Monday, August 07, 2006

A nation of wimps, Flavor of Love 2 and grades...

I recall watching the Colbert Show and they had this piece on life coaches.These dudes who are hired by people to motivate them and help them get over the humps of life. So as the piece closed the reporter asked this old dude if they had life coaches in his time, he said;"In my time people weren't pussies like today!"
That old man's words rang true as I read this article. It basically talks about the way parents here in the States smother adn over-parent their kids so much, don't give them a chance to fail, give them all that they want and the results. Some of these things ring true, I have a friend who used to work for one of the university offices and she said she was tired of parents ringing to complain about their kid's grades!I mean for Pete's sake when someone is in Uni they're an adult let them handle their failing, passing and the consequences!When I was in Uni all my mum did was sign the checks,look at my transcript, give me pocko once in a while and come to my graduation.All other uni matters were for me to sort out!
Also so many parents here expect their kids to be winners and number one.Failure isn't an option, while some parents use their kids to live their dreams.Cases abound of fist fights breaking out at kids' sports games as parents take exception to calls by the referee or a on field conduct by other kids.Please it's just a game and someone has to lose.We learn by winning and losing. If you don't let your kids lose or have any sort of disappointment in their lives they will never learn how to rebound from the larger disappointments in life that you can't shield them from ie breakups, rejections from jobs etc. I think in trying to give their kids everything they never had parents both here and back home are doing more harm then good!But why should I care?I don't plan on having kids ever!Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favourite dating show is back!Flavor of Love!This show is a perfect example of what is wrong with TV but like a car crash you can't help but look!The first episode had it all!Alcohol, fights,girl on girl action, someone sh*tting on the ground, tacky clothing.....and that was just one girl!Flavor flav wins the award of trashiest dresser ever!I think a blind man does his wadrobe!I can't wait for next week!

Got my grade back for the class I gave in the worst take home I have ever done.I made a B!You should have made an A is what some of you are saying.Well a B is 85% roundabout so that's good enough for me!For me that means that my stay here is coming closer to an end!No more broke-ass Acolyte!


spicebear said...

i just knew after jana's episode you would have to comment on the addiction that is flavour of love. i just about died when the girl offered the other one lip chap. her prayer asking god to forgive her for "whooping that bitch's ass" or something like that was priceless! there should be no season 3 of this thing - it'l be hard to top all that and a girl pooping on the floor in full view of cameras.

parents here do coddle their kids abit too much - i have met people in their late twenties with no backbone whatsoever. sad.

Joseph Walking said...

lol i hear you on the over parenting thing .but i thought your fav show was elimidate .lol my fav show right now is ask this old house

acolyte said...

@ spicebear
That ghetto mama made my day!She must have a hard god,"He may direct me to whup your ass if you don't quit interuppting my prayers"
Pooping on the floor just took the cake!
Americans are raising a generations of brats, punks and cowards!But there are some good kids somewhere in that mess!
@ joseph walking
The less said about American parenting the better!I have never watched your fave show, what channel is it on?

Joseph Walking said...

Can you say pbs.people with cabe never watch pbs i can understand its almost similar to flip this house.

acolyte said...

@ joseph
I will admit that I do not watch pbs, I'll have to get round to it sometime!

Movie Buff said...

I cant believe you watch that trash. That is just a waste of time. I am ashamed of VH1. What???!!! GROSSNESS galore! Damnit!

Movie Buff said...

I also dont plan on having kids...... mwahahahahahahaha.....

I think in the states they also need an excuse for anything. If their kid is not doing well, it has to be ADD or ADHD or dyslexia.... Im not saying that all cases are fake... but come on NOW?????!!!!!!

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
After a hard day of cracking my mind on high brow theories nothing beats a bit of trashy TV!
But I do feel you on the disorders!There are too many disorders in this country.Just an excuse for failure,medication and therapy!Peeps here need to face up to some things!

Msanii_XL said...

That show is brutal... It should be on extreme sports network or something the number of trainwrecks

lol @ "i'm white girl and frail" you poke a tiger?

lmao@the tracy chapman comment on that blog..bweheheheheheh

where is the dignity?

Joseph Walking said...

I am not shocked that you dont watch pbs. The chances of someone who watches BET watching PBS is like almost close to none.(wont go into what i think about bet coz i jua this will turn into a 88 comments post)

kelitu said...

The 'Flava of love' show is one of the signs of the end of days.

The.Hanyeé said...

"Flavor of Love" sounds mad! As in not cool mad, like psycho mad! I think that anything hosted by Flavor Flav (who should be confined to the annals of hip-hop history and forgotten about) should never be aired. Heck! It shouldnt even get past production!

My guess is they will have a collabo show next season..Paris Hilton meets Flava...*TH runs to the bathroom to barf!*

mocha said...

I saw a preview of that show here and why lie, I am not wasting my time on that ISH!!! Kwanza he was here in the UK on some reality TV show called The Farm. Painful to watch.

As for this parenting issue......I totally agree. Kids nowadays are not allowed to be failures in their own right. And parents wonder why kids blame them when they dont make it. My kids will be raised in Kenya....get the ass whopping they deserve, the harsh education and disciple. By the time they are ready for Uni abroad, their stamina is in check. Au???

acolyte said...

@ Msanii
It goes to show how low society can stoop when grown women can agree to act in such a manner and worse yet on TV!
But the Tracy Chapman comment made my day!That dude is harsh!
@ joseph walking
Just because I do indulge in low brow entertainment doesnt mean that I dont indulge in "high brow" material like PBS.I read the NY Times,Newsweek,Time,National Geographic, I watch The Discovery Channel,BBC and CNN International.So don't make assumptions, they don't always turn out the way you think!Oh btw I got the 2 other MTV channels so I dont have to watch BET anymore!
@ kelitu
I agree with you 110%!
@ the.hanyee
I always feel that Flava Flav destroyed his legacy when he decided to become part of such a show!He wont be remembered for the great songs he did with Public Enemy but for being a clown!
As for the collabo idea, now that's just plain sick!Rebuke that thought now!
@ Mocha!
Most of the time shows Flava is on are a waste of time but this one isn't, it's good for laughs!
As for the kids issue, keep on talking like that and I'll have to make you my baby mama!Coz I feel the same way too 200%!

POTASH said...

Aco, enyewe you have shindad. Everywhere i go it is Aco is the only one got the blog mojo. You are moving too fast for my limited internet connection. I end up having an Acolyte novel to

phew... i usually work from the bottom

Acolyte said...

@ Potash
I have been told to learn how to use paragraphs so I hope that makes it easier for you to go through my verbiage!
But I guess when you have things to say you should go ahead and blog them!Dont you think?

Joseph Walking said...

aco it wasnt an attack.its just one of those things its like playboy channel and tbn. i am not making assumptions i do happen to enjoy cpsan1-2-3 tbn,mtv 1-2 and mtv soul so dont chukua it the wrong way but i happen to think BET programming is specifically tailored to make people stupid i dont know how they do it but i know they do it . i always feel stupid after watching BET

acolyte said...

@ joseph walking
Oh in that case we're cool, coz I think BET does little to add to one's IQ!