Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Post no. 101!

In addition to my blog being one year old this is my 101st post.Interesting coincidence huh?Anyway yesterdays riots werent as bad as I thought they would be but the protestors say they are saving the best for today.But on the other hand that will also mean that the cops and gsu will be better prepared for trouble.But there was a super traffic jam in the evening as some of the roads had been closed and this ripple effect is passed to other roads.I am sure many of you current and ex-nairobians have experienced this as the President's motorcade comes into town.
Also thanks for the shopping tips being posted in response to my last post.With the large amount of spices/food flavouring it makes me think that the food there tastes really bland.But it cant be as bad as British food when I was there some years back those ppl had the worst sausages I have ever tasted even smokies taste better then their best sausages.
Other then that getting hold of a ticket is hell right now.I wanted to leave with Emirates as they are the cheapest and give the best luggage allowance but to no avail no tickets but I luckily managed to get a ticket with KLM but the cost AIIIIIII!Only advantage is that there is one stopover as oppossed to me sleeping in like 3 airports.

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Msanii_XL said...

Brito's sausages are better than what is here...and your right the food is kinda bland..anyway travel safely..