Tuesday, January 18, 2005

And We Wonder.....

You know it is really interesting living in a 3rd world country.Here in Kenya many small business men run service oriented businesses as they usually do not need a large investment and do bring in alot of cash.But if you are not in the know the economy here has neen on a go slow for quite sometime.Anyway 24 years of plunder will do that to you.Where am I going here well at the moment I am searching for a new job before i leave for grad school in either May or August more on that later.So I type out my papers and stuff and to save cash i print out only one copy of my resume so that I can photocopy it 3 times.So i go in search of a good photocopy bureau well what I got in the name of photocopies were so crappy that I just could not use them and none of the places I weent to were apologetic about the poor standards of their work.Well then I decide if it must be then I will just pop into the nearest cyber cafe and print out the stuff from my flashdisk.The first cybver I pop into I tell them that I want to print stuff out and they're fine with that so i sit down and print my stuff.Hmmmmmm... I snd to print and bam!page one only has 50% of the material and it's in gray.Guess what the idiot tells me,"Why don't u change the color of the text to gray?"I almost told him to screw himself.Cyber number 2 I walk in and ask them if their printer is working and the skank at the counter says yes.So I sit down and access my flash-disk but guess what the computer does not have Microsoft Word so she says,"Let me install Word."So I sit down and chill for like 30 mins and she installs it and ooooooh wait for it the print out is illegible!!!!!!Last but not lease cyber number 3.No ink in the damn printer!You work in one of the most cut-throat businesses in the country and small things like this count.Anyway let's kill that vibe if I go on like this I will never stop.

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