Thursday, March 16, 2006

More pics.....

Feeling to lazy to type so ya'll have to make due with these....

Driving past Mocha's digs after the orgy.Her digs is the white house

Some church in ATL

I actually do read those books!And yes that is Toss from home my mum made me carry it!

It took 70 tries but at least I got one right!

I guess they got left behind during the march

The Beluga whale!

fish food being grown

More pretty fish!

Some pretty fish!(yes that is a pathetic caption but what to do?)

Rays at the aquarium, kinda leathery to touch

The state Capital (at least I remembered something!)

Atlanta Underground (another tourist trap, go there once and once only!This was my second time there, blech!!!)

The wonderful world of Coke (can someone say money pit?)

I know this is infront of some famous place but whenever it gets cold my mind shuts down among other things


guessaurus said...

Beautiful pics (hi Aco) hmm, been to the ATL underground and the coke place(not inside this one though, I'm sure its great)

Just a Q: Why do you take so many pictures of Churches - lol

I need to visit the london aquarium soon (summer) so I can take loads of pictures and show off... :)

acolyte said...

@ guess
Wsup!I guess even tho I am an evil bastard I have always found something ethereal about churches esp Chapels not these ugly block auditoriums with no souls they build nowadays!

Movie Buff said...

World of Coke.... I remember they had Fanta Citrus [Kenyan Style]... it was exciting.... as for underground, I dont know why the insist on being sooo expensive.....

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
Yes the fanta made it worth it I admit.Yeah underground is pricey!

Farmgal said...

youwant to tell me you still have that Toss? kwani how often do u do ur laundry?
nice mics

acolyte said...

@ farmgal
I was all my clothes via the washing machine so I use the Toss only for washing my shoes and since there is no dust or mud here that is once in a while.

Tee J said...

Hi you!

Imagine all that time I was there and I didn't even tour Atl. Shame on me. I'll be back tho. Yes, I'll even do the underground...will you take me? hehehe!

acolyte said...

@ Tee J
Hey gal!Ain't heard from you in a while!Just holla the next time you in town and Ill give you the tour!

Milonare said...

@Tee J and Aco
Mkimaliza underground please blog about it and post the fotoz LOLOLOL

Sema Aco. I here there's some really wild stuff that occurs in ATL. uliparticipate?

Nakeel said...

Sweet pics Aco..
Tosssssss from when? eeh hebu tell us how lazy you are..
Lovely weekend

nick said...

did someone say fanta?

LOL at TOSS i dread to see the kitchen with EAL products

Mocha! said...

aki ya nani? hhhmmmm *wiping mouth after orgy with Aco and 'others'???*

I am moving soon to a bigger and better place.....address to follow! So watch this space....LOL!

ROTFLMAO @ toss! now that one I haven't heard. Spices and curios ndio....detergent?!? Aco, I give your mum props!

Nice pics!

Joseph Walking said...

Aco if i didnt know they caught those hoodlums who were burning churches i would have tipped the fbi

Acolyte said...

@ milo
you will be told when it goes down but as for pics i dont think so!
@ nakeel
since I dont handwash that toss will be around for a long long time!
@ nick
btw I have roiko in my kitchen!
@ mocha
ebu come we shower after that orgy!As for toss!I aim to lead!
@ joe
dont you know how much I love churches?Tho entering one is another storo altogether!

Joseph Walking said...

aco you inspired my video for the comming week

acolyte said...

@ joe
You must give me a link to that video as soon as it is ready!

Girl next door said...

Cool pics! I have a thing for pretty fish in aquariums. And penguins are fascinating: they mate for life!

acolyte said...

@ girl next door
Thanks!Fish are nice to look at and as for penguins if I lived in a place as cold as theirs I too would mate for life!