Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Year Goes By......

Yes for those of you who remembered ie Gish, Mocha and company; I say thanks for remembering! Yes on Thursday, April the 17th; The Acolyte became one year older. No, I will not share how old I am turning with you. For some reason or other, birthdays have never been the greatest occasions for me, but they are good times for me to look over the past year and see what has been done, hasn't been done, shouldn't have been done and needs to be done. But by all means I am grateful for the fact that one year later, I'm here in one piece!

This week I intend to put down my goals and time lines on paper. I know most of them off head but research has shown that more people achieve their goals when they have them on paper since we all forget. Time to make sure I'm still on the right track!

In other news, I was talking to my small sis and she was telling me that if she was ever going to marry a Kenyan man she would go back home to do so, as all the ones here in the States are "rotten". On telling her friends in Kenya that they told her that she shouldn't have high hopes as most of the men in Kenya are "rotten" too, seeing as I am not in the motherland, I can attest to her opinion of Kenyan men out here but now those of you back home please defend yourself. If mamas back home are swearing you off then there must be a big problem somewhere. State your case gents!

You know one thing I miss about Kenya? The fact that 99% of the food was organic and cheap (before the whole elections chaos and current economics issues) to boot. Here what's cheap is processed food, organic food which I try to buy costs an arm and a leg, I can only imagine what it costs people who have children. I joined a co-op this weekend to help save money on that, I guess you don't realize what you got till it's gone.

I'm planning another picture post soon but in the meanwhile let me share these pictures from the Photoshop Disasters blog.

Look Ma, no feet!

No comment.....

I guess his sword levitates or something?

I always knew there was something wrong about that girl!

Now the picture below isn't a blooper but just plain disturbing. The State of Montana decided to run PSAs (Public Service Announcements) about the dangers of smoking meth. Take a look!

Anyway have a nice meth free day!


31337 said...

talk about shock! that ad. damn!

Nakeel said...

Jees that ad is disturbing. So you have added another ndevu? I hear that shows you have grown old.
Waiting for the pics.

bOMSEH said...

Ati Kenyan men are rotten? I hope ur sister doesn't go with the myth (or maybe truth) of one rotten potato spoiing the whole bag. I think that the rotten ones are loud and conspicuous while the good men need to be found. Ladies, we still have good kenyan men everywhere!

@Nakeel - Methinks ndevu doesn't indicate age. All my younger cousins have full beards.

Half n Half said...

sigh, where do the years go?
Yikes on that advert!
men are just men and women should just be women! its all this womens lib thing if women just stayed home and became docile, non demanding women then life life would flow freely as God intended!(ducking stones!)

Mwangi said...

Happy birthday to you bro.

No wonder Beyonce can balance on such thick heels while still singing...she has three hands to balance herself.....kumbe!

As for the meth ad.....creepy, you know what lack of hygiene is when you meet a druggie.

In general, regardless of where you go, I think most people are not worth marrying because they don't bother reflecting on anything other than their own thing and don't take time to think about how to be attractive and treat another person well. My 0.02 on it.

Have a great week

Lola Gets said...

Thanks for showing us what AINT the going rate for prostitution! Yeah, I needed to know that...not!


Msanii_XL said...

Happy belated..my dude.

Whole foods man, i'm never going to that store again...smh at organic food being a luxury..smh

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Happy B-day babie.

I hate processed food, its the reason that so many Americans have extreme weight and health peoblems.

I actually like the Meth ad. The ad puts the truth about meth right out on front street.

Acolyte, you left a comment on my blog about the NAACP only helping Ameican born blacks, do you care to give more info on that.

candybox said...

Rotten men/ women or not i guess one can only talk of those they know. There's still the undiscovered ones to be found.

@HnH Best be ducking i'm hurling.

seinlife said...

congratulation acolyte on your one year mark! and bravo for joining a co-op, real food is the way!

On the ad, as crude as it might seem, i suppose it is all about driving the message home..right?
The edgier the better...

Kenyan men, regardless of where they live, are fantastic! Anyone who says different is off their rocker.....

Mwangi said...

@seinlife: Kiboko yao!

gishungwa said...

IN every group of men there are "rotten" men and the good ones. the major task is in finding the good ones out of the rotten bunch. I know a few good ones and for the record some mamas are rotten too.