Monday, April 24, 2006

Pics from Cumberland part 1

I am trying to put up pic but blogger is acting up.So you will have to make do with
these for now!

On the road at 4 am!

No traffic!

We're here!

The Dock where we took the ferry from!

More soon!


mocha! said...

fao fao fao! *doing a small jig*

aki looking at the pics, makes me realise i will never get used to the sun rising sooo early in the morning.

looks like you had fun.....ebu let the rest we chambua them!

Acolyte said...

Congrats!Well I have tried uploading the pics but blogger has been acting up!You should learn to wake up mapema!

dangerously_shy said...

That ka ram shackle dock looks like that crib in that movie where Halle Berry was being kamatwad alafu the hurricane checked in and her green eyed mano was bitten by a rabid dog and he became infected and she had to kill him before he kilt her..*sigh* ahhh the rocky path of true love….Acolyte tell me our love would also end like that and if it came to it, you would load the gun and place it tenderly in my hands and beg me to pull the trigger ‘fore u did something mighty crazy to me..

acolyte said...

@ d-shy
Hey gal!Good to have you back!The question is, would you load the gun and give it to me if it was you who had been bitten?

mocha said...

ngomongo wewe? ati you are semaing I lala! LOL

Blogger is acting up....kweli!

dangerously_shy said...

Eh? good to have me back? Thot we were arch enemies?, hmmm..i smell tricksies, kweli u are well on your way to achieveing zen like miena of quietitude that to end all quietitudes Lol..

Eti if I was bitten? he he..stick with the original theme, the dude always plays the hero and rescues the damsel in distress on his big white funda, it was Romeo who drank the poison and chose to end it all than be nyimwad rubs from Juliet, do u see the trend emerging here?

Ps- after carefully sifting through the mad ravings of Joe, I kept retained one for future reference, there are mingi silent readers who lurk in the background, always there but never commenting, so it was with this in mind that I ibad a counter from Msani_XL's website and it shows I have had visitors from zimbabwe, Israel (asiii), Finland now???

The Devious One said...

Ngamia !! and we were not invited ??
( inserting coupon in bahasha ) here dear, kimbia walmart and invest in digital camera hizi camera za majira utawacha !

acolyte said...

@ D-shy
I am a man of peace!I see as your rules go it is always the dude to chip!I think I too will get a counter like msanii's!Seems you have international appeal!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Next mpango you are ndani!It is blogger not my cam that is acting up!