Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's So Hard

Like many Kenyans I am a staunch follower of the U.K premiership and my team of choice is Liverpool and as a consequence I do end up being a part of a minority.this si because Kenyans love to support winning teams.So right now the flavour of the season here is Arsenal,Chelsea and Manchester United.
Liverpool on the other hand have not regained there glory of the 80's and early 90's.But I still remain loyal.But when like yesterday evening your team is soundly beaten 2 - nil by a relegation bound team ( Southampton ) you have to question your loyalyies.But what I am going to do now is just go on a liverpool hiatus until they sart winning so that means no soccer for me for a while.Oh and for those of you who hav eno idea what is happening in the soccer world here is a good site for you soccernet for all you soccer challenged folk.

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ibis said...

dude, you are not the only liverpool fan, i am and long suffering one at that. and we lost again yesterday!