Friday, July 23, 2004

At work again!

Today our supervisor I'll refer to him as super later on to make things easier, had a meeting with us the design crew this morning.He told us alot of the importance of doing our utmost to complete this project on time ( not like people are not working their asses off! ) but with the changes these people come up with!I mean it has taken 8 months to do one site and there are like 40 something to go so when will we ever be through?Especially since these people insist in always having a hand in it instead of letting the designers finish and them coming in at the end.And he says the budget is shot I wonder which heads will roll.I think the writers will go first before they come to my department.
Anyway I am planning on going to grad school soon enough like in Januaury so I need only 3 more months here.I also need some time of my own as this job has virtually killed any personal life I had whatsoever.Tommorrow no way I am coming to work.

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