Monday, February 12, 2007

Drama Post Part 5

Mary walked the two blocks to the library in a huff. "How dare that boy disrespect me like that?" she said to herself not caring if anyone heard here. How he could treat her like that despite what they had been through was the thought that ate away at her. She walked into the library building and found the part of the building where the books were being kept was being roped off for the night. She remembered that the lower part of the building where the computer lab was housed was open 24 hrs a day was always open. She walked towards it and sat down on the nearest wooden chair she could find, propping her feet on another chair for support. If she had taken the time to roam further into the room she would have realised that she had just walked by a few comfortable couches that been far more sleep friendly.

As the next day came. Kamau woke up feeling rejuvenated, he took his toiletries and towel and went and took a long hot shower. This was the life, he thought to himself; the days of heating water on the paraffin stove for a shower were now over. After showering and freshening up, he then put on his favorite red corduroys and brown shirt with brown leather boots to match, now that he was a student again he could loosen up when it came to fashion, he thought as he preened himself in the mirror. Oduori at this time had also stepped out of the bathroom wearing his long white night gown and smelling of expensive cologne, he looked at Kamau, shook his head and went into his room.

Meanwhile Kendi had had a night and a half. She had only attended the party to get something from Muriungi. Sadly for her, he had taken an extreme liking to her and wasn't going to help her for nothing. He was her only hope if she was to be able to solve her school issues and time was running out. Her cousin had left her with him as she went to get cozy with the someone she had had her eye on for sometime. The night had moved agonisingly slow as she had to put up with his boring conversation, sexual innuendo and uncontrollable hands. As the night wore on the house party crowd thinned leaving only the hard core drinkers (conscious and unconscious), those engaging in the precursors to carnal activities and the two of them. Kendi found herself being corralled by Muriungi into an empty room. She protested, telling him they should just remain in the living room; but she knew that if she protested too hard she wouldn't get what she wanted from him, so she played along. They entered the empty room with one of Muriungi's hands around her waist and the other holding his Heineken beer. "Just sit on the bed, I won't bite he told her, " but the leering grin on his face said something else.

"Damn this place is far!" Carol exclaimed as she had driven for almost one hour from ATL and was still on the interstate, still several exits away from the exit to the 'ville. But it was all worth it, she thought to herself. It would be good for her to see her boyfriend Oduori, although the term boyfriend may not have applied a few months back; Thank God Oduori didn't have close friends in the city she lived in. But she now vowed that she was done with the Kenyan men who had been in the States too long, she couldn't take the drama and the drinking that was part and parcel of most of them. She took a sneak peek at herself in the rear view mirror and was pleased with how good her new weave looked,
"Beyonce, step back!" she said to herself and laughed. Her stunning face, hypnotic cleavage and traffic stopping rear had made her receive enough unwanted attention during her time in the States, from up tight white boys, brothers in the hood, persistent West African brodas to Kenyans; they all wanted a piece of her. But they all fell short in the end end always reminded her that it took a real man to handle her, and she now realised that man was Oduori. She pondered that thought as she finally found the exit to the 'ville and began to leave urbanisation behind.

Mary opened her eyes, wiped the drool that had dried on the side of her chin and a small scream escaped her lips. She was bewildered over where she was, before she knew what was happening she lost balance and her posterior was on the cold floor. She heard loud laughter and saw an middle aged man in uniform holding a mop, she remembered she had slept in the computer lab's lobby. Her neck screamed in pain from the awkward position she had slept in, she looked for some spare change in her pocket and went and bought herself some chips. That was all she could afford, she knew she would get a better meal when she reported for work at the dining hall. She reached for her back pack and decided to go for her morning class after at least washing her face in the ladies room, showering wasn't an issue because it was close to winter so no-one would know if she showered or not. She wondered where she would sleep tonight when a brain wave came to her, she knew where she would sleep tonight!

That same morning Kendi shifted Muriungi's heavy arm off her and climbed out of the bed. She looked for his jeans at the side of the bed and began ransacking them till she found what she wanted. She found his cell phone and put it in her purse, his address book had the answer to her problems. She had left her cousin in an alcohol induced slumber in the sitting room with her new boyfriend when she managed to escape Muriungi's clutches for a few minutes a few hours ago. Before she stepped out of the room, she looked at herself in the mirror and adjusted the remaining buttons on her blouse. In his drunken randy state, Muriungi had been pawing her goodies and she thought she may have had to give it up to him to get what she wanted, but he blacked out on top of her after struggling to take her top off. The experience had been a tiring one for her but at least she had what she wanted she thought to herself. Kendi walked into the sitting room to wake up her cousin and let her know that it was time to go home. Her plan to deal with the semester would now enter stage two!

Kamau had never experienced such a long day before. He had three lectures to sit through which exasperated him because he could hardly understand the Professors and none of the students seemed willing to share their textbooks with him, since he did not have the money to buy any for himself. What made things worse is that he had been trying to get a job and he needed to get a social security number to be even considered for one, he didn't have one and had no idea where to start. He was greatful that the night had come, he took the shuttle to Oduori's apartment complex and walked to the the apartment. He hadn't talked about it but he was sure that Oduori wouldn't mind him staying for one extra night, that is why when he was left after Oduori he had used a piece of paper to wedge the door open slightly. Kamau opened the door, made himself a sandwhich for dinner. He turned on the tv, watched some of the scintillating music videos on MTV for a while and then turned off the tv, lights and curled up on the couch to recharge for another day.

A few hours earlier in the same apartment, Carol knocked on the door. Oduori opened the door and was overjoyed to see her, he gave her a hug that almost stopped her breathing and smothered her lips with a kiss. She saw that he was even more magnificent than what she had been dreaming about over the last few weeks. He invited her in and they sat on the couch and caught up on each others lives. Carol was smart enough to leave out the parts that involved other men who had tried to take Oduori's place. The talked and when the words ran out they let their bodies do the talking. Carol stopped him before they went all the way, she had missed him but wanted to get something to eat. Oduori wasn't amused but obliged her, they went to the nearby Applebees where they enjoyed a meal of babyback ribs, mashed potatoes and other entrees. Carol looked at Oduori and was sure that he would fit in rather well with life in the States. After their delicious meal, they went to the apartment. Oduori could hardly keep his hands off her as they neared the door. He fiddled with the keys and opened the door without turning on the lights.
They were carried away in the throws of their passion. Oduori tore off Carol's skirt, kissed her, picked her up in his strong arms and dumped her lightly on the couch. What happened next baffled Oduori's mind. Carol screamed and a deep male voice exclaimed "Ka nikii?!"

What does Muriungi's phone have for Kendi? How will Oduori deal with Carol and Kamau? What is Mary upto now? Tune in for part 6 soon.......


eclipse said...

Aahhhhh Aco..the suspense is killing me...cant wait for the next chapter..U have got me hooked....

ati 'ka nikii' hahahahahahah!!!!!

Aizoh said...

Bana you are worse than Githongo when it comes to feeding us in bits. The suspense,dude. Get some speed dadi.

Prousette said...

This is one long story si you just give us a synopsis so we can be reading with the end in mind.

How many parts it is anyway?

eclipse said...

Haiya...notice the time diff between when i post m comment and when aco posted his blog..hehehtis like i commented before the blog was up..kwani there's no consideration for the time zone differences?

StackOfStiffys said...


Nice going Aco! The mix of suspense,intrigues and introduction of new characters is just right to make blogsphere feel..... at Ka nikii! Poor Kamau!

Girl next door said...

So much drama in the 'ville! I'm enjoying it.

Chatterly said...

LOL, that ville of yours has drama:-)hope we won't wait forever for part 6!

mocha said...

I swear your subscriber thingy is not working overtime..... to read!

Rista said...

Does the word 'Shindwe!' mean anything to ya? Yaani... haidhuru, we'll be back for more torture :-(

aegeus said...

"Carol screamed and a deep male voice exclaimed "Ka nikii?!"" that cracked me up! ROTFL. My appetite suitably whetted, i patiently await part 6....

Archer said...

Number 11?! Sheesh! Its called "bubbling under!"

Aco take your time but hurry up slowly, if you get my drift. Its the quality of the storo that matters and anyway it gives me something juicy to look forward to every week!

PS: "Ka nikii" ni kusema nini?

bomseh said...

i like kamau already. has the guts to ask, "ka nikii?" ama is it "ka rikii?"
i hope part 6 is on the way.

@Archer - means "ni wassup" or "nini wewe"

kelitu said...

Honestly i don't care how horny i am, ain't no way am i having a man, any man, tear my skirt off!! I will take it off with lightning-speed but, having it ripped off or losing blouse buttons will really make me pissed after we are done.

mama shady said...

enyewe!kamau seems like such a nice chap...kenyan kabisa, but nice.

kenyananalyst said...

i'll nominate u 4 a nobel in lit :-)

Ndungu said...

Beyonce Step Back!
Such a powerful statement. Was there an "eeh yah!" that followed?
Endelea polepole the suspense is good.

Acolyte said...

@ eclipse
Usijali part 6 will chomoka all in due time! Yes Kamau is a true modo!It seems in your zeal to comment you turned back the clock!
@ aizoh
This story is like good sex, best enjoyed slowly!
@ prou
Seems you are another person who has been bitten by the impatience bug!
@ stack
Thanks for the kudos, I try.
@ girl next door
You've got to love Kenyans when it comes to drama
@ chatterly
I will try and have part 6 up ASAP!
@ Mocha
Pole sana, I havent checked on it for some time.
@ rista
You do know that good things come slow!
@ aegeus
Thanks at least I now know there are ppl primed for part 6!
@ archer
Better late than never! Welcome to kikuyu 101.
@ bomseh
Thank you for being cultural ambassador.I think both phrases apply for this situation.
@ kelitu
I do agree dem clothes be expensive nowadays!
@ mama shady
Wait till the story goes on, you'll know what the deal is!
@ kenyananalyst
Thanks! :-)
@ ndungu
You have to admire the ladies confidence. At least I have on supporter for the go slow approach!Thanks!

akiey5 said...

I would have sworn you live in Soapville Aco,lol! Too much happenings happening haphasardly, hehe.

"Just sit on the bed, I won't bite he told her" ... that's how it starts, right?

Just realized there's a ton of posts I missed. Will make time to scan them.

coldtusker said...

Aco - u ****... You need to be strung up... just as we are while waiting for you to do the needful!!!

Where, oh, where is part 6????

Aco... u shud package all of these together...

Milonare said...

That "kaa hapa kihii" deep voice shouting dude that interrupted Oduori {skirt-tearing} king-ding-a-ling needs to be shot! Kwanza shot, quartered, drowned and then hung a la Thinker!

Can I copy-paste, print, bind and sell these parts in the streets of Nai? LOL

mocha said...

lol @ Milo's suggestion.

Aco...harakisha part 6.

Unyc said...


Suspense inabamba kishenzi.

Next week on...Aco's Soap....part 6 cant wait.