Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Touched By The Finger......

Well unless you aren't Kenyan or live under a rock somewhere, you may be aware of the fire that is raging on the internets and on people's lips about. I'll save myself some keystrokes and post a video from K24 down here about the whole Esther Arunga and the Finger of God church. The story is on its own level, it could be made into a movie! You have the powers of good and evil, human sacrifice, human traffickers, a cult, accusations of brainwashing and other things. I'll let you watch the video to get the back story then I'll give my opinion.

So now we are all caught up on the gist of what went down. The plot only thickened when Esther Arunga decided to give a no holds barred interview with former CNN reporter Jeff Koinange. If you havent watched the series, I have linked to part 1 below.

Now come my series of hard questions and thoughts regarding this whole issue.

1. KTN Resignation - Maybe I missed it, but Esther didn't give a good reason why she left her job at KTN. I have known of people who have left promising jobs and careers in the name of the "ministry" only for many of these ministries to crash and burn and for them to be left with destroyed careers, burnt bridges and whole years of their lives wasted. I know a lawyer who did this and nowadays he is one of the most cynical and bitter people you can come across. If you read the Bible you will note many examples of God working through people in whatever professions they are in. Yes I agree that you can get the call to go into ministry but not everyone gets that call or is cut out for it.

2. Benny Hinn Spiritual Father - So in the news conference Joseph Hellon went ahead and claimed that Benny Hinn was his spiritual father and had been sending him tapes and sermon. There is only one spiritual father someone should have, God; nobody else! Other accounts had him saying that when he preaches it is Benny Hinn speaking, I have a name for that term; it's called channeling which in itself is not the most christian practices by any means. Then of course comes to most glaring thing, it seems all the "prophecies" he was getting were via e-mail which proved to be fake when Benny Hinn's ministries disowned him. So my question is, you call someone your spiritual father and have never spoken to him on phone or met him in the 7 years your relationship has existed?! That's either blind faith or stupidity? Why do I think that Quincy or someone else set up bennyhinn@hotmail.com and was emailing Hellon alongside ordering tapes and materials for him online?

3. Freemason this, Freemason that - Well as we saw via the K-24 interview Esther claims that Freemasons are out for her neck. It seems she is in possession of some hot information. She claims her ex-fiancee is one of them and a human traffiker to boot. Well my question is would a member of a secretive and illicit organisation leave information in the open for anyone to discover so easily? Also after a failed attempt on your life would a member from that organisation contact you and tell you they were trying to eliminate you? I'm not saying that Freemasons don't exist and they dont have gray area regarding what they do but on the other hand they won't make unearthing things about them very easy, after all they are several hundred years old. At the end of the day it just seems that Esther and co are just rustling the wrong feathers.

4. Cry for Help? - Is it me or did Esther several times during the interview on K24 seem to be hinting to Jeff to get her a job with the tv station? She recently quit your job with one tv station, I think the only reason she would be dropping such hints is somehow she now realizes the gravity of the decision she made by leaving her old job. Sadly I doubt she had anyone round her to sound off that decision with and ended up jumping before looking. Plus did anyone notice how riddled with contradictions her story is, did she leave her ex-fiancee because he was trying to get other women in church, or because he was a freemason. Also why would he want to "sacrifice" her if they were to get married? The sad thing though is that when someone is in a questionable church, it's like dealing with a drug addict, unless they can admit they have a problem they wont accept any help at all.

5. President Hellon? - If the announcement of a Presidential bid isn't a joke, then I don't know what is. From the Bible that I read, I dont know if Hellon reads the same one; but mine has a verse that says God is a God of order. I'm sorry but you aren't going to come in as a dark horse and run off with the Presidential election, I think he needs to aim low like counselor or something like that and then work his way up.

Okay all those organised questions aside, why the hell don't people read their bibles?! We wouldn't have half of these cult problems if people read their bibles, you would be shocked at how many people that call themselves Christians that don't read their bibles, I once quoted a verse from one of the smaller books in the bible, I think it was Habakkuk and this chic wanted to argue with me about not only the verse but the very existence of the book of Habakkuk. You should have seen the expression on her face when I showed her the book and the verse. Im not a Bible guru by any means but if you are a Christian then its your responsibility to strive to know the book backwards so that some schyster wont be in your face telling you how its God's will for you to give him all that you own and let him have sex with your wife.

While I'm putting people on blast, what is this hullabaloo about the fact that people in Hellon's church drink wine? There is nothing in the bible about not drinking, it's being drunk that's the problem. But what do holy rollers do? They rail against all alcohol, well if we are going to go against alcohol since it can make you get drunk, I suggest no eating. Why? Eating can lead to gluttony. I propose the same for sex too, no sex for Christians since it can lead to lust. It's this lack of control that lead to wonderful songs like the one below, that help you keep your Christian life on the straight and narrow.

With all that being said, do I approve of the arrest of Joseph Hellon and Esther Arunga? If it's for breaking the law ie being members of an unlawful society (as they were charged), all well and good; but if its for talking too much and shaking the wrong bushes? Not at all because funny enough people stop talking if you dont draw attention to what they are saying. Anyway I do plan to keep my eyes and ears open for other developments. Also to my Christian brethren, I've got love for most of you; just that some of you drive me up the wall!


propaganda said...

Food for thought: When the religion we call Christianity was initially formed, it had all the hallmarks of a cult. The 12 apostles were preaching 'cannibalism' (drinking blood of a crucified guy) and telling people the world was going to end. They quit working, sold their property, abandoned their families and caused a lot of drama going around claiming to perform miracles. The government of the day -- the Romans -- considered them dangerous and sent guys like Saul of Tarsus to crush what they saw as a dangerous Judaism cult/sect.

The history of the first 400 years of Christianity (before the Nicaea meeting when the Bible was edited to reduce the embarrassing contradictions) can tell you everything you need to know about the manufacture of faith to control people. Pity most people don't bother to look into it, even though much of it is included in the foreword to most Bibles.

Religions are just man-made ideas. If they are popular enough or appeal to enough beople, they become established. If not, they are called cults/sects.

propaganda said...

So how did Christianity become established? Saul hijacked it.

Have you noticed that more than three-quarters of the New Testament is written by Saul/Paul? And that the 12 original apostles only contributed the four gospels and (perhaps) Revelations?

The religion we have today is very different from that the apostles were preaching when Saul was "persecuting" them. (Read the Apocrypha to learn how different.)

Paul/Saul made the cult of Jesus more popular by, among other things:

-- expanding possible membership to include non-Jews. He was the first non-Jew baptised.
-- switching the message from the end of the world/saving of the few to spreading the good news.
-- teaching ideas about love for all mankind that resonate universally.

The ideas he created were so good, they were later stolen by a guy I will not mention to create a new established religion -- returning many of the unpopular control ideas tried out by Moses, the first manufacturer of theism.

Watching people fight over these bankrupt ideas, I despair. Why must we do unto others as we would for ourselves only on the pain of punishment or promise of reward?

PS: Since some of you may be wondering, I'm an agnostic.

propaganda said...

Q: What religion first taught about a man called the son of God who was born of a virgin, had disciples, was crucified, rose from the dead on the third day, atoned for the sins of mankind and returned to heaven?

A: Mithraism, popular with the Roman military. No wonder having the same ideas helped make Christianity popular.

If it were not for Paul, a Roman who opened Christianity to non-Jews, and Roman Emperor Constantine, who forced the West to adopt it as the official religion, the cult of Jesus might have gone the way of the Finger of God!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all enjoyed celebrating Mithra's birthday (December 25).

bomseh said...

I am also as agnostic as they come. I read books on every religion and enjoy comparing. By taking the two biggest ones, you can understand why muslims are stronger and more unified than the xtians. The only reason is that they take religion seriously and read their book deep and wide. Xtians on the other hand mostly depend on the rare Sunday reading which is often biased. People need to read deeper to understand more why they believe in whatever. @propaganda, I'd like permission to reproduce ur comments on my Facebook wall to encourage my friends to read deeper and find the truth.

Anonymous said...

Lol@ 'I landed onto the Finger of God' Oh Esther dear, you really need to re-think this statement. It is most blasphemous.

Jeff Koinange is sounding zestier than ever I see.

This is the most blatant push for Christianity that I have ever seen. Mix a pretty, girl next door wholesome Kenyan girl with a hefty dose of conspiracy theory and you have a winning combination.

She is nothing but a puppet pushing a sinister agenda; It is true, there are certain degree with the highest being are oath bound never to reveal degrees (the degrees are an attempt by White folks to obtain the 360 degrees of knowledge possessed by black people). Low ranking Freemasons get the standard 'we are harmless and welcome all religions crap' the intermediate and advanced are oath bound never to reveal anything, so whatever she thinks she knows is BS. Lastly, if she posed a serious threat, she would not be alive today. It is as simple as that.

The fact is all religions are controlled by a small minority of elites and that is a fact. Until Africans detox from the Bible and Jesus (who by the way is really an African diety called Eshu/Mami Wata), then they will never prosper. They are under a form of mental bondage and slavery. Nigerians are slowly coming round to this fact and going back to their African Tradition religions, which involves Ancestral veneration (not worship).

As a matter of fact, I find it quite symbolic that she is called Esther. Esther comes from the word Ishtar who is a Sumerian goddess, also known as the high ranking demon Lilith (plus does anyone remember that Madonna changed her name to Esther too?). Demons by the way are a whole other fascinating chapter, but in essence, Black people are the biblical demons. Yes, I said it!

To be fair on Esther, what she does say about human trafficking has a ring of truth in it. Especially when she talks about prostitutes disappearing. Prostitutes and street children are the most common targets, for two reasons namely; they are considered subhuman and secondly, no one will notice or care when they disappear. They are mostly used as sex slaves (the children)and the prostitutes are used in gruesome rituals).

Dangerouslyshy was here!

Acolyte - were you banned from Yahoo or something? I never see you online!!!

Anonymous said...

Bomseh, I commend your brave attempt to get people to re-examine their belief system, but I can tell you now for free that it is more or less impossible to do so. People do not like being taken out of their comfort zone. I mean think about it; what is an African woman without Jesus?, additionally, nature abhors a vacuum so if do succeed in persuading someone that Xtianity (bet you anything, no Christian can tell you what the X means) then you must have an alternative to hand.

Good luck though.


propaganda said...

@bomseh: Quote away to your heart's content, but don't expect to change any minds.

The debate over whether religion does more harm than good has been raging for centuries. (Friedrich Nietzsche may have thought it had been won when he declared "God is dead"). But most people really like the idea of a Supreme Being and will continue to believe (absent of any evidence) in God, Allah, Shiva or whatever.

As churches get greedier and weirder, however, they may be less likely to accept organised religion without question. Africa, Asia and Latin America are the only places where Christianity is still growing. As German missionaries Johannes Rebmann and Johann Kraph said when they landed in Rabai a century ago, that is because we were still uncorrupted by rational thinking. I hope the madness of cults and sects opens some eyes. Even Pope Benedict has expressed concern over Africa's religious overzealousness.

propaganda said...

Pope's man says Africans are naturally religious and thus prone to being led into weird sects.

propaganda said...

British study confirms that it takes brains to be an atheist. Religion serves one key evolutionary purpose -- to make people paranoid. "It helps life to be paranoid, and because humans are paranoid, they become more religious, and they see the hands of God everywhere... Historically, anything that's new and different can be seen as a threat in terms of the religious beliefs; almost all religious systems are about permanence."

Prousette said...

I really have nothing intelligent to say about the Arunga-Hellon saga apart from staring in wonder at how such a sweet smart girl could do something like that.
A book it would do many people to read -The God Delusion - By Richard Dawkins. Food for thought even if you do not agree with the write.

Cee said...

Hahahaha.....Arunga issue, finally nimepata mtu ako na summary of it all. As for that K24 series only watched to half of part 2, when I tried all the links she was giving and none was working I gave up.

I got nothing against GOD it's his fan club that's nuts.....

dating said...

Oh very sensitive - but a good reading here.

Acolyte said...

@ dating
Thanks for passing through!