Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guess Who's Back????

Damn it's been a while since I've been here! But ya'll know often blogging is like Hotel can check out, but you can never leave. That and the fact that I've been called out my absence!

So the WC is over, life back to normal till of course EPL and the other leagues get started. My main gripe with most American sports is that the game never flows, there is always a time out, end of quarter or a commercial break waiting in the wings to break up the flow. Anyway as this whole LeBron saga has shown, it's all about the $$$.

Onto other things, what in the world happened to the Joseph Hellon dude and Esther Arunga? Weren't they supposed to be on Larry King or something of the sort? I must say I miss the sheer entertainment that they had given us, over the months.

Also seems that there is a shifty online university from California going around "selling" honorary doctorate degrees to African leaders and politicians. To think I wasted my time going to classes and actually getting a job, I should have just started my own online college and flown from country to country selling degrees. I might just do that and call my university, Universal College; oh wait, that name's taken right?

Does anyone know what happened to That was one of the most interesting Kenyan showbiz gossip blogs I had come across in a long time. If you know of any that are just as good and just dont kiss stars asses then by all means do share!

One of my chic pals is getting married so I have been drafted into a wedding committee. Yes, Acolyte himself is on a wedding committee, talk about irony! Well since my pal is somewhat scandalous her committee is like 95% men, that may change when the stragglers join us but I somewhat doubt it. I know some women find their fellow gender hard to get along with but when 90% of your pals are dudes, I think you can only blame other women so far.

Anyway time for me to get back on the grind......


yellasoul said...

yo pal needs females on her committee cos men don't croone over details that involve colors,fashion,flowers,food etc...she kud do wat my boss did and send an email to employees he commands to should have seen us cowering,pledging our loyalty and bored out of our

lost girl said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey, media madness moved to

Archer said...

Welcome back bro! Hellarunga...sigh. They went broke, got kicked out of their Runda digz and moved to Kitisuru where apparently they were booted too, so they're camping at Aaron Rimbui's house. They've generally slipped into oblivion since Kenyans got tired of their crazy charade.

INTS closed down "for upgrading" and said they'd be back in July, still waiting for that to happen.

Yes, the new Premiership season is about to begin. Are you going to give me the usual "This season! This season is ours! YOu wait and see!" nonsense that you tell me every year about this time? LOL!

Good to have you back.

acolyte said...

@ yellasoul
Lmao @ your boss, that there is the full abuse of power and then some!
@ anon
Thanks, I visit that blog on the regular but I also miss
@ Archer
Damn that saga of Hellen Arunga depresses me, she shattered the hearts of millions lol.

I might as well say it..."This is our season! Just you wait!"

gishungwa said...

Wedding committees bah! When i get married its a nyama choma plan and a few beers all this flowers, dresses, relas from upcountry, njahis et al is too much work. Anywho enjoy am sure they will step up when its your turn

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
Thats the way, keep things simple!Well funny enough the last meeting had a poor turnout, thats what happens when you have a committee made up of people you only party with....