Friday, August 11, 2006

When Music was Music, Hot Oil Baptism, Cooling Off, Dress Shirts, MYMO and YKK

I'm listening to Johny Gill - Rub You The Right Way as I post this.Damn those were the days!When music was music!When people could really sing, dance and the women in the videos kept their clothes on!I was watching VH1 soul yesterday and some newjack videos like early Mary J Blige feat Grand Puba came on and I was mentioning that and she said that she waiting for me to start talking about when men were gentlemen, women were ladies and children respected their elders.Yes I know things weren't that good way back when but a brother is allowed to look at the past with rose tinted shades isn't he?

In the annals of the Great Acolyte mind one of the laws is that, The Acolyte shall never argue with a woman in the kitchen. I read this article and it just pointed out why The Acolyte has such a law.I don't know if the poor dude started baiting the woman in the kitchen but I am not a french fry waiting to be fried.If it wasnt the oil it could have been a kitchen knife.I think this is where the addage of never going to sleep angry comes in.This pal let his wife go to be angry, I bet she sat in bed, her wrath heating up until she decided that her hubby had to be baptised in hot oil!Come to think of it after God and electricity hot oil has been on my list of this to be feared!

Then a teen decided to go the opposite way.He decided to pop a cap in his mother's ass and then put her in the freezer to cool off.I wonder if he took out the food in the freezer?It would have been a shame for all that good food to go to waste!Why are the perpatrators in these stories always reffered to as quiet and well behaved?Does that mean that noisy disorderly peeps are too cowardly to do anything?

Are there any men of class out there?I used to dress casual most of the time in Kenya but when I had to dress for the occasion or an interview I always thought that what a man wore said alot about himself.I am not going to go into detail but there are two companies whose shirts I loved.Arrow and Van Heusen!When I used to go to open air markets I would scour bails for them.I would get some for less than a dollar. I had a job where my boss used to admire my shirts and wonder where I bought them and how I could afford them because these shirts would cost upwards from one thousand shillings in many men's clothing stores.There are somewhat cheaper here but I am only going to start buying them when I am going to get a job because I do find it somewhat pretentious to dress like a baller when you have cents in your pocket.But on the other hand there are some people who talk about faking it till you make it......

I was listening to the news on Capital and it seems that MYWO (Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation) risk dissolution if they don't have elections for officials. A large number of areas are unrepresented due to wrangles and during this wrangling some of their property was sold irregularly.Now I am going ruffle some feathers, Women in Kenya have been making calls for increased representation in National leadership and how they can do a better job but I ask this.If you can't manage your own bedroom how do expect to run the house?If this bickering has resulted in their not being elections since 2004 what would happen on a National level.Talk to me ladies, I'm listening......

Interesting fact of the day.If you are wearing anything that has a zipper 90% probability the zipper says YKK.That is the biggest zipper company in the world and seem to have the market.Damn it's amazing how rich people can get out of simple things!I wouldn't mind a piece of that action!Any TGIF!Let's have a comment bash before ya'll bounce for the weekend!


The 'Licious said...

Wacha I book before D1 comes in here and has a winning streak.

*sticking out tongue to D1*

Off to read!!!

Movie Buff said...

***checking in to see if the convos have started then off to read***

D1... je, uko wapi??

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha!
Congats!Come back when you're done reading and comment!
@ movie buff
I think you're the one who should get the convos started huh?I think D1 has taken the day off!

egm said...

Ah, we are allowed the luxury of nostalgia through them tinted shades. What's the point of remniscing over the bad?

Did you ever get your fix for an electric shock? Ama the fear of it prevented you from doing so? Hizo links I'll have to check them out nyumbani.

I guess the noisy can say what they want and get it off their chests, thus able to deal with the situation. The quiet ones probably have it boiling in them with no outlet, leading to the explosion of behavioral breakdown that leads them to such crazy actions.

Ah, I have a funny story about dressing appropriately. Blog idea!

Tis the same everywhere. If you can't take care of your own boma, don't expect to be able to lead effectively. Mr. Rucy is a living testament to that.

Too true. The littlest things can bring you riches galore.

Today I booked my place early (after being the first to actually read the post!) Bring on the food and drink (especially considering August 11th is near and dear to me!)

MOCHA said...

*back to comment - here are my peni mbiliz*

LOL....i miss the 90s too!

Those were the days music was music and when my mum used to catch me infront of the telly singing my heart out. She used to make noise, but I could see the smile on her face, how cute I looked.....LOL!!!

As for the women politicians.....story for another day!

Its true that the simplest of things are what people make money with. Aki, I quickly went and checked my zipper to see if it had YKK, but nah, sijui ISB. So there is competition out there after all. LOL!!!

I won't be here for the AcoForum, so, you lot have a nice weekend.....YA'EARD! LOL *ati trying an akata ghetto accent*


Acolyte said...

@ egm
Nostalgia does rock and makes life a tad bit easier!
I think the desire for an electric shock just worked it's way out of my system.
I think the links should keep you busy for a minute.
I think having an outlet does make a big difference!
I can't wait for your story!
A blogger once took exception to me making fun of Mr Rucy in that vein but it seems that it actually does apply!
Congrats on actually reading the post ahead of the blog racers!
Happy big 3-0!
@ mocha!
In some ways the 90's rocked!
I'm sure you'd give an arm and a leg to have a life that easy again!
I will remind you about the women politicians when you least expect it!
Seems YKK have compe!I hope your boss didnt wonder what you were doing.
Aco forum will not be the same without you!Have a good weekend!

Movie Buff said...

Im telling u, I keep away from Women's politics... its seems today there is too much hunger for power. Its a damn shame when people lose sight of what is important......
The kiddo who killed the mum, I cant wait for them to sema the way he was abused as a toi sijui what... u know they will always have excuses........

Si kwanza the dude who runs YKK in ATL is such a cool jamaa.... I am proud to say I have met him! I dont know why, its not like he helps my life. And I am wearing somethin with YKK !!!

As for music... you know we cant even go there. Leo I am on 90s patrol..... Sicheki na watu......

egm said...

Excuses galore is what runs this place. No one is ever guilty. Something external must have precipated their actions.

Ah, I hear you on the what difference will meeting the YKK dude make in your life. Si we are just human like that. Wishing to be associated with the high and mighty. It is hard not to tupa majinas if you can!

acolyte said...

@ movie buff
A damn power outage ate my comment!Anyway anything involving women is super complex, let's hope for the good of women that drama is sorted out!
I am sure with your time in stato you are used to the whole bad childhood defence!It's about time people owned up!
I see you are a mama who rolls with ballers!Now let me ask do you get zips for free from the dude?
90's sounds is tha shiznit!

Archer said...

"I wonder if he took out the food in the freezer. It would have been a shame for all that good food to go to waste!" my friend, thou art a saddist! Kwani you want the boy to chuck the sausages & bacon, stuff the old lady in, then fry them and have a bash?

Movie Buff said...

LOL Archer... haha... U know? What kind of stuff is that to sema??

Aco... do you think even that dude remembers me??

Which reminds me.. I like Van Heusen shirts... U jua that outlet mall huko on 75... they have a Van Heusen outlet. GOOD STUFF I tell you!!!

Egm... its a damn shame... ati wanting to be associated with Lord only knows who!!! Not like they will help me analyze stock!

acolyte said...

@ egm
Lack of accountability really gets to me!But I do feel you about the need to drop names even though you are gnashing!
@ Archer
Food is expensive my friend!Besides a quick slap up would have been in order, killing ain't easy!
@ movie buff
You know how harsh I am so I had to say it!
As regards YKK dude at least you were honest!
I think I should go to that outlet mall as soon as I start jobo!But as for now T-shirts mwisho!
I'm off to the gym, be good!

egm said...

In reference to harsh comment, what gets me is that someone will commit a crime this henious considering it perfectly legit, then turn around and castigate you for something else that goes against his/her "moral code". Reminds me of Tudesky in 9 Whole Yards who will not think twice about killing you, but woe unto you if you commit adultery. Then he will kill you justifying his actions as punishing you for the crime of adultery. Go figure!

acolyte said...

@ egm
I in no way condone killing of mums!But it is amazing how people's moral priorities are mixed up, like the way people can use thousands of dollars on their dogs but watch the homeless starve!

egm said...

I know it was tongue-in-cheek. As for that dogs manenos, I think Kagz covered it well in her post. Words fail me!

Haya, wewe nenda gym sasa. Got to finish up kazi then get on my bike and enjoy a super ride home.


acolyte said...

@ egm
You have a safe ride!Will be back soon!Have a busy weekend with student orientation round the corner!

Udi said...

2kumbuka the 2pAC SONG- Old School- Thats how i feel. "i wouldnt be here today, if the old school didnt pave the way"- Old school definetly paved the way for me to jua the nonsense we listen to nowadays, is no music.

irena said...

They do not make good music anymore and to be specific for my "mushy mushy" days "romantic music " You know akina Peabo Bryson. I miss the music of yester- year even Beegees is more appealing to me than Usher these days. Call me old fashioned but "H ow deep is your love by beegees is more appealing than Usher's "Bedtime". The former is more likely to get that man some,some somethin'!!! than the latter - Some old fahsioned love making!!!!!

Chatterly said...

Lol...the things i could do with hot oil-well not hot but warm...hmmmmmm damn! i am listening to some *lets-make-love-on the-floor* kind of music - all alone, what a waste:-(

nice weeeeeeekend!

mutumia said...

"Ngutness!!!" if I may quote the often imitated, never duplicated etc. D-Shy. That killer-teen story-now that's just cold (LOL!). Now, how (KM, 2005).

Bon weekend my FBDEHHLF (future babydaddyexhubby etc.)

Anonymous said...

Van Heusen's kind of gay.. don't you think? The same way I wouldn't go to starbucks for a quality cupper, I would not purchase because of brand. I have to admit though I purchase a lot of Esprit only because the designs are modest, tight stitching, nice colours, they have my sizes and 5 years later the quality is still there.

But I suppose with certain clothing brands, if you become a esteemed member you get invited to their new collection opening and pay half price, also before sale openings the next day, members are invited the night before to purchase. They also run free cruises for just their esteemed members etc. There's a lot of neat incentive perks if you regular with certain brands.

If you want quality you just need to look at the fabric and stitching. Certain materials you just know will have fluff coming off it, show sweat marks, feel rough on your skin, fade in the wash, buttons will fall off, stitching will come apart.

Expensive certainly doesn't mean quality. I remember I bought this CK tshirt for $100 from this trendy department store and after 3 washes the thing had stretched and colour faded. On the other hand I bought this $5 hampster tshirt and 5 years later it still looks brand new.

I don't think it's faking it at all, it's showing respect for others. Like the way you would crease your trousers on the front, shirt sides, to show respect. I do believe in presenting yourself clean and respectful no matter what you do for a living.

You can sell anything just so long as you market it well, those business owners are nothing but merchants whether selling/offering wares/servies. It doesn't take a person of substance to do that kind of work.

Anonymous said...

increased representation my foot!...when i last checked, nothing barred any gender from contesting for any leadership role. since women are purported to be equal to men, they should vie for and win any position fair and square. MYWO has once again reaffirmed that things are dandy as far as represention is how many ways can ineptitude be showed...if my fingers can accomodate the number, then we are ready for a 50-50 gender representation. i rest my case...oh...pray tell me, what time am i to expect anything new from Ga. its 10.58 am est time

acolyte said...

@ udi
I feel you 200%!Old school sounds have alot of meaning and even more effort was put into making that music unlike what we have today!
@ irena
I agree, there just isnt any romantic music nowadays!Everything is about sex nowadays!Very little you can romance a woman to is on offer nowadays.
@ chatterly
Poor gal!It's such a shame you have to be on your lonesome.I'd offer to come by but you are just too far away!
@ Mutumia
Cold doesnt even begin to describe that kid!You have a good weekend too exhomieloverfriendbabymama!
@ anonymus1
Some their shirts do look gay.Or is it because those shirts are worn by gay people?Hmmmmmmmmmmm.But I do agree that name doesnt always equal quality.I do agree that with the proper marketing you can sell a fridge to an eskimo!
@ anonymous2
I am sure some ladies out there feel different about the representation issue, but you have said your piece pretty well!
As for posts it's till Monday then I can give the people something new to chew on!

The Devious One said...

@ licious... U got this one by ponyoks I tell you... Friday i was a true ngamia/punda hybrid at work and thats how U got the gold...but to go from number one to sijui what...

wacha now I go to read ! Aco if I dont post my comment again leo its coz I have to callit an early night..see as I told Kelitu, I happen to be an active member of DINI YA WAZALENDO and i have to be up and early kesho since we do liek ten raos in the city and hauling a ten pound drum, pounding the heck out of it and semi running wot it in this humid GA heat aint no easy feat !

So off to read and sleep !!

acolyte said...

@ devious one
Pole about the workload but that's how work gets doesnt it?
Now since you didnt post I will assume that you were making sure your costume was clean and that you were heating your drum for the march!Pray for the people!

MOCHA! said...

D1....wee wacha excuses!!! In other words....meza wembe!!! LOL!!

acolyte said...

This piece of crap hung with my comment!Let me compose myself and reply yout comments once more!