TV shows they give us? Another fantastic reason not to have cable..........

I have been reading the last few issues of Nation's Buzz Magazine and it seems that the mark of having made it as a model is getting a white boyfriend/ girlfriend. Kenyans never cease to amaze me, but I guess it is a symbiotic relationship on both sides, the models get to enjoy the nicer things in life that the white folks money can buy while the white folks who probably weren't hot numbers back home now get to have some of the hottest bods for themselves.

Next weekend I have decided that I am going to visit one of the Kenyan churches that are near where I live. I was supposed to go to one this weekend but I decided to sleep in and gave it a miss, and I have no excuse at all because it was an afternoon service. Trying to connect with people by going to the club is a waste of time, so let's see if going during the day helps granted half of the people in the club might be there but what the heck! That reminds me, I caught up with one of my old uni mates recently, the dude is all the way in Chi-town and when he heard that I live in the ATL area he was quick to tell me that he was going to come and stay with me over Thanksgiving. Kenyans have some gall I tell you, they can buy air-tickets for hundreds of dollars, rent cars, buy new outfits, spend hundreds on booze and entrance to events but they would rather pile up 10 people in an apartment instead of paying around $50 per night for a motel. Cheap bastards! Just wait till November comes, the Acolyte is going AWOL!

Ps: If there are any of you that have blogs on or supported by the Wordpress engine for some reason or other I can't comment on those blogs at all. So don't think I dont read your blog, I do comment and nothing at all appears on the other side, I think the god of Wordpress hates me. Oh well, have a good week people....


gishungwa said...

The white boy story aka Visa LMAO, the men are just as bad.
old age" am flying out story" bashes, harambees then dude is in town still need a refund.
Ninja(Kelitu '07) grew up with was home a few weeks back balling and spending like crazy. Too bad he couldn't make rent when he came back to the US of A. Why cant you all be real humph?

Dshy said...

Britney Spears deserves our sympathy and maybe a stint in a boot camp. I nearly wept when I read how she came out of a gas station loo and asked one of the paps to buy her some tampons.

Life in the USA or UK is not easy, that much is true. However, I suppose grass will always be greener. What I wish is that people would not postulate about life abroad based on other people’s experiences. I think I mentioned how some female who has never worked a day abroad more or less accused me of blaming all my problems on racism.

Oh how I laughed.

Did I mention said female had never worked abroad, but clearly, she was well placed to give an opinion.

Lakini Acolyte, how much would it cost to get you to stop calling women bitches? I personally think a round of headbutts would do you some good, or maybe a good thrashing but maybe passive action is the way forward.

Ps – Re: your media house rant. I happen to enjoy those ‘tepid’ reality shows and comedy central is where my all time favourite show is, so I shall not make any comments lol.

Ppps – Remember what we were discussing yesterday ie Playstation? Feast your eyes on this!! Saw the advert yesterday on the box. Gatdamn as M would say.

So about you and calling women bitches. *tuts disapprovingly*

mocha! said...

Land of milk and honey...I am yet to taste mine!

I hear you on keeping it real. Sometimes when I holla at my pals they think I am back....why? I don't have a 'weng!

As for B. Spears.....enuff already!!

Your comments are being Askimeted vibaya. I found them in the spam section....pole!!! Askimet doesnt want games with the spammers. I just don't know why your IP is a target.

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
I have known such pals in my time, who have been flying out for the last few years.
I guess you enjoyed the attention while it lasted.
@ dshy
Britney needs privacy above all else!
Well there are always wise asses who are back home who know it better than we do, I have met a few myself.
Now my dear, when was the last time I called a woman a bitch? And in that other story it was in context, remember you cant teach an old dog new tricks; and we know what a female dog is right? Ebu wacha siasa!
I yearn for free, independant unbiased media. Not the tripe these media juggernauts are serving up. Im quitting cable I tell you!
I'll go visit that website asap!

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
Good to know that you keep it real, mambo of butchering the english language doesnt help at all!
I hope my comments start showing up now!

Majonzi said...

been a minute since I was here! Lots of issues you have covered in this thread! Encore on life in America-- unfortunately, the dream of the land of milk and honey is sold to many... some of the Kenyans living here even believe their own hype! Yes, I too get shocked!! I am impressed though that there are kadhaa Kenyans moving back to Kenya from the US... hopefully as employers :)

Tired of the jungu stories.... quite embarrassing... in fact, let me write a post on that.

Oh, and btw, I am coming to ATL for thanksgiving... lol, taking the greyhound, so as you can see I am cheap... May I?

Tweety said...

Hear hear,too many people have been taken in by the "American dream" that even Americans can't seem to catch. Droves of Kenyans are coming to their senses and coming back home,thank God! If even after getting educated the best you can do is just survive,then you're better off here in Kenya where the economy has been opening up wonderfully,opportunities abound for any individual who really values their dreams.

As for Britney,i'm really sad for her.She seems to be genuinely out of her mind,that's just sad!

waks said...

Good article. I am also sick n tired of celeb gossip. I was actually looking through the Forbes list and noted less than 10% of the regular T.V appearances make that cut. Celebs are overrated but again its America. They "teach" young people on how to burn money but hey they get it free so it doesnt hurt.

Flying out is tired. One of my pals' mom keeps asking for money and he sends. Does these kawa menial jobs and he complains the mom does not understand-well how does she understand if he sends money e'time?..hey mind you its about $300+ almost every 2-3 weeks!!! Solution I gave-don't rant to me abt it, just leta mzazi aone maisha ya hapa "one on one"- sorry for the long ass comment.