Monday, October 01, 2007

More Monday Moanings

It's been a minute since I posted, like I said when ennui strikes; it strikes hard!

Reason #2138 - Why Acolyte will go to Hell

At work there is this chic who has a close to fanatical commitment to the job. You know the kind of person who actually spouts for you the crap they put in the training manual to make you feel like the job you are doing makes the sun rise and help stop global warming as oppossed to making the Members of the Board richer as you rot in your cubicle.
Anyway some day this chic came to the cube of someone I know and asked him to train someone new and they said no, she then went of on a spiel about how he was one of the leaders of tomorrow and should show the new dudes how it's done so as to make the difference for the company. So he told me this and one thing that got me to wondering about her super commitment to the company is when I found out her age, you see she is 36 so moving somewhere new and trying to make a mark the same way she has where she is now is much harder. We came to that conclusion and I ended the conversation with this quote, " I understand her staying here and making her mark and not wanting to go anywhere else; after all you can't teach an old bitch new tricks..."

Moving on, I went for an interview the other day and I remembered one important thing. It's not what you know but how you say it. The last time I fibbed so convincingly and smoothly, a pair of panties and a bra were taken off. But seriously many interviewers especially here at times will actually put a candidate they feel more of a connection to than one who is more qualified.

Unless you live in a hole I'm sure most of you are aware that there has been a much hyped chart war between Kanye West and 50 Cent. The battle was over who would sell the most units and at the moment Kanye West is in the lead. To be honest, I did listen to both albums and they are both nothing to write home about. But I guess the "beef" did what it was meant to do, sell more cds. I was on-line when I came across this funny video featuring Kanye West making fun of his tantrums whenever he doesn't win an award.
PS: I know there is a post that I owe people, so that one's coming soon.
PPS: When you are "courting" or "buttering up" or whatever you call it when a dude is trying to get to know a woman better with the end result being a relationship or a
semblance of eventually culminating in adult relations (wink, wink); how many women
would be too many unethically for a dude to be talking to at the same time? Just curious.....


mocha1 said...

Dang.....numero uno!!!

Haiya...sleep has lemead you again.

Let me go see that clip!!!

thrretypesofcrazy said...

and I will wait.

muthii fulani said...

i am curous many is too many? i shall steer clear of that at a time...on the interview thingie personality wins over the end of the day you are employed to be a part of the, if you do not get along with people how are you going to accomplish your tasks?..just my two cents...

gishungwa said...

interviews=marketing and sales skills.
How many is too many? i think the limit comes when you decide to get serious and date till then you can hang out with all candidates but nothing more hang out only.

xs said...

Am a scientist so while learning some statistics we were told its best to take a big sample know to get a good representation.....LOL