Thursday, April 24, 2008

Terrific Thursday

No there is nothing terrific about the day so far but I'm being optimistic.

First things first, I see mass hysteria has checked into the Congo; making away with people's manhood is all the rage now. What's silly is the fact that people are being told to watch out for people wearing gold rings, I remember when I was Kenya most of the Congolese men I came across were very metrosexual and used to wear loads of jewellery; so I guess most of the nation is suspect. Anyway I'm sure it's going to die down as soon as people find something else to keep them occupied.

I came across this article about older British women going to third world countries to get their groove on. All well and good but there are those who actually lose the script, fall for the young dudes' lies and end up losing most of their money to them; only to find out they aren't the only ones being played.
On the other hand there is this interesting video about sex tourism in Thailand, how British men go to Thailand, mostly for the sex but some of them also end up staying there with girls in "sugar dady" kind of arrangements and a few of them even marry the girls. One dude in the video was depressed about how his "girlfriend" started rolling with another dude when his money from UK took a bit longer than usual to come through.
So at the end of the day, when you read the stories and watch the video; who's really being played? Yes sex tourism is a cruel trade esp when children are involved but in these cases I do think that at times the Brit folk end up losing. And come to think of it, why is it in places where feminism seems to thrive both parties seem to be dissatisfied and unhappy with relationships in general? I do agree that traditional systems often had women at a disadvantage but now why is it the more feminism spreads the more unhappy women in relationships seem, this was the great emancipation that came wasn't it? Anyway I'm sure someone out there can school me about that.

I may have mentioned this, but I came across this magazine and this one too. It's good that someone is trying to reach out to the African diaspora out here, my only issue with wakilisha magazine is the cost. $5 an issue is too much, I have subscriptions that come out to $1-2 per issue; but I also understand that with a smaller circulation each issue becomes more expensive. What I am also concerned about is the fact that these two magazines seem to focus on women who are on the upper class here in the diaspora and that is a very small percentage of the women out here.

On another serious note we have this global food shortage going on. Half of this I blame on globalization, let's look at Haiti which used to grow it's own rice until it was "forced" in the name of globalization to take in imports of US rice that had been subsidised by the government, obviously the local farmers couldn't compete with the lower prices and had to stop growing rice and import. But now when they country you import from for some reason or other isn't exporting that much rice and keeping it for their own people you are stuck up the creek without a paddle as they say here. I know of course I'm oversimplifying things but that is the problem with the chain of globalization, when something goes wrong at one link it has ramifications for everyone in the chain. Let's look at Kenya, yes we do not have as much arable land as we should, thanks to deforestation, urbanisation and poor climate in some areas of the country; but I am sure that Kenya can still provide a whole lot more food for the people than it is doing at the moment and not have to rely on imports. Plus we also do know that reducing the taxes on fertiliser, cess fees and other levies on local farmers would encourage the sector to grow. Yes, I do know that it isn't that simple but every small step in the right direction is better than standing still waiting for AID from the West; they have their own problems to worry about. I find it funny though how the 2 touted virtues of capitalism and globalizations are now creating more problems than solutions.

Anyway time for me to get off my soap box and back to work, have a nice day people!


Mwangi said...

I think in terms of Haiti and the food trade the best places to go to see the roles that globalization has played in it are the movie "Life and Debt" - I think you can stream it on Google-and also have a look at the WTO talks and the reasons they keep collapsing.
Its interesting how sometimes as human beings we get caught up in a tool or an idea - such as feminism, capitalism, socialism etc etc-and sometime forget that when it's all said and down we don't really care about the tool, the only things we want are to be happy, healthy and live in peace and the way to get there doesn't matter as much as the destination.
I am feeling philosophical today.....
Have a gr8 week, expect your article up this week.

Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head, personally i hate feminism and i always cringe at the way its slowly eating its way into africa and deludign our women.i mean, there's nothing wrong with women being independent and stuff but not in some ways.

coldtusker said...

Capitalism will be fine. Look at the concept of "creative destruction" by Josef Schumpeter.

Globalization is good. Its the subsidies that are WRONG. The US (or any other country or entity) should stop subsidizing their farmers. This will allow 'local' farmers to be competitive.

Furthermore, 3rd world countries need to go back to their 'own' crops like sorghum, millet, cassava, etc.

It is a complex topic but we need to remove inefficiencies from the logistics where food rots on the farms because of poor roads!

ragskanyi said...

You really are a thinker. Keep up the good work.

Acolyte said...

@ mwangi
Oh yes that is a movie I have to see and Haiti is indeed a prime example. I do think that we do get caught up in certain concepts much to our own detriment.
@ neema divine
Well since it is a Western concept we Africans lap it up as fast as possible without even thinking of the possible damage.
@ coldtusker
Capitalism may be key word may be fine but globalization has put us in a big hole, when the States has problems they trickle down to everyone else as we can see via the sub prime crisis that even hit Europe.
But yes we do need to clean our own act up too!
@ ragskanyi