Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pics from Cumberland part 2

I believe I owed you some pics!

Off to the Island!

Nice boats...

View from the ferry

Land ho!

The dock

Nice and green

The main road

The road splits here

The remains of the mansion

Wild horses

The walkway

The marsh

At last the beach!

Look it's a bird....

Sand dunes...

Going back home!

One of the many bridges on the way home

International students bbq on Sunday

People watch the food get ready

Summer isn't the same in the South sans bbq!

Well there it is!The second batch of pics of that weekend!


The Devious One said...

Im starting to think that Im a blog stalker - I happen to be first againb HA HA HA HA HA

Crafty bastard...posted all the m pix except the one you'd be in !

Couch 'tato said...

hmmm i remember a certain photo that a certain someone has been waitin on

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Aaaaaaaah!Not you again!!!I dont do pics!
@ couch 'tato
Soon my good man.soon

spicebear said...

damn. after seeing the pics i want to run away and go on a road trip, walk on the beach, have a bbq and eat (lunch today apparently was a rumour i started and no one corrected me)

Stunuh Jay said...

OOOH that sun!
All that lovely sun! Send it my way? Ok not all... gawa kidogo!

Mocha! said...

finally...the rest of the pics. Lakini I am sure there are more....ziko wapi Aco?

By the way....I think you meant to say 'Land Ahoy!' lol

Now, where are the pics of you in you bathing suit since you went to the beach? Let's see the pecks aka 'toned body' since you go to the gym almost daily.

KenyanMusings said...

Hey John Paul Acolyte? I suppose I should not be lurking around here seeing as I have the 'energy that people that are getting laid tend to have' (LoooL.)Not good for you unh huh!

I want that bitch (ooops, beach)
To get laid on it, to walk with bare feet on it, sand in my feet.....Nice.

Then take that ka bird and valisha it a shirt,(red arsenal shirt)...(yes, and I know how you feel about people dressing pets. P.s, this one is not even mine...)you know, like pingu...does anyone remember pingu?? The penguin? On KBC??

Being laid has depleted my ample(??) mental resources considerably it seems.

How are you Aco?

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
I will happily buy you lunch!
@ stunuh
That was the sawa sun before the rain checked in!
@ mocha
No I meant to say land ho!Now you know how we black folk are, we go to the beach without swimsuits!Yes my chest looks and it good to touch (that's what I was told)
@ KM
I guess the distance that we have between us will protect me!At least you have the advantage of Coast being a 1hr flight away!Why are you molesting birds like that, no animal should have to wear an animal shirt!
Well I do hope that the depletion continues!TGIF!!!!!

dangerously_shy said...

Nice pics, would appear your side of the world is a darn sight better looking that this little island im on, nice pics..i love the wild horse..

Ps - Peeps look hungry in that bbq picture lol..i trust no one lost an arm