Friday, February 03, 2006

KBW revolving soap!

Any of you who have been reading Nick's blog may have come across his latest post that has a revolving soap.What happened is that Nick began a story and everyone else was to add a piece.Some masterpieces like this emerged!:
Magaidi said...

(G U know I had to get you for what you did to me huh?)

>Guess drove Mutumia home and the proceeded to her apartment.

She took the first right off beacon street and headed down ‘Farmer’s Ave’. For some reason she couldn’t get the sight of Whis, strutting his stuff around in his underwear and a bow tie: a bad imitation of Chippendales off her mind. The song “who let the dawgs out” kept playing on in her mind and each time she got more excited shouting as if in unison with the Baha Men, “who who who whooo..” neck arched in position to hit the high note on crescendo: An earpiercing shout down Farmer’s Ave that had the preacher’s wife concerned until the 1993 “tuk tuk” whisked past her house.
“What was that?” the Preacher asks.
“It’s the crazy hippie from block B” the wife retorted.
“didn’t the people from animal control arrest her for chasing and beating down those stray cats last Saturday night?”
“Guess Not!”
The car frame careened off the corner, Guess “put the pedal to the metal” the odometer read 542,037 the speedometer struggled to hit 27mph. There was a loud thud, perhaps a gasket blew but she couldn’t care less, she put her head outside to ‘feel the breeze as she cruised down the street’ That’s when it happened:

The wig flew off revealing an oblong shaped head, a powerful muscle of a head that has satellite dishes worldwide drooling….

2/01/2006 9:57 PM

The tale does not end there Guess tries to make a gesture of peace and this is what happens!Guess then rushes home where she finds milo, fresh from his absence and has some amazing news for her.Later Guess make peace and it leads to Nick finding out about it.Meanwhile Msanii gets a new ride, he and Mocha then make a date to shine in it!


mutumia said...

Ahhh.. aki G. sorry for the bitch slap.

Now let me see if I have this straight. KBW'ers are tuk-tuk driving bald headed people with a penchant for toupes ama jerry curls (thanks Nick)who get married on the sly and like cavorting in Uhuru park and have been known to get in on Mumias-style?

He he he... the truth emerges.

acolyte said...

@ Mutumia
KBW are a crazy crew I tell you!And I am sure there is lots more coming!!!!!!!!!

>d® said...

Aco, what it do man.

My bad for being MIA last week. Boss-man had me living at work, literally!

I'm back, and with a vengeance too. And no, I haven't forgotten about the tag.