Sunday, July 31, 2005


Went to a couple of clubs this weekend.On Friday we did the Sutra lounge and 1150 in midtown ATL.It was a big change from our usual nai joints in that before we left digs I had happily put on my jeans and a t-shirt as i used to do in nai and i was told "no way boy".Things just do not work like that here in most clubs so i had to put on a shirt,trousers and leather shoes as in smart casula wear.
The music in the joints was not bad at all apart from the fact that unless i go to a Kenyans bash there is no local sounds i will be hearing for sometime.And the price of pints....damn!That and the fact that anyone in nai right now will tell you of the bar culture that is their so I am a bar person at heart.Give me my beer,sounds,discussion,babes and I'm a happy man.
The next day went to a Kenyan bash being hosted by some jungu.It was really fun and since he was an instrument buff he insisted that we jam on his drums and stuff which was fun esp when i discovered that i had a touch on the bongo drums.Apart from Kenyans there were also some asian chics ( tried to break in but no luck those gals keep to themselves and their kind ), A pointie chic half black s.african and Danish, a gal from haiti ( really fly ), an american gal and like 4 Kenyan chics and 3 Kenyan jamaas.So the pint was flowing and it was good to get someone i could talk sheng too ( one of the gals ).Unfortunately the ppl I was with were club ppl so we had to go so we ended up at some akataa ( black clubs ).The club was pretty good but what made my day is that their was this akataa chic who was high and out to cause drama and kick ass but she took a likeing to one of the gals we were with and kept calling her cuz like they knew each other forever.Also what i found interesting was the amount of mileage ppl do in the states I mean the bash we went for was like a 50 min drive away and the way the roads here are smooth that was quite some distance.Well I am enjoying my short holiday before the hard knock of school starts.

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