Friday, October 05, 2007

U.C.L.A and other things........

I took Monday to Wednesday off work and it was paradise I tell you! Not having to get up early, get clothes ready, fight with traffic and deal with idiots at work. It reminded me of the good old days of bum squad. What is bum squad aka U.C.L.A? Bum Squad and U.C.L.A (United College of Lounging Africa) are colloquial terms for when you finished High School or College and have nothing to do but become a piece of furniture at home.

I remember those days clearly. Those were the days when I knew the line up for Cartoon Network off head. I also recall listening to all the FM morning shows and knowing which ones rocked and which ones sucked big time. During this point in time I also built up a steady network with my fellow Bum Squad members, I would meet them chilling outside the Estate at the designated jobless corner where they would tell each other tall tales, share veve, talk to the touts and harass girls passing by. But there were also the Bum Squad members who spent more time indoors and those were more of my crew, it also didn't help that we all had dvd players and playstation 2s, so alot of stuff changed hands even though at times there was always a bastard who would get careless and lose something.

The other thing I admired about Bum Squad is the unity that most of us had. We could all be verging on brokeness but come Saturday night money would be found to fuel the car and buy cheap pints and the local or venture out if the hustling went well. I recall that was also the time when I was growing my own local imitation on an Osama goatee. The Bum Squad also served as a good information network, when people are hanging out they manage to see and hear alot, and it was amazing what tidbits would fall your way ie which estate chic is the easiest to sleep with.

But as the fates would have it, I gained paid employment so my days with the Bum Squad ended. My life moved on as I moved from job to job and eventually here. The ironic thing is that there was this dude I left on the Bum Squad who was older than me and I hear he is still there representing, I guess some people live and die Bum Squad? Please feel free to share your Bum Squad tales!

In other news, all I can say is that this mama must have had some killer boobies to earn such treatment.

If divorce can lead to me having to take loans, then let me stay single is what I say!

Oh and before I leave, I have this wonderful widget thingie that I put on my blog that lets me know what pages got people to me. And it is amazing what some people think I have on my blog!
No, I don't have Kenyan porn, naked pictures of Nini Wacera, the Lilianne Muli sex tape, Kenyan strippers or teach you the meaning of Dini Ya Msambwa on my blog! I love Google but at times you do me so wrong!

Nice Weekend All..................


Anonymous said...

I have to say...i think you are fired and wickedly funny!! Started reading your blogs yes'day from back when, and i can't seem to stop(didn't work all afternoon yes'day)!
If i had a gun, i'd shoot you through space and time for not finishing Drama Post no.5! It's been such a long time,so get to it(pretty please)!

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
Thank you for the comment! It's good to know that I am assisting in the downfall of a company!
I am going to finish the drama post series soon enough. Keep it locked!

muthii fulani said...

dude! bum squad stories are non existent...was at work day after i left high school and i have not stopped a day since!

3N said...

i also don't have any bum squad storiez unfortunately --- i wouldn't have minded chokozaing chilez passing by.

what else do Drama Post 5 as anon prescribes.

good weekend mr. aco

Udi said...

boss, I am a guy from Langa and Jobeless corner stories are in excess. We used to chill at a certain jamaas flower box. I miss those days. Damn colle had to ruin my starehe.

Makanga said...

Proud UCLA graduate.

Dvds and PS2s...not we. We had the vhs sharing going on and cassette tapes.

I also loved the solidarity... Broke all week, but somehow we would find ourselves in Spiders killing pints.

Kelitu said...

Aco, ebu hook me up with that sex-tape if you happen to angukia that is some action worth watching...

Acolyte said...

@ muthii fulani
Lucky you
@ 3N
Another lucky soul. Im going to get at it as soon as inspiration returns.
@ udi
Now you are one of the dudes we can rhyme with!
@ makanga
I would venture you are older than me in that case lol.
@ kelitu
If I ever get hold of that tape I am going to make mad money I tell you!

gishungwa said...

UCLA, i was one of those indoor ones but only for a month after that i was one of those who were whistled at *blush*

Tweety said...

University of Chilling and Lounging Around...For one very short minute! But i've heard lots about it!

Good stuff,Aco.

muthii fulani said...

dude, not, i am looking to do some major bumming soon. responsibilities zimepungua kiasi, tutaona.