Thursday, September 07, 2006

Road kill, juice and updates

My room mate's dog was the victim of a hit and run.He usually lets it out every morning to go into the bushes to do it's business then he calls it back and puts it in the house as he goes back to class.So he did what he usually does as he was getting ready to leave and as we got outside we called for the dog but to no avail until a lady who was walking her dogs asked us if "that" was our dog.
We looked where she was pointing too and there she lay, dead as a door nail!We shrugged our shoulders and in typical Kenyan fashion I went and got a trash bag.We put her in and dumped her in the trash, it is later on that someone told me that we're suppossed to call Animal Services.I hope the trash folk dont notice.
At this point someone is going to ask if I'm sad.Fact is that I'm not, me and that dog were not the best of friends; and no I didn't push her onto the path of the oncoming car!I guess she's in doggie heaven now.At least now I can put a rug in the sitting room.

Now as for the juice saga.On confronting everyone in the house, they all denied having drunk my juice.Yes that's the kind of people I'm living with.They should have at least had the maturity to own up!

Oh and the B.O chic hasnt bought any deo as far as I have been told.I guess I'll just have to take some air freshener with me to class then.Now I have to go for my afternoon class and start doing some assignments in class.

I've been listening to all the drama between Ngilu and Michuki, what happened to rationale dialogue and watching one's statements?It's a damn shame I tell you!


Cafenol said...

My thunder has been restored...YES !

Aco are U sure U didnt tega the dogi and it tumbled towards the oncoming moti ORRR....threw a frisbee in the direction of the oncoming moti and Bosco never saw the F150 with the rebel flag and poof !
An inquiry has been opened...

As for dumpin the dogi raia style...haisaaa...haisha makanjo...

Nunulia the mama deo and call it a day ama ??

Devious One said...

My thunder has been restored...YES !

Aco are U sure U didnt tega the dogi and it tumbled towards the oncoming moti ORRR....threw a frisbee in the direction of the oncoming moti and Bosco never saw the F150 with the rebel flag and poof !
An inquiry has been opened...

As for dumpin the dogi raia style...haisaaa...haisha makanjo...

Nunulia the mama deo and call it a day ama ??

Girl next door said...

Poor dog! At least it was a quick death.

About the juice, that is so annoying! I've had a similar experience then one day I caught this dude drinking my juice. Kwani people think the juice evaporated or what? They should offer to buy you some more.

Somebody should give the B.O. chic a gift set with shower gel, deo, and scented lotion. It might work!

Princess said...

Aco..Hope your roommate wasn't too devastated at the loss of the dog.
As for the juice issue...they need to man-up and get you some more juice..that bottle of Sunny D did not develop legs and walk off...back in the day when I had roomies I had the same problem.

girl next door...I totally agree about the gift set..just give it to to her and see what happens...air freshener can only do so much.

acolyte said...

@ cafenol aka devious one
Congrats!I am innocent!Stop wasting taxpayers money with inquiries!
As for that mami kwani am I her father?!Pshhhhhhhhhhh!
Now if they couldnt even own up, you think they'll buy any more?
If the chic was smart she should talk some dude into hooking her up, anyway cool fall is in the house so she can be deo free!
@ Princess
My room mate reacted the same way i did.Just shrugged his shoulders.Seems the juice probo is a common one with roomies!

kibitok said...

I will say in true Kenyan fashion; 'It was her day to die'. My condolences to your roomie. An example of extreme karma? (Your juice).

Ngilu and Michuki - Achana naye. Ati ni wazee! Tsk! Tsk!

mocha said...

Did the dog die before or after the juice confrontation?

As for you carrying air freshener to class, that is kidogo extreme. Just tell her to get it sorted. Save all of you time and money.

Jadekitten said...

@ mocha's 'did the dog die before or after?'....LOL. Jitetee....

Carry air freshener to class? And do what? Spray at and around her every 5 minutes? he he

Anonymous said...

** tuts furiously**
Never mind that it was someone’s beloved pet but disposing a dead animal in a trash bag??!! Additionally, I like how you say “in typical Kenyan fashion” because that’s very atypical of what I (and indeed majority of other Kenyans would do) which reminds me I need to rent Wizard of Oz for my little niece *ahem* Anyway we had this discussion a while back on your other blog – Trueinstigation - so ill leave it at that.

Have a nice carcass free weekend wont you?

Ps – Rational dialogue between two politicians??!! Hehe..

PPs - the Acolettes are looking thin on the ground, have you been neglecting them ama? lol..


Joseph Walking said...

POLE for the doggie and the juice .by the way i have a theory that students from kenya dont drink sunny d(coz of the budget)serious students drink tampico(cheap stuff) lakini i guess i was wrong i should have made some changes to my budget when i was in school. as for hon michuki i love that guy '"Ngilu the kamba dancer "had me rolling over

Devious One said...

@ U to come up with such a question...did the dog die before or after the juice incident hahahahahha

All that will be revealed once the inquiry is over !

Mocha U is a twisted bovine !

And Ur bovine curse done gone over to word verification..WTF ??

acolyte said...

@ kibitok
I agree with your statement completely.As for our two politicians, it is indeed a shame!Thanks for visiting!
@ mocha!
The dog died after the juice confrontation, but dont get any ideas!
The air freshener jib was a joke, I would never stoop that low!
@ jadekitten
And I thought I was cold!
@ Dshy
I was ashamed to discover that Animal Services exist to do that work, oh well I guess I am a Kenyan to the core; I have seen loads of peeps back home do it.Disposable pets!
As for the readers, they come and go as they please.
@ Joseph Walking
You are so on point!Tampico is what they were bought by my roomie but I guess they thought they should have some of the good stuff!
Michuki's mouth is a loose cannon!
@ devious one
Word verification can be a bitch!
ps:I am innocent!

mocha said...

Sasa D1 matusi ya nini dada???

Ebu angalia Aco's answer and you will see why I asked the question. LOL!!!

Aco....I won't get any ideas (rolling eyes)!!!

Joke or no joke, I can still picture you spraying that shyte when she raises her MAKWAPAZ in class either na madharau or indiscreetly....LMAO!!!

Totally unrelated: Aco, can I change my Blogger to Beta? Is it much better now?

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
I do recommend the change to BETA, it is much more user friendly.Just swith via the link on your dashboard, log out and let them email you.I am having loads of fun with it now!

Kaari said...

Im betting my ndururus that Aco put some meat on thje road jus as Bubba was in his Chev Luv pick up truck and Bosco one minute was chewing on some nayke..the next thing he was airborne then doggie heaven !!

Aco..give the mama mothballs then ama ??

Mocha, hakuna matusi...U still is a twisted bovine !

WV has wezad me leo waaa what is MFLGKQUV ??

Anonymous said...

Dead as a door nail?!...tsk! That is not the kind of experssion you use on a deceased "roomate" even if you never really got along! But you gave the doggie quite a send off...body bag and all!

Once more Michuki and Ngilu catch the headlines for the wrong reasons. Kamba jig??? that's what I'd call the epitome of arrogance!It's amazing the great lengths some of these guys go to in their endeavours to make themselves look dumb.

Archer said...

I sympathise with your housemate over the loss of his dog. If Sunkuli my german shepherd were to be promoted to doggie heaven I'd be DEVASTATED! I almost was when his companion Ruto kufad two years ago. And yes I'm very serious, my pet dogs' names are Sunkuli and Ruto! I couldn't think of better creatures to name after these two clowns.

Acolyte said...

@ Anon
I just loved the phrase from when I was learning english as a kid plus all the other similes we learned!
As for our politicians, they never cease to amaze me!
@ Archer
My roomie did not appear to be moved at all!
I do think those are great names for your dogs!