Friday, May 06, 2005

Keep your woman in check

Madam President's early Monday morning raid on the Nation made me ashamed to be a Kenyan and worse yet a man at that.When his wife was running amok at the early hours of morning where the hell was he and what was he doing about it?The answer is probably sound asleep and nothing at all.That punk is one of the most pussy whipped bastards I have ever run across and I have ran across some in my time.Here are some anecedotes of what happens in his house....
In his golfing days it was not unknown for Emilio to be dragged of the course by Lucy it did not matter if he had teed off and how long he had played.The punk would just follow like a timid sheep.but after seeing his swing when he was reopening the newly renovated Muthaiga course I think she did golfers a favour.
There was a time when Michuki had a bash for Emilio at his club (Windsor),alcohol was flowing freely and Lucy who is known to partake freely without limit was under the she decides that it is time that they went home,Emilio tells her to chill out as the goat that was being roasted was not ready yet.she turns to him and his cronies and tells them, "you want the goat?"Then she proceeded to the grill picked up the hot goat and dumped it all over the gathering and told them that it Emilio that they were leaving.And of course head bowed down he followed.
That's just some of the stories I could tell more.
So now we know where all this man's indicisiveness comes from.If he can't control his own home no wonder he can't control his own parliament.You can't be a king of a nation if you can't be the king of your own home.It may sound chauvinstic but it's the truth.Oh by the way no way in hell will I ever hook up with one of those kuyo women from Nyeri for the sake of my health and my ego.

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