Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Still at work!

In an effort to look useful and boost my job security I volunteered to work overtime today.My company is a member of one of those image bank sites.You know where you download images for your own use at a certain fee for a certain amount of time.
Anyway our current membership expires tommorow so I volunteered to stay and take maximum advantage of our remaining time.Anyway after the earlier issues this week I really don't talk much in the office I just put my nose to the grind stone.My proposed transfer is still on hold but when it does come through I'll be doing something I enjoy instead of pretending to work.Anyway enough about this fuckin' job.
I was reading about a vippasana retreat and it sounded really cool visit www.dhamma.org to know all that they are about.Anyhow it is a ten day residential retreat where what you do most of the time is meditate.Both individually and as a group.There are also one or two discussions a day on meditation and vipassana.But you are not allowed to talk to or come in contact with the other students,no exercise,no prayer/worship of any sort,no writing material,no jewellery,no electronics,no contact with the outside world barring emergencies,no music,no dancing,no sex,no books.And this is meant to last 10 days.A veritable depravation chamber if you ask me.Oh and no comfy beds;mats only and a wake up time of 4 a.m.
All this for 10 days man if you do survive it you can survive anything.I am considering going for one of them but not this time round due to the current officce situation and the fact that I have not earned the right to go on leave.In addition this is a christian organisation I work for so if I told them I was going on a retreat based on Eastern philosophy I doubt they would even require my services any longer.Speaking of which have you noticed that worlwide it's usually people who call themselves christians who are the least tolerant?I guess that's what happens when you were once a minority and become a majority.Anyway let's see if I am still on form to lucid dream tonight.

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