Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Have The Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I watched a video that showed me how much power I have. I initially thought it was a sketch for Madtv or something of the sort, but when I found out it was for real I had to put off the serious post I had lined up so as to share it.
Just in case you youtube take the video down here is another link.

While you watch this video, I will hop hop hop like a jack rabbit since I'm in predator mode and consider working some walls, the middle and hitting the bottom (and to think that her mum was trying not to share that secret!) . Anyway I'm going to let the video speak for itself!
ps: Ladies do not let the penis ejaculate on your brain! Keep up the defences!
pps: Those dudes who shagged this lady must have had some sharp game because she still seems to remember it vividly given her descriptions!


Majonzi said...

first!! how did this happen?

Majonzi said...

lol!! jack rabbit, orgasm 24/7? screwing her in2 submission, in2 slavey eh! this mathe is deep. maze, I want my power back!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha.......... lol acolyte!!!!! i want you to hit the wall of my vagina.

aegeus said...

That video is priceless. I cant get enough of it. She gives such a vivid account of sex its hilarious. As for hopping like a jack rabbit and being in predator mode, tsk tsk, i will continue to break them down....ROTFLMMAO!

egm said...


mocha said...

LOL...I knew you would blog about this clip.TIHIHIHIHI!!!

Manzee....its just hilarious.

I will say "VAGINA POWER"!!!

Penis power kitu gani?!!

Movie Buff said...

V to the A to the G I N A

that is all

Klara said...

Wow!! Ok..Am Learnin somethin..LOL!

m said...

LOOOL!!! You guy! I still don't know if she's serious or what.

How on earth do you find this stuff??

Sanaa said...

My goodness! I'm speechless, if all women had such a friend, non of you guys would ever get to tap any åss!

Isn't it funny how most women have a Vagina (not all) but we never thought about it from that point of view?

(wipping sweat off of my brow)

Yaani she only stopped once to exhale not inhale..

Sue said...

Apo umetuweza aki..
cant stop smiling.. Kwanza the way she explains it.. Ai..

Nakeel said...

Aco Belated Birthday.

About the video wacha tu.

Udi said...

That mathe talked for 9 minutes non stop and she seemed someone kamatad her with vigour and then bounced. She still cant believe she gave up the ass when she was told she has a cute smile.

Movie Buff said...

I am ALL for the jack rabbit.'

Real talk

Acolyte said...

@ majonzi
Congrats! You need to watch Vagina power!
@ anon
Ebu hit me on email! Lol!
@ aegeus
Yes those descriptions are over the top I tell you!
@ egm
That is the word for it!
@ mocha
That was a must I tell you!
@ movie buff
I know where you stand and power to you and jack rabbits!
@ klara
Good to know!
@ M
You would be surprised what rises to the surface of internet searches
@ sanaa
It is good for women to be empowered! I guess you learn something new everyday. Yes she does get carried away!
@ sue
It is my job to bring these things to the fore!
@ nakeel
@ udi
This mathee is passionate about this, but yes she was worked over I tell you! Some mamas are gullible like that!

egm said...
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egm said...

Aco, check this out. The guy has transcribed the clip you posted, and he has two more clips on there. That woman is something else! Apparently the woman next to her is her mother. Of the clips on there, the third one is the funniest, I think. Next time you are with a mama, make sure you wear a face helmet... She has shindad!

Jo said...

I am not even half way into the clip and am going...HALLELUYAH...ebu first ni comment. My vagina has gone haywire!

Jo said...

First of all...what does Jesus have to do with Vagina Power?
2.The big mama...ati she gotta be what the hell can come at her?
3.I bet the mama vybing in the clip is a closet lesbian...

phassie said...

LMAO!! Bend her like a Pretzel!

I bet she had the orgasm while making this video.. The thought that someone is hitting my walls, and ejaculating in my brains is my fantasy! The jack rabbit, I need to get me one.

I need a man like that. are one aco?

phassie said...

her mother?? WTF?? ain't that some sh**! I can not imagine telling my mum that i have sex with my husband.

we were raised differently!


u gotta have it! some brogrens are rappers ---tha CD is out. and from what i hear its ballistic! u gotta have it –mbu the records will take u to paradise. CB did the review.

Hoseah said...

Apparently this lady is here in ATL. She has a collection of these posts--just go to
Her mom is just speechless. it is amazing what people will do for money.

TeeJ said...

OMGoodness!!!! I've watched a few more takes and seems like chickdee is preaching penis power not vagina power!
Oh, and that's her mother?! Kweli the world is coming to an end :-)