Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kenyan Shopping List

Now that I am on the verge of leaving Kenya like next week that is I am just looking at the usual things people want in Stato.
1.Tea bags
4.Unga for chaps
5.Unga for ugali

Cant really think of anything else, why dont you all remind me.Anyway I am thinking of going to tao today but there is a threat of street protests aboout the way the parliament is handling the constitution or should I say running battles as oppossed to protests.I guess the GSU will be happy to dust off their clubs for duty and get ready to toss some conc tear gas in the streets.Anyone who owns a shop near parliament should close it today.I think i will keep an eye on the news before making a move.


Adrian said...

how about some mangoes?!
and maybe those small bananas - ndizi ya kiskari?

enjoy the remaining days of your stay?

Poi said...

@Adrian aiii, thts the best ad..lols

Anywayz, to add to your list
-chilli cubes
-curry powder
-pilau masala
Yep! those plus u gotta share for the knowledge given..hahhaaa, jus kidding.

Poleni for the riots, ope everyone remains safe and again safari njema.

bankelele said...


I think you can't take fresh fruit/produce to the State