Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Malaise and get off my back........

The day that we dread most... Monday is upon us! The drudgery that accompanies it almost makes me want to wish we had 3 day weekends.
I was having a major case of the malaise on Saturday but an International Student's bash and breakfast at I-hop on Sunday alleviated it temporarily.
The fact is that I am sick and tired of living in this one horse town. O.K it isn't that small but when you are used to living in a big city like Nairobi, the hustle and bustle, conveniences, burgeoning social life and the anonymity; small town life does begin to get to you.
I find it tiring that the bulk of people here are Undergraduate students who's average age is 20. Not to say that they are bad people but I do find it easier to relate to people who are my age and older. So some of my good friends are the few grad students who spend extra time on Campus after their classes and the Associate Professors many of whom are under the age of 40.
It also doesn't help that I do alot of the same things and go to the same places over and over ie go to class, go to work, go to the gym, go shop once in a while etc. Add to this the life of poverty that comes with being a student and you don't have the happiest camper.
I am also really beginning to dislike my job and one of my bosses. But I just don't feel like going into details about that.
But instead of getting depressed about it, I have decided to dig in my heels, concentrate on my books and press on to the goal of finishing school. Because as the good book says, "It shall pass."

Now it seems that a blogger took exception to my rant about the diplomatic "indiscretion" of the Tanzanian President. It seems that it is always fun to demonise someone which in this case is me. I do admit that my post was a bit too strongly worded, but it was an off the cuff rant which many bloggers understood and did not take too seriously.
I have been told that I am overly nationalistic (yes, I know you pontificators out there are saying that I am not the kind of nationalist that Kenya needs ) and I can be a bit hot headed; which isn't the best combination. So I did not take too kindly to what their President "said," plus I have had Kenyan friends who have done business or live in Tanzania and while some of them have had wonderful experiences there are many who have had many problems there, and talking to them may have influenced my post.
But the fact is that I am not the only person who voiced the same sentiments. I am not going to name names but we all know that this is the truth. Go google this paragraph and see the url that comes up...
P.S. To add insult to injury Bush has promised to visit Tanzania soon. My advice to the Bush Presidential party. Do not forget two very important items. Namely plenty of generators to generate your own electricity and an interprator who understands Kiswahili, broken English and proper English.
Yes, it is the url of another KBW member. So please, let's point everyone out and not just Aco.This blogger has blogged about the negativity Tanzanians have for Kenyans when it comes to trade and bilateral relations but has the person been mentioned? No, no not at all! From the sentiments that were expressed by 2 of the commenters there you would think it was me alone. If you read the comments to my post, they were quite a few people who concurred with what I said meaning that I was not alone.
I do know that some people out there may not like this blog. Well if you don't, do not read it or talk about it. What you are doing is giving me publicity, which I know is the last thing that you want to do. It is about time that some people realised that not all blogs are as "highbrow", divinely inspired and as intellectual as yours, I am sure when some of these people publish a new post they feel that an angel is born, somewhere in Africa a woman has been delivered from the patriachy, that rain begins to fall on some famine parched land and that textbooks rain down from heaven in the classrooms of poor schools world over. All that happens in my world when I click the publish button is that a new post is published. Some of us blog off the cuff, we blog what we feel and they are not always warm fuzzy feelings that inspire us to forgive slights against what we call dear, turn the other cheek and hold hands and sing Kumbaya.
Surprising thing is that to that I actually do visit the blogs of those who don't like my blog and think it appeals to the lowest common denominator. Life is too short for e-grudges and fact is that since we have differing opinions doesn't mean that I think that you can't say something wise once in a while.
In fact an e-mail on the same day politely asking me to take down the post and saying that it was offensive would have worked real well instead of the flaying and sneering at me and my blog. It has been done before and I obliged because as the saying goes, a soft word turns away wrath. If you have a problem with anything I blog about, e-mail me and we'll discuss it; but hit back and you are no better than I am at all. Some of my best blog pals are people whom I have clashed with on earlier occasions.
If any blogger had a major issue with that post they should have e-mailed me and I would have dealt with it, but letting feelings fester and expressing them two weeks too late does little because the issue has been forgotten by many, me included. Anyway I can remember a saying in my broken swahili, wacha watesama, kisha watalala.
ps: Pointing out my spelling mistake i.e it's instead of its' was just petty.But while we are at it you might as well point out the fact that my space bar gets stuck when it gets to the end of sentences.


mocha said...

*booking my place*

Off to read!!!

mocha said...

Aco...vumilia tuu!!! Life in shags is almost over.

As for what you write or don't write on your blog....shame on the hindiots who are dictating otherwise.

Have an ok Monday!!!

Acolyte said...

@ Mocha
Thanks for the encouragement but at times it seems so far away!!!!!!!!!
As for those people, let them talk!

Aegeus said...

Blogger ate my comment! *&&&^**&#^$%%#@^@*!

The last sip is usually the sweetest(Direct translation from mother tongue).

Your blog is not a democracy. You post what you want the way you want to. You are right. The approach you take dictates the direction of what ensues after.

Have a good Monday!

Half 'n' half said...

Living in the bush (literally) I can assure you that its the best atmosphere to get things done, mostly because there is nothing else to do...

One day people will understand the concept of a blog....and the fact that you dont have to read each and everything that is written.

and I agree pointing out spelling simply shows that one has run out of things to say.

continue writing. Its your blog. (oops forgot the apostrophe)

Movie Buff said...

Aco... lol... Yes it is ur blog and I personally LOVE IT. Haters are part and parcel of life. Other a tad bit childish I agree and others feel like their intellect surpases those of all and sundry.

But this paragraph... just almost killed me....

I am sure when some of these people publish a new post they feel that an angel is born, somewhere in Africa a woman has been delivered from the patriachy, that rain begins to fall on some famine parched land and that textbooks rain down from heaven in the classrooms of poor schools world over. All that happens in my world when I click the publish button is that a new post is published


While I am all for the idea that a blog is a good means of spreading the word and educating the masses, there are some who blog because it is their means of expressing themselves... and their ideas and all that good stuff [yes I did not say something Highly Intellectual... uta-do]... some are for pure entertainment and personal rants....Deal the deal... deal with it!

Do your thing Aco!!!!

Shiroh said...

Hey Aco, don't understand the beef around here. Anyway if at all it is anything i am sure it is not important. I thought we were through with e-feuds but anyway what???

TZ is like 10 times less than our economy if the Ksh-TSh is anything to go by!!! That is not a myth.

Have a good week.

Irena former bloggee! said...

Acolyte: Keep writing and expressing yourself. You see, there two kinds of people, those who think and say it ( an exhibition of confidence) and those who think it. Hey it is your space ,do what you want to plus your are one of the most REAL /down- to - earth blogger at KBW and for that I can't get enough of your writing! So cheers dude!

Acolyte said...

@ aegeus
Sorry bout that, it happens to me too! Thanks for the encouragement!
I agree with that sentiment. If people had a problem with that post they should have just been diplomatic and asked me to take it down politely and most probably I would have done so.
@ half n half
I do agree that there are far less distractions round here.
Plus people need to know that we dont all believe that same things and not all of us are blessed with the gift of the gab as regards such issues.
@ Movie Buff
Good to hear that I have one dedicated fan!
I guess my low intellect could come up with one funny para, huh?
@ Shiroh
I guess there are some people who take somethings way to personally. It is easy to tell the difference between a rant and an all out attack.
@ Irena
Thanks for the support!It's good to know that you still pass by!

Nakeel said...

My bro Aco will tap your back and tell you hit it where it pains if it is the truth.
What does TZ have surely? If we pull all Kenyas from there there will be no business going on there.
I have a friend who last month was denied a work permit to TZ with no tangiable reason and they say we are neighbours waende...

Acolyte said...

@ Nakeel
Thank you for yout frank comment, you are simply showing me that it is not all love and hugs for Kenyans in TZ too. So I don't know where people get off accusing me of "negrophobia" and anti African-ness. Sheesh!

StackOfStiffys said...

@Acolyte: Monday mornings are just tough, and I just love them as I get to make fun of bleary eyed colleagues. You are a new recruit, and I'll visit your blog on Mondays and rant! Having been a proponent of an e-fued myself, I think it is only fair that I comment on the concerns emanating from Tz.

It is likely that they took you rant to mean that you were belitling their expansive country (pun obviously mine and intended). But Kikwete had no business discussing us with Bush, so you have a right to ask why in any manner you choose on your blog, or even if it is an open ended letter to State House in Dar or any of their embassies. So if I Tz nationa feels aggrieved, let them justify why your post was wrong (waichambue, for the benefit of your Tz readers), or, as you've correctly put it, dialugue with you privately on e-mail.

That said, I find the way Tanzania and it's nationals treat others astounding, and no offence to anyone, am just sharing my observations. A visitor to Dar has to be careful to conform with social rules, starting with chit chat with every waiter at every establishement before the customary naomba this or that. If you don't, you get a cold stare and the daring ones even reproach you. The same applies when they visit Kenya. Power problems aside, all Tanzanians believe in 'respect', if I may call it that, such that there is no free press, and the press toes the line willingly btw, paying homage to Ndugu Mkapa, Kikwete at will. TV is censored while prostitution thrives in Dar, Radio is just that radio, the stations are just plain swahili razzmatazz (forget Capital!)

They view Kenyans with a lot of suspicion, and early this year, some of my friends were shipped (deported) back to Kenya. The Tz economy is growing, but the benefit ends up mainly in South African and Kenya in that order, and it is not because of 'takeovers' as they put it, Tz nationals are just not enterprising, yet they want their economy to grow! There are a lot more, but am boring everyone and taking up the Acolyte's blog like a net gremlin.

Acolyte said...

@ StackOfStiffys
Thanks for passing by! Mondays suck big time!
I do agree that much as I may have been a bit heavy handed in my rant, TZ peeps are far from blameless.
What you have pointed out about TZ says alot.
The trade hierachy you pointed out says alot too. Kenyans are not out to loot and plunder their country and it is about time they realised that.But that is a matter I will let someone else post lest a hitman is sent my ways.

kelitu said...

It's Monday, why can't we all just get along?!!

Aco, i want vibe on Dj CK (aka kenya's Donald Trump/hoooo)

Acolyte said...

@ kelitu
DJ C.K vibe is for Friday bila fail!!!!!
I have mad love for my ndugus and dadas no matter what they say about me!

mdkims said...

you have the raw energy of a tiger when it comes to tearing at the stupid sentiments that some knave had the nerve to air ... i wish i could have more of that ... i know you are a big boy and therefore do not need a hug from or anything so a part on the back will do... PAT PAT

Acolyte said...

@ Mdkims
Thanks for the pat on the back!Good to know I still have friends out there!

Princess said...

Aco..I had imparted some words of wisdom earlier but blogger gobbled my comments up!! Your blog is yours to discuss whatever you deem fit! Besides, every one is entitled to have their respective opinions and so nobody should give you a hard time for voicing your thoughts on any matter...they should just agree to disagree in a diplomatic manner.

Kenyanchick said...

I visited some of those 'anti-Aco' sites and was astounded. All that energy and vitriol to discuss what ONE Kenyan had written on his blog? I don't understand that. I really don't. And what's up with people asking you to take down posts? I hope you didn't, Aco. Censorship really pisses me off.

Hint: If you don't want to read something... don't read it. Aco isn't Kenya's Ambassador to the Blogosphere, his comments are his own and he's entitled to them. Don't like 'em? Go to another page.

I'm really irritated. Post another Nameless picture please.

Archer said...

What more can I sy that hasn't been said already? Personal blog=personal opinions. If you don't like what I write, don't read it! Simple as that. I understand why Ndesanjo would want to defend his countrymen and Prez. Kikwete, but why take it out on one blogger in particular? In fact, the aggregator was filled with numerous posts from bloggers showing their anger and disgust at the talks between Bush and Kikwete! Not just one or two.

Where I think we should have drawn the line is dissing Kikwete's name. But that's just about it!

Aco, you keep doing your thing. Feelanga nothing for the individuals who have bile for you and only wait for such occasions to add their 2 cents!

ndesanjo said...

Archer: I have not read all posts related to the issue. And my intention was not to pick on one blogger. The second part of the post in question will touch on other related posts.

Acolyte: My intention was not to demonise anybody but to engage in a conversation about issues that were raised by you. I did not see the need to email you and ask you to delete the post. I dont think there was any need to delete the post unless you don't want to stand by what you wrote. And since the piece that you wrote was posted publicly, I did not see the need to email you in private about it. It was a public matter, posted for everyone to read, so I thought the right course of action was to respond publicly and, in a way, deconstruct some myths and misconceptions we have about each other. And most importantly, to condemn in no uncertain terms the use of words such as "bitch" to refer to my president. Let me tell you, I have a lot of issues with my president, but I will not remain silent when somebody calls him a bitch. I think it is a lack of respect for the man and the people of Tanzania who elected him. I will not remain silent when a person makes general assumptions about Tanzanians based on faulty evidence and hearsay.

We have lots of misconceptions about each other, some of them will be dealt with in the second part of my response to your post. We can overcome these misconceptions, we can dismantle them...blogging can be a platform for use to understand each other and build a better East Africa and get rid of corrupt regimes in the region.

In principle, I don't think there was anything wrong with you saying what you said since you were exercising your right to free speech and thought. Asking you to delete the post would have amounted to curtailing such rights. But at the same time, I have the right to point out what was wrong, and in bad taste, in your argument (I have no problem with the act of expressing your opinions. my concern was the content of your opinions).

Poet mutiso said...

Hi Aco and (soon to be your bossom buddy) ndesanjo. Wacheni beef bwana. Lets go back to normal blogging. If this goes on for another week it will be in the front pages of all the papers in E. Africa

Considering that E.African media houses continue to ignore us bloggers...

Acolyte said...

@ Ndesanjo
I do stand by my sentiments but I understand your anger at the epithet that I used to refer to your President. I referred to the fact that I was aware the language that I used in that post was a bit heavy and that if I had taken time to consider the issue and not let my friends'and family experiences with Tanzanians color the post, it would have been written in a less abrasive manner.
I didn't remove the post because I don't stand by it but it had gotten to the level where more heat than light was being generated by the discussion from it. Furthermore it was being used by many bloggers on your forum to hurl insults and generalise on my character without reading any of my other posts.
I would really like to read the post you have written as regards the other posts and the sentiments they have esp the perceived xenophobia expressed by Tanzanians against Kenyans.
Like I said in my post, I have no time for e-grudges; so if you are ready to start with a clean slate so am I.If not, life will continue....
@ poet mutiso
Thanks for coming by. I am more than ready to start out on a clean slate if the other parties are willing.
Because like you say, we can do more together than we can do divided.

ndesanjo said...

Acolyte: nimekuelewa. Na nimekupata kabisa. Hakuna shaka!

Mkereletwa said...

Good saying "personal opinions remains personal". However, when you click "publish" you open your opinions to the public who are also entitled to their opinions on your opinion. The article not only insulted President Kikwete, it generally insulted Tanzanians, We have read and kept quiet because as you know the Tzn's like peace. What Ndesanjo and other Tz Bloggers oopose is the blanket condemnation that you have put on them. By the way these countries were divided by colonians, originally there was no boundary between Tz and Kenya. Sisi sote ni ndugu. I know a lot of Tz men who have are married to Kenyans and there is no point fighting basing on English and discussions started by Bush. Aco wake up and smell the coffee.
A new slate? yeah right!

Acolyte said...

@ Mkereletwa
I agree that when I publish my opinion, people should then make their opinions public. It does not make sense or do your heart any good to read what I wrote, keep quiet about it for more than one week and finally release a flood of bile.
If concerns were aired earlier I may have been convinced of the error of my opinions and dealt with the post. Because unlike many people, my opinions change according to new information I receive.
English was the least of my argument and a snide aside, you might as well diss me about my poor swahili and I wont be as preturbed as it as you and the rest were; even though I wish my swahili was have as good as yours.
So new slate or not is up to you, I am not going to waste my time on such grudges.

ndesanjo said...

Acolyte: I don't understand why it was wrong for me to wait for more than a week before I responded. What if I was busy? What if I was researching on the matter? What if I was thinking of what I wanted to say? What if did not make my mind about responding as soon as I read it? What if I read your post after a week or so?

The issues that you raised were not time sensitive. If they were, I was going to try to respond immediately. The content of my response, I believe, is more important than how long it took for me to respond. Is it not?

Acolyte said...

@ Ndesanjo
I do agree with you that the issue was not time sensitive but it would have been better if you and other concerned Tanzanians would have responded or commented earlier. That is when there was a large number of people reading that post and your input would have been very useful in dealing with the issue.
At that time many Kenyans who have issues with Tanzania would have read your thoughts and interacted with you but as it is now the only Kenyan dealing with your response is me.

Mkereketwa said...

Anyway waswahili husema "ukimwaga maji, hayazoleki". when you publish an insult you inflict wounds into peoples minds. The best you can do is to withdraw it (which you were wise enough to do congratulations) but remember scars remain although they have forgiven. May be lets delete the slate and start afresh. (could this do as a new slate? i bet it would

m said...


Mzee, yaani you're starting diplomatic brouhahas?!

Acolyte said...

@ Mkereketwa
Always good to hear a new opinion. I do agree that people don't forget insults but the choice to relive them is another thing altogether.I am ready to start afresh if all other affected parties are...
@ M
While you were dealing with tribal drama I was huku trying to forestall an international incident.

m said...

Well ... at least I was able to chochea people to say what they really believe.

Eye opener does not begin to describe it!

Vagabond said...

I googled the paragraph you had posted and read a very thought provoking post by Kumekucha. I also said my (lengthy) piece on the Tz bottom-line: Kenyans are smart, they are business savvy, and they are ambitious. More, we have a stronger economy...getting even stronger every year and we are not dependent on donor funds. I could go on but I will spare you the tirade (no point repeating myself).

It's sad that writing is not always taken objectively and that people don't realize that an opinion voiced, or written down, is not necessarily a personal affront. I say, their loss…you miss the point when you reduce well thought out arguments into petty scuffles …and you miss the opportunity to present your view when you jump right in without putting much, or any, thought into what you’re saying. For the record, I may not always agree with what other bloggers write about but I am not one to belittle a well written piece. Good writing, is good writing, is good writing. Keep posting. :-)

Mkereketwa said...

Quoting M "Kenyans are smart, they are business savvy, and they are ambitious. More, we have a stronger economy...getting even stronger every year and we are not dependent on donor funds."

This is another narrow view of reality. Thw statement above could be said of Zimbabwe as well. Is it true? that remains your own judgement. ha ha ha !!

The good writing? about insult, don't condone such, Acolyte himself is being wise and more educated to realize about the choice of words, cmon lets move on.