Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guess who's back!

I know most of you are waiting for a post on the many adventures I had in the big city but I will regal you with stories of 2 day hangovers, girls blacking out on stairs, cheap brandy and long distance drives later.
It's just good to be back in my own digs, I just dont like being a guest at someone's digs esp here in stato where your presence could be costing someone and cramping their style.

Now to get back to my digs, I discover the kubaffs here decided to drink my 3 litre bottle of Sunny D!I love that juice the same way a fat kid loves cake!Round hii sicheki na watu!Watanunua ingine!The nerve!They think I bought the juice for them!
Anyway let me rush myself to class, I will regal you with tales of my adventures tommorrow but the books are calling.......
ps:Seems this dude didnt know that Big Brother was watching!


Archer said...

Seems like you had quite a blast in the big city. I was beginning to suspect that the big B.B had finally caught up with you.

Princess said...

While they are at the store buying you some more Sunny D they ought to get the girl with the body odor problem some deo.

acolyte said...

@ Archer
It was so so nothing to write home about.What's the big B.B?Bed and Breakfast?
@ princess
I will make sure they do that!

Archer said...

I didn't want to use the full terminology for B.B coz it's a taboo subject seeing that several people are currently suffering from it. Its name is Blogger's Block.

acolyte said...

@ Archer
I guess it's people like Nick and D1 who need to hear that term!Not me!!!

egm said...

Welcome back. Looks like everyone went to Atl. Some of my friends just got back from there.

Wengine wetu, tulikaa tu nyumbani.

mocha said...

LOL....@the video cop!!!

Glad to see you are back safe and sound. Can't wait for your tales. I am sure you have got plenty to share with us. Ulipiga picha???

As for peeps drinking your Sunny D, I hope some slaps are reaching their way. Vile I penda that drink.

I am with Princess, while they are out buying you two bottles of it (penalty for drinking bila ruhusa), they should invest in some form of BO deterrent for the Bathroom Porn Queen.

Have a nice day Aco!!!

Prousette said...

Hebu you unleash those tales, si it just juice bwana why are people having it rough from you, they love it as well!

kalenjin said...

Don't you just hate it when someone eats something you were anticipating to partake of when you get home?

Anyway tried doing the roomie thing, did not work out too well. Wanunue na waongeze ya interest. (Unless you are muslim - then interest not allowed) Heh! heh!

I can't wait for the stories of the country lad in the big city!

acolyte said...

@ egm
I am sure your workaholic self was very busy back home!
@ mocha!
Yes it's good to be back!
There are no pichas roundi hii, those will have to wait for this weekend.
those kubaffs kasirishad me, I will post more on it today.
Imagine deo bado!
@ Prou
Ati it is just juice?!It's Sunny D!And it isnt cheap at all!
@ kalenjin
That eating of eagerly awaited goodies makes my blood boil!
I also have the idea that I am not a roomies person at heart!
The storos are on their way!

pikei said...

I hated it when that happened, but I have the luxury of finding my dirty dishes where i left them.

Have fun!

Acolyte said...

@ Pikei
Revenge can indeed be sweet!