Friday, January 06, 2006

Pin up of the week

One magazine that I loved reading when I was back home was the insert that came with the Friday Standard, Pulse.It used to cover showbiz,fashion,clubbing,culture and other issues relevant to the youth.It was also available online till the kubaffs at Standard decided that online readers would have to buy the on-line version at a price that is even higher then membership to select.
I tried to offer someone cash so that they would scan it weekly for me and send it to me but that seemed like to much work to them, such was my devotion to it.When I was leaving the quality of writing had lowered and you can only cover the same "celebs" for so long before it gets boring.But it still made for a good read.
Seeing as I cant get hold of it I delved into the standard directories that were online and was able to get loads of pics.So I will be sharing one weekly!

Cess Mutungi

Since I am feeling lazy I will just give you the reader's digest version on her.She started presenting at Nation doing the late night show where according to me she was at her peak.Anyway she joined the game of musical chairs that is Kenya's radio industry and moved to Kiss FM after receiving an offer she couldn't refuse then due to a scandal (links provided at the end of the article) she left for Capital FM.Due to some insults she levelled at some of Kenya's MPs about their educational level she was booted from Capital.She confessed that their indeed she was at fault.If you ask me I think that she is quite a stunner, anyway you know that I like gals who are cute in the face and kinda thick in the waist.Unfortunately this gal's rep is in tatters, she is known to be very free when it comes to bedroom access.This I even heard from a friend of mine who was on the front line or should I say front bed?But I will not endorse nor refute his claims but let you gauge from here and here. I don't know how much of what is contained there is true but most rumours are based on a grain of truth so how large the grain here is, I don't know.All that aside I think that she is a great presenter and would like to hear her on air again!


Keguro said...

Another example of how men "discuss"

not gossip?

I'm all ears. Tell more!

My family stopped buying Standard when newspapers became expensive. We just do Nation.

Acolyte said...

Yes I must admit that I love a good "discussion."All in good time,there is alot to share.At least your family can afford a daily paper as for us we only buy papers over the weekend.You could always read the office newspaper during the week!

Poi said...

I love(d) her voice lol

akiey said...

Good series you have lined up Acolyte. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Regardless of what Kenyan tabloids & the rumourmill says Cess as a person has always been great to hang with...I was years younger but we had mutual friends back in the day & although I was just a freshman hanging with grown juniors & seniors she never looked at me/us any differently.

nick said...

Sha had this really nice voice and actually her and Maina Kageni presenting on Nation they were the bet duo ever.

@ati once a week we get a lil grapevine juice aka revealing discussion

there's a chick friend of mine who used to train me ati how to gossip...apparently guys always have 411 and they never know it...its in the realization that u have vibe and know it and appreciation of that fact ati that makes u a great tellin u the chick has the art down to a science

Acolyte said...

@ poi
She also had a great laugh to go with that voice
@ Akiey
Yes there are lots more pics and pulse covers to come!I agree with you that she does seem like a nice person.
@ Nick
I still think she was at her peak on late night nation but hey we are all free to have our own opinions!As for gossip NO-ONE can beat chics!

bankelele said...

She has a fun life, but that story on the message board appears to have been a rumour.

Acolyte said...

@ banks
hope you dont mind if i call you that.Yes she has a fun life,most prob it was a rumour that was posted.