Monday, July 19, 2004

Some rest.

Had a relaxed weekend.I am trying to get into regular meditation, it will help me centre myself and get rid of some of my bad habits.
Went shopping in the afternoon.I bought myself a book on learning tarot.Found out how much I have to learn it will be a month or teo before i understand the cards enough to read for myself even.But I have found out I have a fairly strong third eye so that should help me, like I was looking for some tarot cards to buy later on when I have the cash and I didn't get anything from all the packs but one.I knew they were the ones.
I bought some incense to help me neditate but I have realised it is not strong enough to create the atmosphere that I want when I meditate.Also have an amethyst crystal I used it to meditate last night they really create a difference but I am yet to establish a bond with it.When I do I will be able to tap into it fully.

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