Saturday, December 31, 2005


So it's the last day of 2005.At this point in time most of you are expecting a new year's resolution post.Well inevitably I will get to that but I was just looking at some past posts and I think that my blog has been changing as I and my life have.From more of a diary/rant kind of content to more commentary,observation,entertainment and shifting between all those different kind of genres.From being a solo blogger doing it just to see if I could stick to it, to becoming part of an online community with lots of people who read my blog and reading theirs in exchange.From being a blade of grass in a Kenyan field to being a piece of coal on a snow covered American plain.From having enough free time and resolution to read 3 books a week to having so much to read and write that reading for leisure became a pleasan memory of the past.From keeping in shape with or without gym membership to having a fully equiped gym but slowly turning into a couch potato/library resident.So many things have changed and so many have stayed the same that I don't think I can list them all.
So what do I expect from myself for the new year?
1.To finish school this year!-That will mean that I can't take summer off but hey sacrifices have to be made.
2.Daily excercise- This is one of the hardest things to commit to but once you do it for 2 weeks straight if feels great!Besides it's easier to move from a flat stomach to a 6 pack then from a beer gut to a flat stomach.So I'm going to start early before I start swimming against the tide.
3.Not to hear but to listen to people- My mind moves very fast and usually races ahead of the path the person who I am talking to is going add to that the way my attention span operates on two levels 200% focus or -200% complete disinterest.And when this happens I think they are boring as they didn't prove me wrong by going down a side road.So no matter how mundane the conversation may seem I will look into the person's eyes act interested,smile and everyone has something new to teach me.
4.To think in straight lines more often- My mind does not move in straight lines most of the time.I guess that is why I failed math so often in school.I am the kind of person who has so many random thoughts.Look at my blog and you will see it,there is rarely consistence in subject or tone.I am the kind of person who in the course of a conversation will ask the most random question out of nowhere or make a comment/observation that is out of the present context.To some people this is interesting but to most it is weird.So I'm just going to tie this into resolution 3 and sound just like everyone else.
5.To speak my mind more often -The culture down South or at least where I am doesn't encourage rocking to boat very much.I think it is because most people where I go to school are from very similar demographics.I miss instigating and playing the devil's advocate the way that I used to back home.
6.To be more imposing -I have noticed that I have become too laid back.This is not a bad thing but a change is in order.
7.To be more spiritual -Whether I like it or not I am very spiritual at my core.I think that is why I am able to ascribe to many facets of the different beliefts on earth.But that doesn't mean I will be religous, religion is more ritual centred while spirituality is not.
8.To go through a period of self imposed chastity- I plan to choose a time and live without the pleasures of the flesh for a month or so willingly.I know it can be done as hard as it sounds.It also gets easy when I am in my spiritual phases.The ironic thing is that whenever this happens a source of derailment is always sent to me.
Those are so many resolutions and I don't know if I will be able to achieve most of them, but I would rather aim for the stars and hit the moon then do nothing at all!
What are your resolutions?Share them please!Anyway all KBW folk and friends out there have a prosperous New Year!


Keguro said...


so you will only be an instigator on other people's blogs?

Being linear is not very interesting. Stay random.

Now I get the questions on chastity/celibacy. (That discussion can only happen in camera as the Kenya media likes to say.

One more year? You suck. I'm at 5 and counting.

Enjoy the New Year.

And thanks for the provocation!

Farmgal said...

Happy new year and al the best with your resolutions.
Mine is one, I need to cut down on the amount of salt I eat..honestly I eat too much of it. If I cant taste salt in food I dont enjoy the meal.
God Bless

nick said...

Good Luck..and no am not bein sarcastic...
#8 does it exclude Palm-Drive to downtown?

Acolyte said...

@ Keguro
No I most probably will still instigate on this one or if things get hot enough start a whole new blog just for that!Well if you haven't done any "maintenance for those 5 years then you have my utter respect!Rest assured I will drop you a line!
@ farmgal
Thanks,I too used to have that salt habit.Good luck with that!
@ Nick
Thanks and yes no five finger maintenance too.I want to practice the fine art of transmutation!

nick said...

Acolyte may the force be with you! Have a happy liberated year!!!

Acolyte said...

@ Nick
Thanks!I'm goin to need it!

Prousette said...

You want to take a vow of chastity for a while? It can be done in spite of all that is said about it. Please do not spoil your random thoughts by making them "panga laini". Happy New Year Acolyte and all the best with your resolutions.

Mignon said...

hey aco...happy new year! you have lots of resolutions, good luck with sticking to them and if u need a cheerleader to syke u up, be sure to call on me:)

Acolyte said...

@ prou
Thanks for the encouragement even though you as a married person don't ever have to consider such an issue.:).You have a happy new year too!
@ cute angel
Hey!Happy New Year to you too!I will be sure to most def holla at you!

Msanii_XL said...

Happy New Year!!!

Acolyte said...

@ Msanii
Right back at you!

Ms K said...

Hey you!!! Good luck with your resolutions. I don't make resolutions but for this year I've resolved to make my life a resolution! See if you can figure that one out. It makes sense to me though.