Friday, December 22, 2006

Mozilla Mangled My Musings

Mozilla hung with today's post so I am going to keep things brief. For some reason I have not been seeing as many christmas decorations as last year, that's great! At least some people are using their brains.

You all know that I am a good fan of beef. Well it seems after Donald Trump decided to pardon the current Miss America for her indiscretions and let her keep her crown citing second chances, Rosie O'donnel was not amused. She tore Donald Trump a new one on her show, The View. She said he has no business being a judge of morality since he has been unfaithful to women he has been with, has been bankrupt and is a "snake oil" salesman.
Needless to say he hit back! All the video needs is "Ether" by Nas playing in the background!

Have any of you heard Nameless' new song Karibia? Why is it as the musical arrangement that Nameless uses gets better, his lyrics get worse? How in the world does your song have a lyric going "Mahamjam zinapanda,mahamjam nikikuona,mahanjam zinapanda." At this rate his nephews and nieces will be writing his next lyrics. I know I sound like a hater but you know I'm being real.

I was looking at this picture from Scott Storch's birthday party. Dude always looks like he is isn't quite right upstairs but that isn't the subject. Do you see the chic on the far right? For all intents and purposes, she is naked. That brings me to the theory of the day, in hip hop land; women's amount of clothing is inversely porportional to the amount of clothing the men wear.

Anyway have a happy holiday and don't get too buckwild!


coldtusker said...

Thanx for the foto... of the chile...

LOL... anyway...

Movie Buff said...

ebu send me that song

Acolyte said...

@ coldtusker
You are most welcome!
@ movie buff
I only hear it on capital, I dont have it; pole sana.

Girl next door said...

The Trump/O'Donnel saga is entertaining. Shows how adults can act like kids having a schoolyard fight. So many insults that flew back and forth.

Haven't heard Nameless' song, I'd like to though.

Your theory about women's and men's clothing in hip-hop is so right on. It irritates me that in every single music video, there has to be a chic in a bikini. It doesn't matter what the video is about, whether it's set in some inner city hood, or a mountain, but some chic in a bikini will make an appearance.

Chatterly said...

merry christmas too! that was a very funny pic there :-)

mama mia said...

true, not too much decorations this time round .. anyhow, season's greetings to you and yours!

Ichiena said...

I too am thankful for the downplayed festivities. Though yesterday i queued for one hour! Shopping!

Your theory's spot on. And here's another one: in lingala land the looseness of women's clothing is inversely porportional to the looseness of the men wear

majonzi said...

merry christmas and a happy new year, and shika the cheers of the times!!

lol @achiena! how tru!!

The truth said...


acolyte said...

I must admit that it was really funny how that whole issue went down!
LOL @ the chic in the mountains with a bikini, sad but true.
@ chatterly
It was good to have given you something interesting.
@ mama mia
Happy hols to you too!
@ ichiena
Hols shopping isnt my thing at all!
Nice addendum to the theory.
@ majonzi
Happy hols to you too!
@ the truth
happy hols to you too!

kipepeo said...

Hope you had a good christmas and hope you have a lush new year. True bout the hip hop girls, sometimes I wonder why they even bother to wear clothes.

Nakeel said...

Hope the christmass was the bomb. Have a very blessed 2007 and May you acheive what your heart desires in the year.