Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Then again

For some strange reason here I am always hungry well at least 90% of the time.I was never like this back home.But i guess it is coz the food here is less filling and seeing as i cant fly back home for meals and be back in time for class esp since the concorde was scrapped.That and the fact that I have low level insomnia which is improving though I managed to get 7 hours last night.But i think that is not really a bad thing coz if i have to start jobo and stuff it will help me toboa.
I was watching the news here, I really miss Kenyan news esp the clips of criminals being busted where you see the commish handling the weapons shamelessly.With the usual soundbite, "my mboys received a tip ambout these criminals and laind an ambush.They saw my mboys and opened fire, My mboys returned fire and killed them."
After which zoom into the money shot.Guy on the ground in a pool of blood with one shoe off.
That's how things should be not that press conference crap we have here.


Shiro said...

Pole, may be you are suffering from something known as homesick.

M said...

It'll be a hell of a time before there's a CSI : Nairobi

fundi mangungu said...

well.eating breakfast really helps.started that 3 wks back and i feel awesome everyday inspite of sucky job.press conference poicing wdnt work in kenya.thugs here like action.the real thing. thats jus how our current culture relates.n everyone kinda operates on that level.guys of deni.besides appealing for ur money back.helps to unleash cops oin them as well.offending persons usually coperate