Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hard Faces, Hard Choices, Hard Reading and Hard Hitting Viewing

Once in a while when the mood strikes me, I like to listen to and watch dancehall videos. One interesting thing struck me. The women who sing have great bodies but their faces as are as hard as granite. Some of those women look like they could stare down a statue. Think I am kidding? Look at Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens and Cecile (okay she doesn't look that hard most of the time). It also made me realise how much Redsan jacks from ragga musicians.

Moving on, we men know that if you go out with a hot gyal (sorry couldn't resist) that you have to lay down your seniority or the vultures will swoop in. The thing is that for girls it is at most time so subtle that I wonder how women deal with it. My sister told of her disgust at how she went out with this guy once. The dude is one of those people who arent that good looking but know how to dress and seem to ooze money and machismo (love that word!). So whenever he goes out usually women give him the once over.
Anyway, my sister was out with him for the day when at one shop, this fly chic starts giving him the come hither look and running her had slowly through her $500 weave; lucky for her he wasnt interested. They get to where they were going to have coffee and another chic goes to the extent of turning her chair (she was in the table parallel to them) to face them. She then started giving those non-verbal cues for interest that women give men when they are interested. Needless to say my sister was kinda livid. You see you cant go around whupping women for doing things like that (okay you can but you'll be wearing an orange jumpsuite for sometime). How do you ladies out there deal with this kind of thing?

There is this blog that I came across the other day that made me say, "who gif dem a keyboard and computer? Me mind tyad after 30 mins an me kyant read no more. Dis blog is bloodclat and de writer a bombaclatt."
Okay I'm going to lay off the ragga videos and that blog. I know I got into beef with some people for saying that some blogs could be better, but I do think that these same bleeding hearts would agree with me if they read it. But anyway this is a free blogoshphere so I just won't read that blog unless I am in a masochistic mood.

Sorry Movie Buff and co, after seeing reviews for Rocky Balboa; I have decided that I am going to see it. I will tell you how it was!


Gish said...

when a dude is oozing machismo *LOL* then there is little you can do TRUST else if he wants to play he will so let him know that you love him and trust him then sit back and watch*evil grin*. If he plays then he aint yours else he is a good guy.
I loove the carribean english my faves are Guyana Gyal and Mighty afroditee will find that bumbaclatt(sp).

Anonymous said...

Enyewe those chicks look hard, now that i think about it, what happened to Patra?

Licious! said...

Aco...passing through to wish you a Merry Christmas!

I know you dont penda Santa will be late!

Ok....Happy New Year then!

Those chics do look hard.

A for jamaas oozing that special aura....I will toboa more later!

Ichiena said...

Remember Patra. Kwanza forget her face. Those thighs could crash a dude.

Compe - you just keep him occupied with your feet under the table, heheeh. No, seriously - dont bother. If he wants to be "won over" he will be whether you are there or not.

I love dancehall lakini the accents and interpreting - I gave up when i learnt why TOK want us to gimme fwaya we be burn the chichi man! Sheesh

Acolyte said...

@ Gish
You are one patient mama to sit buy while the hyenas strike! Caribbearn pidgin and patois rock big time!
@ aegeus
I have often wondered the same thing.
@ mocha!
Good to have you pass thru. Yes I have no love for x-mas among other things.
We are waiting for you to toboa.

coldtusker said...

If u show up in Jamaica... all I can say... watch your back!

Since exams are over... we expect more (quality) output from you...

msaniixl said...

ha ha you fell for rocky....

what the hell with mans face though....he loks like he did take pounding in real life..

Girl next door said...

Wouldn't want to mess with those stone-faced women.

If I'm out with a hot man and the chics swoop in, I just play it cool and see what he does. You can tell a lot about how people handle attention--either thrive from it or ignore it.

Acolyte said...

@ coldtusker
Those mamas look like trouble I tell you! Dont mess!
@ Msanii
I havent gone to see it yet but I do agree the dude looks like one hot mess!
I have given you chics marks coz most of the chics I know arent too pleased when such behaviour goes down and deal with it ASAP!

Nimimitu said...

I wonder too about Redsan's originality. I recently read a review on him. Signing up with Universal.

When I go out with someone, I generally don't notice the attention he gets... lakini, I am also vain, sometimes when I c people look @ us, I think they are saying," wow, look how hot they look together." Lakini, I have noticed, in Kenyan bashes, if u r with a hot jamaa, as soon as u turn ur back, chics pounce on him like this.... .

Chatterly said...

heheh booombaclatt fwaya dem ting, yaani lyrics that i don't understand.

About my guy (which one now kwanza?) being pounced upon by lusty babes, I sit back and watch, just looking at him. He had better not act like a fool though! But punching a woman? nope, I too...emmm i dont know the word :-)

amber said...

Hmm, of hot men, just chill and see what he does. And anyway for me it is a bit of a turn-on to watch a man I am with flirt with another girl or girls, after all I am still the one he is going home with, and it is a deadly compliment that other women find him attractive too...

Movie Buff said...

Have I ever told you, you make my day???


I will ignore the Rocky comment

Kenyanchick said...

Movie Buff, I'm with you! Aco, how are you going to spend your hard earned money watching some 75-year-old dude box?

That s**t ought to be illegal. I mean, isn't there an American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Old People?