Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Only in Acolyte Month!

Can you have a mantastic animal like this! I bet he can kick Santa's ass hands down!


Movie Buff said...

I like the elevator assault.... ha ha.... and what is with the Easter Bunny anyway? Which capitalistic mind came up with that idea????? Im off to Wikipedia

Acolyte said...

@ movie buff
The hard bunny rocks!Not the usual fluffy soft one!If you find out holla back!

mocha said... pissing myself laughing.

trust you to pata such clips!

nice one!

Kenyangal said...

Too funny!!! Must have been created by some passive agressive geek that has fantasies of beating people up but wants to hide behind a mask LOL

acolyte said...

@ mocha
Talk about a beat down!Thanks!
@ kenyangal
I think that is the easter bunny we all know showing his true colors!