Friday, December 30, 2005

Pimp my video!

I have had lottsa free time over the holidays and I have spent a large chunk of it watching TV and movies but the bulk of my viewing has been music videos.As I was mucking about on the net I discovered some videos from back home and realised we are on a level of our own, and there is so much we can teach the big shots out here about making music videos.Anyway let the lessons begin!

Why spend lots of cash leasing a lexus for the perfunctory "chilling with my boy" shot?When you can make due with what you have at the local park.

Why fly your dancers down to the Coast for a shot when you can digitally impose the background

You may not be able to afford to buy or rent bling but a faux gold shirt can give out the impression of being in the money too!

The budget for your video can also be a good prop!


Who needs b-boys and classically trained dancers?Who needs matching clothing?As long as the look like they are in rythymn

Why concot a complex story line?Nothing says it better then a vocal admission and some cash to back it up!

Instead of shots of people buying their ladies expensive gifts have a shot of a couple enjoying a sweet moment that costs hips have won!

Why hire an expensive venue when you can use your derelict area near you for free?

Instead of a shot of people catching strokes put in a shot that is very ambigous.This shot could be saying anything from "I have an ache here" to "When we are at home start licking here and work your way down"

Always add some culture to your video like balldancing here

I firmly believe that our video directors can teach those clowns who do the videos that come on VH1,BET and MTV a thing or two and save billions of dollars while bringing something new to the table!This post is dedicated to Mutumia, the patron saint of shags modos and Nick who is one of the dudes in the "car"!
Next:Lessons from genge and kapuka videos!


nick said...

Ati now ur hating on a that...u damn well know that's me and mutumia in the grass catchin post-mutura bliss, where the dessert is talkin of our future as we watch the eagles(pronounced egos) fly by

-don't get me started on kenyan video's!!!

Tee J said...

LOL at this one:

"This shot could be saying anything from "I have an ache here" to "When we are at home start licking here and work your way down"

Have you seen the Kajairo one "I need a girl" where he has a pan tied to his neck on a string ati that's his bling. I'll send you the link...too funny.

Acolyte said...

@ Nick
Enjoy it while it lasts before she runs off with the next mutongoria!
@ Tee J
Eagerly awaiting the link!

Farmgal said...

aco I saw this the other day...'hirarious"

Acolyte said...

@ Farmgal
I am just waiting too see which ones patron st Mutumia has to add!

Mignon said...

lol...i remember the first kenyan video i saw online was "unbwoggable". after years of nonstop MTV/BET, that video was pure comedy.

Acolyte said...

@ cute angel
Damn that video sucked big time esp the animation and to think that is was funded by the FCC!