Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just found this

I was looking at one of the many Kenyan forums online.And I have one question for the people out there.We all know that if you go to stato and you do not finish masomos you will fall out of status and have to play hide and seek with the INS.But if you do finish masomos and preferably in an area that jungus there are not gnashing?Do you stand a good chance of getting jobo and makaratasi ama will you have to opt for route B and hook up with one of these jungu mamas or come back and build out wonderful nation Kenya.
I came across this thread online, made for interesting reading to some point before people began talking smack as is the norm on Kenyan forums.
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Anonymous said...

It takes putting in all your effort, avoiding other people who are out of status (negative talk and bad advice) and avoiding forums like the one you have linked to :-) - to make it, you don’t have to opt for plan B. If the going gets rough, every school has an international department that you can negotiate with to give you some sort of time off/ internship (limited time), even if you are an undergraduate student, to work and put your finances back together then go back to school. Apart from choosing your courses wisely, a student with a very high GPA will never kosa a company to sponsor her/him for makaratasi, such graduates get sponsored very quickly.