Monday, March 20, 2006

Maddona uncensored

I have always loved Maddona's music esp since she re-invented herself as Esther.She released her latest music video "sorry" and it seems that the original version was unsettling to some television station big wigs.Well here is the video in all it's glory uncensored.If you find anything in it worth censoring please let me know.
ps:You might want to pause the other video before you start this one.


Milonare said...

Hi Aco

Madonna has staying power like no one else I know. Pure musical genius...

Lakini she's a ka-nympho from Nai to Cali LOLOL

Oh ya - nimepata ujumbe (Woishe)

Mocha! said...


Aco...I didn't see anything worth censoring apart from when she shows the finger and there is a bit her hand wonders down south....but blink you will miss it! Yes, I am that on that characteristic to follow!

Happy End of Spring Break! *insert wicked laugh here* hahahahaha!

acolyte said...

@ milo
as we used to say when we were kids, "friends imeisha!"
@ mocha!
Well I think flipping the bird is what did it!I am waiting on that post about how observant you are soon!As for the end of spring break dont even talk about it!

spicebear said...

1.i suffered from madonna overdose sometime in the late nineties and i have never recovered

2. i am yet to see the censored video

3. like mocha, all i saw that bordered on controversy was the middle finger and the touching herself. pretty mild, considering all the other stuff thats on tv

4. guess who is sleeping in? my spring break started jana - wooohoo

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I guess ppl made a storm in a tea cup!As for spring break you have a ball and dont raid too many bee hives!