Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Saint Auxentios Day!

I think what I posted last year at this same time still captures my full emotions about Valentines!

Seeing as I think that Valentine's day is a load of crap I have decided to spend that day in a more holistic way.Also, I don't have the time, money or tolerance for the sham and commerical slaughter of men's wallets and well being that is Valentine's day.This excerpt is from one of my all time number one blogs!:
February 14th is the Eastern Orthodox Church's holiday of Saint Auxentios Of The Mountain (pronounced "Aw-zeen-ti-os").

In case you don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day and give some woman compliments and gifts so as to earn her approval, placate her ego and give her something to show off with as she plays a game of who got the biggest,best, shiniest gift with her girlfriends

You can say you are celebrating Saint Auxentios Day.

Here is some background info on him:

"The Monk Auxentios, by origin a Syrian, served at the court of the emperor Theodosius the Younger (418-450). He was known as a virtuous, learned and wise man, and he was moreover a friend of many of the pious men of his era.

Distressed by worldly vanity, Saint Auxentios accepted the dignity of presbyter, and then received monastic tonsure. Setting off after this to Bithynia, he found a solitary place on Mount Oxus, not far from Chalcedon, and there he began the life of an hermit. (This mountain was afterwards called Auxentian). The place of the saint's efforts was stumbled upon by shepherds, seeking after lost sheep. They spread the news about him, and people began to come to him for healing. With the Name of God, Saint Auxentios healed many of the sick and the infirm.

In the year 451 Saint Auxentios was invited to the Fourth Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon, where he became known as a denouncer of the Eutykhian and Nestorian heresies. He was greatly familiar with Holy Scripture, and Saint Auxentios easily bested those opponents who entered into dispute with him. After the finish of the Council, Saint Auxentios returned again to his solitary cell on the mountain. By means of spiritual sight he saw the end of Saint Simeon the Pillar-Dweller (459), from over a great distance.

The Monk Auxentios himself died in about the year 470, leaving behind him disciples and many monasteries constructed in the Bithynian region."


Archer said...

First! Off to read.

Unyc said...


@Acolyte I hv read all that n still my q remains, "Will u be my valentine?" (battling eyelashes n smiling)...

WanjaKihii said...

I have learnt something new today. Yes i am on an quest.

WanjaKihii said...

Oh Happy Valentine's I shall sambaza you some chocolate. Please be Unyc Valentine please

mocha! said...

Trus' you to do something different. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yup! Tgats Aco!
Send me some flowers to celebrate st. Auxentios Day! Shiroh

aegeus said...

If i hear that word one more time!

(Aco kwani you have control over your word verification? 'prezo' was my word today. Hehehhe)

mama shady said...

enyewe!lets go throw eggs at all these valentine propagators, instigators (na kadhalika)!and shout 'freedom' as we do it;)as for st. axenious(spelling?)... i dont know. i doubt id remeber half his bio, especially with all those, eh, interesting names!

josh said...

Happy Holy day to you Aco. Now can we just tell them to lay off the suggestions?

Archer said...

@Unyc: Hehe! Sorry luv! I can see you're really campaigning!

Ati St. Auxentios was the mboch of Emperor Theodosius? Those names are too fancy.

Overheard from a jamaa who's chic is complaining about the cheap gift he got for her: "Mazee hiyo 5.8% G.D.P ya Kimunya bado haijafika mfukoni kwa hivyo HANG TAFF!"

i have to ask though, who are the real losers on valentines day? The guys who spend crazy amounts of cash to show their "love" for their significant others, or the mamas who've just guaranteed access to their NaHuKoZ for the next one year? Guys don't spend money on women for free.

mama shady said...

@archer:heh! thats an interesting one. enyewe, who are the losers?!
'guys dont spend money on women for free'...hmmm, whose going to refute that one?

modoathii said...

si umekamata roses ya red? ndio. si umekura shokorate? ndio. si umemunya ice cream ya storoberri? ndio. si tumekura dinner kure kwa wasugu? ndio. na tukaona arsenori ikichida? ndio. bas, shooma nimpaka irare dani.

yap, nothing's for free.

saint who day? from where? went what? kulad which? aki nitaita mnaju wa me awzeentios (whatever)