Monday, April 23, 2007

Race, Relationships and Other Things..........

There are two places where I think that the issue of race is most apparent in my own observation; religion and sex. They call Sunday morning the most segregated time of the week in America. This is because most people will step away from their pretensions of diversity and go worship at their respective churches that are led and attended by people who look and sound just like them. A fully racially diverse church here in the South (I can't speak for up North and other Western Countries) is the exception rather than the rule.

The situation where this is most apparent is porn, headlines like "see amateur co-ed deal with 14 inch monster black cocks, see sexy latina get pounded, big black booty girl , white trash sluts get screwed, tight asian bitch gets wrecked by american dicks." And the list goes on and on. Porn in many ways is a true expression of a people's sexual culture and perceptions. By looking at buttoned up and prim Japanese, who would know that they came up with a concept like Bukakke or the conservative Brits could come up with Movie Buff's all time favourite, soggy biscuit?

I was reading this article in Details magazine online that somehow illustrates my point. A swingers club where black "mandingos" pleasure white men's frumpy wives while the men watch. I have always wondered how a man can let another man have his wife while he watches, I guess it's a white thing. But why couldn't they use some well built white men for that? Well it's because of the perception many white people, educated or otherwise have of black people; insatiable, well endowed sex dynamos.

Another very telling incident was when I helped my friend set up a profile on a popular dating site so she could meet new people, so after the appropriate photoshop work, blurring the pics and all we were good to go. After reading a few of the responses which were mostly from white men in their 30s she decided to take the profile down, some of them would start out by saying stuff like "hello you chocolate thing!, let me be the vanilla in your coffee," profess their love for black women and other race based cliches. It became obvious to me and her that these men were just out to get some brown sugar and not to get to know my friend irregardless of her personality. We all know historically during slavery and during colonization that white men used to have their way with black women and other women of color and many of them still have that colonial hang up where they see them as their own sexual chattels, lesser beings than their own women. After all we know about how many Kenyan women are wooed by their German boyfriends in Kenya and offered a better life abroad only to be turned into sex slaves even before the they have recovered from their jet lag or how Italians have been using children in Malindi to satisfy their prediliction for anal sex (sadly with the collaboration of their impoverished parents), who can forget about all the mixed race children in parts of Maasai land who came as a result of British "Johnies" ambushing any Maasai women they could find? I for one wonder why they don't do the same things in their own countries?

Of course by now we are all aware of the Don Imus saga after her referred to the Rutgers basketball team as nappy headed hos. This man has been a repeat offender with such comments (he once called a black female correspondent a cleaning lady) but I guess his 40 days were over, there is of course the theory that he had been taking his cues from rappers portrayals of black women which we all know leave alot to be desired. But I also do know that many white men who are not rap aficionados don't see past a piece of ebony ass when they see a black woman, I had a friend who dated a white dude; he confessed to her once before they broke up that his dad told him to enjoy screwing her but leave it at that.

To conclude, it isn't that I have anything against inter-racial relations but I do think that before someone jumps off the cliff ( out sources), they should try and find out whether their lover getting into is for all the right reasons or just fulfilling some tawdry race based fantasy. Sad because to be honest I thought we should have moved past the white knight, black mandingo, me love you long time and other racial based sexual stereotypes that are still part prevalent today.


Jo said...

yipee! mimi ni number one!..ohh...that felt good!

gishungwa said...

Numero uno, that besides!

The race thing am with you in terms of you have to be sure as with any other relationship why he/she wants you so bad. Its a sad thing about the child sex thingy it on BBC yesterday and they were telling their stories and i was sad. I think we ca do better.
ps: not all mandingos are that well endowed.

gishungwa said...

Jo I will find you...

Jo said...

Awesome reflections Acolyte...just watched Stomp the Yard jana with my pal...and dang!I saw some other fine ass black men and my buddy were skirming in our seats most of the movie...anyway what would you know about that...The TRUTH people esp. BLACK MEN exude a Solidity that white people envy!

Jo said... time...maybe!
By the way, I agree with you that, "not all mandingos are that well endowed."
Some time back,one of them had come at me with so much heat( verbal), only to unless for me a straw...yaani situation wasnt even funny...he couldnt even tickle his way out of that!

Joel said...

Its about time someone spoke up about these stereotypes. As sad as it is they pervade all spheres of life and could either mean sucess or failure even before you step in the door. What ever happened to loving someone for who they really are? your guess is as good as mine

Methuselah said...

Number 4 sio mbaya. You huko juu ni yangu io position! Nitawatafuta niwaangamize. Let me go read...

Methuselah said...

How in hell do i let my chile, forget wife be worked over by anaa jamaa? The thought makes my blood boil, i guess it is acquired.

Always thought of interracial couples it like that, got me into so much trouble i now just mumble all the best and let it be.

Prousette said...

Outsource. I like that term.
Agree with you, people have different intentions you here are thinking umependwa kumbe it is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

gosh and to think ati there is love kumbe hidden ageda lol!!!

Majonzi said...

Its hard when someone is in love to know the intentions of another. I know a Kenyan who is married to a jungu who is an African American history teacher in an urban school, with enuff black kids there. Lakini, an outsider like me, was so quick to see the racist tendencies of the man... I think the difficult thing sometimes, esp btwn a white man and black woman, is drawing a line between racism and sexism.

Kirima said...

I pity any local lass who believes that white men are the ticket to riches and good life in reality many of them are just freaks and pervets just out to get some chocolate delights.
As for watching my wife with another man HELL NO!

3N said...

Aco, thanks for bringing this topic to light. I think sexuality is the one place in society that decency is ignored and true feelings can be expressed.
Despite what most people like to believe / argue – America is still racially divided.

Notions of inferiority against black people did not go away in the 60’s just because segregation was outlawed. They are still very prevalent today.

And those men who are letting other jamaas work their woman while they watch are just sickening.

Anonymous said...

Great post Aco,

Lets not forget the Warabus and Chuts... i'm quick to dismiss their advances, fully aware that they just want to fulfil their black woman fantasy...

Movie Buff said...

U put my name and soggy biscuits on the same sentence?

U r very fooresh! lol

Anonymous said...

Sure racism is still alive. Living in Coasto would make you see it. Old obieroz think that every black woman wants their money for sex. It makes me angry...rally angry coz i love my black man.

Acolyte said...

@ Jo
Congrats! Yes looks can be deceiving, as can self promotion. I do wish our solidarity was more than just on the surface though.
@ Gish
Pole you missed it just by one minute! The situation with kids in the coast is a very sad one! Yes the mandingo is a stereotype.
@ joel
Love is non-existant in many cross cultural relationships if you ask me.
@ methu
uwaangamize na Doom! Acquired my ass! That is just jungu behaviour, lol!
At the end of the day let people date who they want to, and deal with the drama on their own.
@ prou
You have to be careful when dealing with people from a different culture I tell you!
@ anon
I call it lust!
@ majonzi
I do agree that there are some legit cases out there but I still remain very skeptical.
@ kirima
Kenyan women dont listen when they are told those storos. I see you are a true African eh, no spectators!
@ 3N
America is not and has never been a melting pot! I will always stand by that notion having seen it first hand!
@ anon
Yes I have heard of akina Kapur and company, they are known for shagging hoes and their workers. Plus arabs also love hitting the anus!
@ movie buff
lol, you know it's all in love!
@ anon
With the way Kenyans throw themselves at these old jungus I dont blame them for having those kind of attitudes!

Masai 2007 Campaign said...

Thx 4 visiting with me.

K.I.P.U.S.A said...

I know what u mean. I have been a victim of racism in my own country. Trust you me this racism will never end no matter how hard we try.

Farmgal said...

I once met a newbie kenyan who started dating a white dude on arrival...woi she stopped talking to us and all...feeling all hot...I have never witnessed search daftness in my life!

Hoseah said...

Very insightful and you are right about racism in many countries, but I do not believe in sticking with my fellow Kenyans only. I have met many great people of other ethnicity and I can say we all have our own prejudices. Lets judge individuals and not a whole group, generalization simply makes you into what you are fighting against.

Klara said...

That mandingos story is shockin! Jeez what's da world coming too?
U mean people do that for real! Jeez!! Dont wanna Imagine!

Unyc said...

Racism is prevalent and dont think its going anywhere anytyme soon. I hv dated a white guy b4 n he ws really 2 gd...till he told me 2 visit his country and i freaked out. He may have been supernice here but i dint want 2 go n fid out if his still the suernice guy hhuko's are a freak who wants 2 use me. Shit haens n i dint want 2 go n find out the hard way.
Chics gotta be careful.
Black chics r potrayed as sex symbols...pple who u cnt make love 2 but only screw then go make love 2 a white mamma. They r just pieces of shit...

Girl next door said...

Thanks for bringing up this hot topic of interracial relations. I've heard swinging is a way to spice things up--I just don't get why a man would wanna watch another man screw his wife.

I'm disgusted for those trying to act out some weird obsession in the guise of a relationship. Some guys think confessing ati they've "never been with a black girl before" will get them laid. When the feelings are genuine, it's cool to date across racial lines. Society is very racialized though and there's a brutal history.