Monday, July 18, 2005

Racism and stuff

Before the slayings in Northern Kenya last week there was some trouble brewing between Kenyans and the American embassy.People were accusing them of being overly strict in the issuance of visas to wanainchi and looking for any trivial reason to do so.
Some chic said the way she had been frozen 3 times even though she had a steady job, cash and was just going to visit.Someone else said that they treat us like slaves; needless to say that one hit a raw nerve and they had to even write a puff piece in the press.
On the plus side some of the other consulars as a result became less strict but only for now.
Anyway my local blogging is almost at an end.I should be in Atlanta, Georgia around 1st August so you will have a 2 country blog.Any tips from any of you in the States now?


Poi said...

It was soo sad seeing all those slayings in Kenya. We need mercy from above.

Enwayz, am happy for you. Nice you got a visa. ATL is cool that's for sure.

All the best and safari njema as you travel.

Msanii_XL said...

Keep you expectations to a ain't all what its cracked to be.